Top 20 Must-Check-Out Places By An Indian Food Blogger

For Food Bloggers, A trip to India is a bucket full of culinary heaven and home to world-class restaurants with impeccable service. But, the best restaurants in India aren’t always top-notch luxurious. From, five-star hotels, roadside Dhaba’s and trendy cafes to food stalls, India is home to alluring kitchens. Keep; scrolling the list of Top 20 must-visit food places in India.

1. Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent is India’s first-ever restaurant, included in India’s best restaurants since 2015. Indian; Accent acclaims its contemporary approach to Indian cuisine. The menu highlights are Goat Cheese, Vada Pav, Chicken Meatball, Dalaut Ki Chat, and Pita Lauj Cassata.

1Indian Accent New Delhi

2. Bomra’s, Goa

Bomra’s restaurant, located in Candolim, specializes mainly in Burmese cuisine. The food is awesome, and the cocktails are classic. The restaurant dishes up its cuisine on a hidden terrace, sheltered by hidden trees.

2Bomras Goa

3. Dum Pukht, Kolkata

The menu of Dum Pukht is a perfect space for Indian cuisine lovers. Visit this place for a mouth-watering Lamb Biryani, Prawns, and Chicken Tikka. Spellbound by its exotic flavors, this place is amazed by its beauty and food.

3Dum Pukht Kolkata

4. The Table, Mumbai

The Table, one of the most renowned restaurants, has always felicitated its guests. The menu is an expression of exceptional food procured from the locals. The dishes are inspired by various countries around the globe. It offers a diverse menu to its guests, offering them a lifetime experience.

4The Table Mumbai

5. Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru

Designed with passion, creativity, and innovation, This is a place inspired by local American dining. The food is comforting and local artisans inspired. The dishes have exploring flavors. It is a classic bar with a restaurant. This is an ideal place, for food bloggers.

5Toast Tonic Bengaluru

6. Avartana, Chennai

Avartana is the place, you’ll always cherish when it comes to culinary presentations. It is a contemporary South-Indian restaurant. From beverages to typical South Indian food, they have been covered up with tempted delicacies.

6Avartana Chennai

7. Baan Tao Restaurant, Hyatt Pune

Designed with unique interiors, Baan Tao is an Asian restaurant best for its Chinese cuisine. A Scenic waterfall in the lounge adds beauty to the view. Creating a perfect place for your celebrations, it is the best place in the city.

7 Baan Tao Restaurant Hyatt Pune

8. Villa Maya, Trivandrum

Set in a gorgeous consequential manner, this place is the culmination of the best food and service. Villa Maya was architected like an 18th– century Dutch Manor. The menu is meticulously curated from the countries that traded with Kerala. The non-veg cuisine is widely preferred to be ordered there.

8Villa Maya Trivandrum

9. Dakshin, Hyderabad

Dakshin is sophisticatedly designed with great interiors from the inside, giving a significant royal look. Recently Dakshin has introduced a new menu featuring food items from Southern states. The staff is very courteous and friendly. Try the best ‘Paniyaram’ and ‘Banana Dosa’.

9Dakshin Hyderabad


Pop Thai, Gurugram

The new concept of the delivery kitchen is started by Pratinav Singh, a computer scientist inspired by his love for Thai food and culture in the 70s. The motive is to add a twist to the vintage flavors while keeping the original taste intact. Prawn donuts, punchy salads, and curries are available on the menu. Do not forget the special coconut pillows; they are a must to try.

10Pop Thai Gurugram

11. 1135 AD, Jaipur

This restaurant was named under the Rajput dynasty, and offers its introductory starters with Rajasthan food. You can have a scenic view while eating your food. The live music, open-air terrace, and eclectic menu sum up  a perfect mood!

111135 AD Jaipur

12. Agashiye, Ahmedabad

Craving for typical north Indian food, it seems we have the best place for you. Agashiye offers the best vegetarian cuisine. An Indian thali filled with typical North Indian food is all you need! The menu changes every day with new flavorsome food.

12Agashiye Ahmedabad

13. Ambrai, Udaipur

This is Udaipur’s top-tier restaurant with exceptional sprawling terraces. The hotel specializes in kebab platters as well as other non-Indian dishes. The view of Jag Mandir and Lake Palace completes the picture with awestruck food.

13Ambrai Udaipur

14. Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

Bharawan Da Dhaba has been running its legacy since 1912. The restaurant is a casual Dhaba style with particularly roadside street food.  Vegetarian food has undoubtedly the best recipes all around the city.

14Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar

15. Ginger House, Cochin

The Cochin’s Ginger House is a museum restaurant. You will be able to glance the antiques and the sculptures in the Art showroom. The restaurant is famous for its ginger tea, grilled prawn, and karemeen fry.

15Ginger House Cochin

16. Hanwant Mahal, Jodhpur

Hanwant Mahal, as the name particularly represents a palace, was once a hunting site for local Maharajas. The place has its regal charm, and the food, the setting of the place is all inspired by a royal pedigree.

16 Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur

17. Villa Shanti, Pondicherry

Villa Shanti is located in the centre of Pondicherry. It is a stylish hotel with its charm. The area is famous for its suite hotel with a restaurant, a café bar, and The Little Big Shop. It offers food inspired by typical Indian street food.

17Villa Shanti Pondicherry

18. The Water Front, Hyderabad

The Water Front offers an addictive vibe. From its catchy interiors, decor to smashing food, they have all nailed it. The place offers a great experience to its visitors. It is a go-to place for all the youngers and professionals who want to have a peaceful time.

18The Water Front Hyderabad

19. Indigo, Mumbai

Indigo, is the top player when it comes to the European category.  Lemon oregano marinated with chicken, Ricotta Gnocchi, Chocolate Forest, and, Pan Roast Citrus Chicken is most its specialty. The place is apt to explore various cuisines.

19Indigo Mumbai

20. Peter Cat, Kolkata

Known for its famous Chelo Kebabs, Chicken Marakesh, and Pistachio Ice Cream, this place is a heaven for family gatherings. The ambiance is amiable, and the food is on point. From its presentation to its savor taste, it’s a ten on ten!

20Peter Cat Kolkata