Top 20 Multi-Cuisine Restaurants In Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

Top 20 Multi Cuisine Restaurants In Shivaji Nagar Bangalore
Top 20 Multi Cuisine Restaurants In Shivaji Nagar Bangalore

Places we prefer vary depending on our taste, culture, mood, previous experience, and our first impression of the place. Not all of you need to desire to eat the same cuisine whenever you go out to eat.  And going to different restaurants just to enjoy your favorite cuisine may not be fun. One best solution to this issue is multi-cuisine restaurants. Multi-cuisine restaurants are those restaurants that serve more than one type of cuisine in just one place. Here in this article, we bring you The Top 20 Multi-cuisine restaurants in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, where you can enjoy various cuisines ranging from Indian to Mexican to Arabian and many more.

1.Konark Restaurant

This place serves Chinese, Indian, International, and Vegetarian dishes. The cooks working in Konark Restaurant know that the proper use of fresh vegetables, animal insides, and rice products will make up tastes just as memorable. You can enjoy a special meal for your brunch. Aside from that, such features as food delivery, banquet hall, and kids’ room are available.


2.Sri Ram Restaurant

Sri Ram Restaurant serves great food.  Idli, Vada, Samber, Pulav are freshly cooked and well presented. A lovely service area with a great ambience. The waiters were attentive, and the service provided overall is good- a nice place to have a good meal and great value.

srrri raam

3.Hilal Restaurant

Hilal Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai. It is a fantastic family place restaurant that provides quantity and quantity food services at reasonable prices. Some popular must-try dishes here are Bheja Fry, Butter Chicken, Mutton, and Biryani.


4.Beef Market

It is one of the best places to eat beef and meat at a low price. All kinds of non-veg are available in this place, including camel, titar, duck, fish, etc. It is also one of the best places to explore street food in Bengaluru.

Welcome to the Beef Market


Lazeez Corner

A good place to visit with friends. Service available 24×7. A perfect place to enjoy some mouth-watering delicious non-vegetarian dishes. Here, some must-try dishes are Chicken Seekh Shawarma, Lazeez Special Beef Seekh Paratha Shawarma, and Chicken Arabian Shawarma.


6.New Taj B C

People who come for shopping in these areas end up at this eatery, which is famous for its Biryani. New Taj B C also offers a choice of snacks that are easy to prepare and grant some nourishment with an option to take them with you. After a hectic shopping schedule, relax and enjoy an awesome Biryani.

new taj

7.Golden Kebab

One of the best places to get the authentic taste of local food. A family restaurant with a wonderful and decent ambience. The taste of all food items is superb and yummy. Shahi Kabab masala, Nalli soup, and Shami Kabab are some of the awesome dishes served here that one must try.

golden kabab

8.New Taj Durbar

New Taj Durbar serves cuisines like- Biryani, Punjabi, South Indian, Indian, Tandoori, North Karnataka, Malabari. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. When dining at this establishment, you must order Kebabs and Brain Fry.

taj durbar_11zon

9.Apsara Hotel

Indian meals are known around the world for their extensive use of hot seasonings. Whether turmeric, curry, rice, or lentils, native or integrated foreign recipes – The regional tastes influence Indian dishes offered by Apsara Hotel and their cooking techniques. Many food outlets provide additional services for their customers’ convenience. Apsara Hotel offers such features as food delivery and business lunch.


10.Orange Peel

Orange Peel: At Orange Peel, you get world cuisine from India, China, the Continent, and Mexico. Sink into big, white comfortable chairs in this open-air restaurant, and sample the superb cocktails, mocktails, and cheesy starters. The Pina Colada is especially good. Choose from crumb-coated fish, or Spanish Paella, or Paneer Shashlik, or a succulent sizzler. Don’t miss their desserts either.

orange peel


It is a restaurant that serves Mughlai, North Indian, Biryani, Chinese, Seafood, Beverages, and Desserts. Imperial provides quality services. It’s one of the good choices to go with friends and family for dining; you can find several varieties of cuisines and the taste of the food are good. Must try Tandoori, Grill Chicken, Ghee Rice, and Coin Parotta.



It is a highly recommended restaurant and an amazing place to get together. This establishment serves delicious North Indian dishes and also has mind-blowing starters. The staff here is friendly with the best service etiquette combined with good food and privacy. Some of the must-try dishes here are Kalmi Kebab, Neer Dosa, Dal Khichadi, Palak Rice, Paneer Satay.


13.Bangalore Darbar Restaurant

The establishment serves cuisines like Mughlai. Bangalore Darbar Restaurant makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food. This listing is also listed in Restaurants, Home Delivery Restaurants, Multicuisine Restaurants, Inexpensive Restaurants (Below Rs. 500), Inexpensive Multicuisine Restaurants (Below Rs. 500), Dinner Restaurants, and All Day Dining Restaurants.

new taj durbar

14.Amrut Bar & Restaurant

Making way for a hearty meal is Amrut Bar & Restaurant in Bangalore. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. So, to cater to a large number of diners, it occupies a favourable location at Shivaji Nagar.


15.Shilpa Vegetarian

Shilpa Vegetarian serves various cuisines like South Indian, Street Food, Fast Food, Desserts. It has a good ambience and is known for its amazing quality food are reasonable rates. Delicious North Indian and South Indian cuisine is available here. Some popular items here are Paneer Butter Masala, Matar Masala, Butter Naan, North Indian meals, Veg Fried Rice.


16.Sultan Shahs Restaurant

It is placed very close to the Shivaji Nagar bus stop. It’s one of the best places if you’re running low on cash and want a meal value for your money. This place has the best value and taste. Here you can get Khuskha, Chicken and Beef Biryani, Wheel Kabab, and Chicken Kabab.


17.Bareerah Multicuisine Restaurant & Banquet Hall

Bareerah Multicuisine Restaurant & Banquet Hall serves Arabian, Chinese, North Indian, Fast Food, Italian, Lebanese, BBQ, and Beverages. It has great decor and is suitable for a family crowd. This restaurant has good Wi-Fi, elaborate menus, fresh and customizable food. The shawarma platter is the most favourite item on their menu. The chicken shawarmas they serve are pretty great compared to other Arabian restaurants in Bangalore.


18.Samarkand Restaurant

Samarkand is a stylish casual dining restaurant. This frontier-styled restaurant serves Mongolian, Afghani, and Samarkand dishes and exotic drinks. Known for Dum-style Biryani, the place serves you delicious North Indian food. The courteous staff and prompt services make it more comfortable to enjoy the party.


19.Biso Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Biso Multi-Cuisine Restaurant serves Pan-Asian, the Mediterranean along with North Indian and local South Indian cuisines. A full-time bar facility is also available, along with the buffet option for breakfast and dinner. This place is known for its breakfast, main course, seating, good ambiance, great service, and great food.

Some popular dishes here are Soup, Fish, Starters, and Desserts.


20.Vishnu Sagar

This hotel is nestled among the garment shops in the busy market of the city. One can relish one’s taste buds with yummy Kesari Bath, Khara Bath, Masala Dosa, Pooris. This place also serves some awesome Pav Bhaji. Some other must-haves from this place are Fried Rice, Manchurian, Panipuri, and Samosa.