Top 20 Dishes, A Must Try In Leh-Ladakh

Leh- Ladakh, The Snow valley of India and a heavenly mesmerizing travel destination accompanied by a myriad of delicious cuisines, is the most beautiful place on the earth to have a splendid experience. This place serves you not only with the eye-popping view but also with the mouth-watering ideal Ladakhi cuisines. All those travelers and tourists should try the cultural cuisines of Ladakh along with the fantabulous view. Now get ready to explore all the unique dishes on the way to Ladakh. This article brings up the list of Top 20 Dishes that are worth a try in Leh-Ladakh;

1. Thupka

The most in-demand and served dish famous for its delicious taste is Thupka. This dish is a must-try and is always present on the menu of every second restaurant or stall. A traditional Tibetan-Sikkim noodle soup made by mixing vegetables and chicken is all a Thupka about. If you are looking for an ideal match to accompany the cold weather with a hot soup, one should try out Thupka.


2. Thentukh

Thentukh is a typical Tibetan Cuisine, mainly served in Tibetan regions. The fresh dough (wheat flour) cooked with meat, radish, mushroom, Himalayan herbs, and spices served with traditional hand-pulled noodle soup is all a dish named Thentukh. It is similar to Thupka but still holds a unique and mouth-watering taste. Again, you can easily find this anywhere in Ladakh, so one must give it a chance because this dish is worth it.


3. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo dish is a frequently served dish in Indian Culture; Kashmiri Dum Aloo is something that cherishes the taste of normal Dum aloo widely by adding a Kashmiri touch of spices, yogurt, and fennel seed. One can easily find the platters of Kashmiri Dum Aloo at a reasonable price in Ladakh. Kashmiri Dum Aloo is a dish where fried baby potatoes are mixed and cooked with gravy of beaten curd and fennel powder. A full-fledged seasoned Kashmiri Dum aloo is the best option to consider in cuisine during a Ladakh trip.

3.Kashmiri Dum Aloo

4. Shapta

Shaptais a famous Tibetan Cuisine made from yak, beef, pork, or mutton. It is a traditional Tibetan spicy dish grilled in ginger, garlic, onion, and bell peppers served with Basmati rice/parathas. This dish is an ideal treat for non-vegetarians because of its vital element, dipped in relishing spices. Just in case, You find yourself in the mood to have some stir-fried recipe made up of beef, in just 30 minutes, go for Shapta.


5. Butter Tea

Butter Tea is a unique beverage cooked in Ladakh. It is tea cooked by adding boiling water and salt with tea leaves that give a sweet and delicious taste. A cup of Butter Tea is a lifesaver in such cold weather. A pinch of salt gives it a pink color and a distinctive aroma one cannot miss, adding to the exoticness of this dish. Butter Tea is a traditional tea-based beverage consisting of unique characteristics that perfectly match the need of cold hands.

5.Butter Tea

6. Khambir

Khambir is an ideal and staple food for people staying at high altitudes. It is the most common local bread, pan-shaped, brown color with a thick crust made from wheat, baking soda added with yeast, and buttermilk. It is made of fermented dough and served with butter tea. It is a must-try cuisine if you want to have that heavenly feeling of Tibetan cuisines.


7. Tigmo

Tigmo is a famous Ladakhi Cuisine that gives relishing taste of Tibetan culture. This dish should always be the priority if you ever want to have the real taste of Ladakhi Cuisine. It is a fluffy bread made of wheat flour, perfect when served with vegetables or meat. A total package of spicy and delicious food lies in Tigmo.


8. Cholak

Cholak is a spicy yet tasty Ladakhi cuisine. This dish grabs attention among all traditional cuisine because of its unique and delicious taste of barley and roasted grains. Cholak is a must-try dish.


9. Momos

Momos, the king of all dishes, is the most in-demand cuisine worldwide. Momos are small pieces of dough-shaped uniquely wrapped around the small portion of filing and then steamed in a pot called Motko and then served with chutney. It is a dish availed in every restaurant in Ladakh.


10. Skew

Skew is the most delicious cuisine of Ladakhi Culture. It is a kind of dumpling strews prepared with dough. It is a tasty blend of meat and vegetable with thumb-sized balls made of soft, fluffy wheat dough.


11. Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam is drooling delicious. This jam consists of the local apricots grown in Ladakh. It is a famous dish only found in Ladakh. It tastes fantastic if served with Khambir and is a must-try dish of Ladakh.

11.Apricot Jam

12. Phingsha

Phingsha is a classical Tibetan Cuisine full of Tibetan Flavors and is a must-try dish in Ladakh. The sliced bean noodles mixed with cabbage, carrot, and spinach with beef served with paratha or bread; all a Phingsha looks alike. It is very delicious and is available everywhere in Ladakh. It is flavored with ginger peppercorn sauce to increase its taste by twice.


13. Yak Cheese

Cheese is something that everyone craves to taste. In Ladakh, Yak cheese tastes like heaven. It is a rare kind of cheese, found in Ladakh only. It is a tasty Himalayan delicacy. Its preparation includes adding lime and other citrus fruit to the milk of yak and then churning until and unless it turns into cheese.

13.Yak Cheese

14. Chhang

The Signature drink of Ladakh, Chhang is a local brew made of barley, millets, and rice. It is a local beer made by fermenting barley. This drink is a token of respect to the guests or visitors of Ladakh. A must-try beverage of Ladakh is Chhang.


15. Chutagi

A Ladakhi dishmade of whole wheat flour pasta shaped uniquely called Chutagi is cooked with both vegetables as well as without vegetables. It consists of stuffed veggies, garlic, chili, pea, radish leaves, and onion. It is a delicious and must-try dish. One must surely try this dish if deciding to go to Ladakh.

15.Chutagi A

16. Kaphrao

This dish is a traditional Thai stir-deep fried dish. This dish is about chopping meat or seafood with holy basil and other components like shallots, garlic, and chili peppers. This dish is seasoned with amazing soy sauce, sugar, and fish sauce and served with rice, fried eggs, and fish sauce on the side. This dish is a flavorful Thai dish.


17. Phirni

A sweetdish is a must when dining for a full-square meal at any eatery. In a world full of spicy cuisines, here comes the delicate and sweet eatable to please your mouth and heart with a smooth sweet taste. Phirni is a north Indian sweet dish made on any occasion or festival. This dish is delicate, sweet, and even said the best pudding.


18. Yarkandi Pulao

Yarkandi Pulao is a Kashmiri dish inspired by Kashmiri culture made with rice, meat, and a combination of Indian spices that add flavor. It gives an adoring taste and pleases the soul with a mouth-watering taste. This dish is tasty and a must-try dish on the trip to Ladakh.

18.Yarkandi Pulao

19. Sea buckthorn Juice

Ladakh is the center of production of Sea Buckthorn Juice in Central Asia. This drink is a must-tryamong the top cookeries to try in Ladakh. Sea Buckthorn Juice is made from the pulp of berries of this fruit and is found in Ladakh only. You should not miss this relishing taste of this juice if you’re on a trip to Ladakh.

19.Sea buckthorn Juice

20. Cashew Crushed Chicken

This dish is an international dish. This dish is available only in European- Themed eateries. In this dish, mutton is dipped in skillet sauce, rolled in nuts to give a better taste, and then left to get This dish is mouth-watering.

20.Cashew Crushed Chicken