Top 20 Must-Have Brunch Meal In Ladakh

Top 20 Must-Have Brunch Meal In Ladakh

Ladakh is the highest region in the world. It is one of the union territories of India. It consists of high plains and deep valleys. It is about a beautiful and mesmerizing experience. It is also renowned as a Tibetan place. The world-famous Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Ladakh. It is rich in culture and history. It is famous for its Tibetian food. The popular cuisines of Ladakh are Thukpa and momos. In this article, I will provide a 20-must-try brunch option. These food items are so good in taste. Hence, the list of 20 brunch meals are:


Thukpa is a classical noodle soup from Tibet. It is also known as the staple food of Ladakh. It is a soupy noodles dish mixed with vegetables (for vegetarians) and meat (for nonvegetarians). It is made from wheat or barley flour. It is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates.



Ladakh people called momos as kothey. It is a famous cuisine of Ladakh. It is a delicious dumpling that is made with white flour and water. Then, it is stuffed with vegetables or chicken stew. It is served hot with a garlic chutney. The main ingredients are white flour, water, and vegetables.


3.Butter Tea

Butter Tea is also renowned as a Po Cha Tea. It is a different type of tea as it is salty rather than sweet. Butter tea is associated with warmth on a cold day. The conventional process of making butter tea takes a long time and is quite complicated. Yet, It is so much good in taste.


4.Apricot Jam

Apricots are a common fruit in Ladakh. The jam is made from local apricots and tastes yummy. Slices of bread are paired with apricot jam. It requires a few minutes of preparation. Apricot Jam is an organic jam in Ladakh.


5.Chhurpi Soup

It is a traditional cottage cheese soup. Chhurpi is dried cheese eaten in the region of Ladakh. Chhurpi is made from the milk of yak. This soup is so delicious. This soup gives warmth in cold weather. The main components of chhurpi soup are tomatoes, onion, garlic, and turmeric.



Skyu is a wholesome classical soup dish of Ladakh. Here, Wheat dough is molded into a pasta-like shape and cooked in a soupy texture of vegetables or chicken stew. It is served in soupy delicacy along with momos. It is the most enjoyable food in winter.


7.Khambir Bread

It is also known as Skyur (fermented bread). It is traditional bread in the time of the Mughal era. It is made up of wheat flour, yeast and milk. It is pan-shaped, the most common bread in Ladakh. It is served mainly for brunch with butter tea. It is a healthy choice for breakfast and brunch.



Tingmo is a soft and steamed bread eaten in Ladakh. It is prepared from the dough of Maida. The addition of yeast makes it soft and fluffy. The tingmo derives from “Tingba” and Tibetian for cloud, and momos, which means dumpling. The Tibetans eat it for breakfast as well as brunch.



It is a popular dish similar to pasta. It is traditional as well as local pasta of Ladakh. It is such a wholesome meal. It is a highly fulfilling dish as it satisfies your cravings. Yet it is a light and healthy dish. It is an assorted mix of vegetables and meat. It is a must-try dish of Ladakh.



It is a delicious and sumptuous dish of Ladakh. It is made from blood sausage of yak and sheep blood. Rice or roasted barley is added as stuffing. This dish is consumed in many states. The states are Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Ladakh. It is a famous Tibetan cuisine in Ladakh.



Paba is one of the staple food in Ladakh. It is a good source of vitamins and nutrients. It is a flatbread made with barley and wheat flour. Then, it is kneaded into a chapati dough. It is the best flavor with spicy gravy.



It is a steamed bread in Ladakh. Sometimes, it is known as a steamed bun as it is similar to a Chinese roll. It has a soft and fluffy texture. However, it doesn’t contain any filling. Tigmo is often paired with vegetable dishes and chicken soup.



It is a kind of momos soup that is quite famous in Ladakh. It is an authentic and traditional dish of Ladakh. It originates in the Tibetan region. It is a delightful combination of momos and Thukpa.



Phing is a kind of salad noodle. It is also known as cellophane noodles, made from mung dal starch. This variety of transparent noodles is of Kalimpong. Vegetables can also be added, which enhances its taste. It is a healthy and traditional version of noodles.



Ladakhi Kulcha is an alternative to biscuits for Ladakh people. It is consumed as a brunch meal. The Kulcha has a round shape and crispy texture. You can have it with butter tea or Kahva. This dish has its specialty. This bun is very famous in Leh, Ladakh.



Chhang is made up of barley and rice grains. It is a fermented drink that is popular in the Buddhist family. Chhang is paired with many dishes. It is a must-have brunch option.



Stew is a signature dish of Ladakh. It has many ingredients. These are all mixed to make it a delicious dish. One of the main ingredients of stew is chilies. Chilly are spicy ingredients thanks to a compound known as capsaicin. Capsaicin is also rich in antioxidants and boosts your metabolism. It is a healthy and nutritious rich dish.



Cholak is a classical dish in Ladakh. It is made with fermented cheese and vegetables. It is a wholesome and flavourful dish in the Ladakh region. You give it a try, when you visit Ladakh.


19.Tabaq Maaz

It is a classical and delicious dish of Ladakh. It contains deep-fried Lambs ribs cooked with spices. It is a popular brunch dish in Ladakh.


20.Ladakhi Pulav

It is tasty and rich in Ladakh. It is made with basmati rice and cooked in a variety of vegetables. It is rich in spices and aromatic flavors. It is worth the taste. It is a satisfying rice dish.