Top 20 Must Have Brunch Meal Of Shimla

Top 20 Must Have Brunch Meal Of Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is renowned for its beautiful nature. It is the most well-developed city in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla derives its name from shyamala devi, an embodiment of the goddess Kali, whose temple existed in the dense forest covering the Jhaku hill in the 19th century. Shimla offers the best food, which represents Pahadi culture and ethnicity. It is famous for its continental and Chinese cuisines. However, their authentic Pahadi food or Indian chaats are also available and delicious. In this article, I will share some must-have brunch meals in Shimla. These Brunch meals are a must-try in life.

1. Chana Madra

Chana Madra is a thick yogurt-based gravy dish. It is a famous dish in Himachal Pradesh. This dish is occasion friendly. Most of the time, this dish is served on Himachal special occasion called Dhaam. Madra chana is served with steamed rice. It is the perfect brunch meal, which is available in restaurants.



It is the traditional Vegetarian Thali of Himachal Pradesh. It is a brunch meal prepared on festive occasions. Himachal dish has a unique aroma and flavor. They used a lot of yogurts and spices like chilies, cardamon, cinnamon, and turmeric powder. As the availability of vegetables is difficult, Dham thali doesn’t contain any vegetable sabzi in it. Most of the time, dishes are a combination of lentils, yogurt, ghee, and cottage cheese. Dham is a wholesome dish, that serves on special occasions.



It is a traditional sweet dish of Shimla. This dish is quite similar to puri. In other words, people renowned as Meethi puri. It is a lip-smacking dish prepared from whole wheat dough and sugar. Babru is quite a popular dish among kids. Himachal people, pair this dish with the gravy vegetable of your choice. It is an easy-to-cook dish, yet delicious.


4.Sepu Vadi

Sepu Vadi is a delectable Himachali cuisine. It is the main dish in their wedding events. It is a healthy dish, yet delicious. It is a combination of urad daal and spinach curd gravy. In its preparations, urad daal dumplings are steamed and then deep-fried. Then spinach curry is added to it. It is a delicious brunch option for Himachali.



Patande is renowned as a Himachal Pancake. It is a sweet breakfast dish that, Originates from the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a mouth-watering dish that, is prepared from whole wheat dough, cinnamon, cardamom, and sugar. It requires less time and no elaborate preparations. Patande is a lunch-friendly dish for kids.



It is a simple Himachali dish. As we know, Himachal is famous for its simple homemade food, and Bhey is among them. Bhey is made up of a lotus stem. Then we stir fry it, with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and chilies. Bhey serves with chapati. It is the go-to option for brunch.



It is a delectable Pahadi sweet dish, Originated from Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as sweet cake. It is the healthy version of sweet cake. It is made by mixing buckwheat in wheat flour, then pan-fried to get a cake-like texture. Aktori is coated with honey and ghee, enhancing its taste.



Siddu is the authentic dish of Shimla. It is a popular dish among all the cuisines. Siddu is served with lentils and coriander chutney. It is winter-friendly as it helps to maintain a body temperature. Siddu is coated with ghee, relishing its taste. It is a must-try the food of Shimla.


9.Kullu Trout

It is a delicious non-vegetarian dish. In this, Fried fish, seasoned with mild spices. If you are the kind of person who loves seafood, this dish is the best choice for you. Pahadi’s made Kullu trout by using their unique flavors and spices. This food leaves your taste buds wanting more.


10.Bhatt Ki Churkani

It is a traditional dish originating from Uttarakhand. Yet Himachali, Bhatt ki Churkani is also worth trying. It is an appetizing and aromatic dish. This mouth-watering dish is the best option in chilly winters. This dish is complemented with steamed rice.


11.Auriya Kaddu

Auriya Kaddu is a flavourful dish of pumpkin stir fry. It has the wholesome flavors of Panch phoron and the tanginess of amchur powder and mustard. It is served with hot chapati and chana, enhancing its taste. It is a flavourful and aromatic dish of Himachal Pradesh. It is available at local restaurants.



It is a curd-based soup, tempers with spices. Khoru is a part of Dhaam. It’s served hot. Khoru is renowned as a Buttermilk soup. It is filled with jaggery and a sesame bun. It is a tempting dish, worth trying once in a lifetime. It is the best soup amidst cold chilly, weather.


13.Himachali’s Kadi Pakoda

Himachali Kadi Pakoda is prepared with chickpea flour and onions. Kadhi is a famous dish in India. Himachali kadhi is also worth trying for taste. This flavourful and aromatic kadhi complements jeera rice and cucumber raita. It is the best choice for brunch meals.



Kalaadi is a mouth-watering dish of Himachal Pradesh. It features the cheese star from Himachal Pradesh. It has a delicious taste that immensely blends sweet and savory dishes. The cheese dish has a creamy and crunchy texture. It crunches combined with herbs, nuts, and dried fruits.


15.Himachali Khatta

It is one of the prominent dishes of Himachal Pradesh. It is a traditional pahadi cuisine prepared at festivals. This dish is sweet-sour in taste. It is complemented with steamed rice. Himachali Khatta is perfect for lunch. It is a very high protein dish, yet tasty.


16.Luchi Poti

It is a mouth-watering dish. It is prepared with wheat flour and spices such as coriander, asafoetida, and cumin seeds. The mixture is stuffed in the Luchi and steamed and cooked. It is served hot with chutney. It is the perfect option for Kid’s Lunch.


17.Chha Gosht

Chha Gosht is an exotic Himachali dish. Mutton is Marinated, then cooked in gram flour and curd-based gravy. It is the best combination that gives your taste buds flavor. It is a delectable dish, eaten with hot roomali roti. Chha Gosht is the best combination with rice.


18.Thukpa Noodles Soup

Thukpa is a famous Tibetan dish, yet Himachali also serves the best thukpa noodles soups. It is a perfect meal option for brunch. Thukpa is spicy and prepared with veggies and meat. Thukpa is rich in protein, yet it is delicious. You can enjoy this food with your loved ones.



Dimsums is a classic cuisine of Shimla. It is delightful in flavor. It is served with hot garlic chutney. Dimsums is a Chinese cuisine. It is a favorite among the children. It is the perfect brunch option for winter. It is available at local restaurants in the city.


20.Hakka Noodles

It is an Indo-Chinese dish. It is a famous dish in Shimla. It is made by tossing boiled noodles. Then, We stir-fried in vegetables with sauces. The vegetable gives a crunchy texture. And the Sauces enhance its taste and provide a distinctive flavor. It is a must-try food in Himachal Pradesh, especially in winter.