Top 20 Home Bakers In Delhi

Top 20 Home Bakers In Delhi

Home bakers love to bake and run their enterprises from the convenience of their own homes. By providing various baked items, these talented bakers have carved out a niche for themselves in the food sector. They provide services for a wide range of events, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. India’s capital city is Delhi. It is significant to the nation’s history, culture, and politics. Delhi’s home bakers provide various goods to suit different tastes and preferences. Here are the top 20 Home Bakers in Delhi :

1.Madeleine Patisserie

Madeleine Patisserie produces a wide range of delicious sweets, confections, and baked foods. The bakery offers various exquisite pastries, such as croissants, Danish pastries, éclairs, and tarts. Cakes come in a variety of flavors, from traditional favorites to modern creations like tiered cakes with fruit. In addition, they provide drinks to go with the desserts.


2.Sugar Loft

This bakery delivers a cupcake experience that tantalizes the taste buds and awakens a sense of joy with a focus on originality, flavor variety, and excellent presentation. The cupcakes are lavishly embellished with ganache drizzles, edible gold, and cream fillings in flavours ranging from vanilla bean, chocolate, and red velvet to novel combinations like salted caramel pretzel, lavender honey, and chai latte.


3.Sinfully Yours

Sinfully Yours is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Its main goal is to give chocolate lovers an enjoyable experience. They offer sweets including lava cake, mousse, ganache, and sponge. Their signature item is the well-known “Dream Cake,” a treat that has won a devoted following among chocolate lovers. A multi-layered symphony of tastes and textures composes the Dream Cake.


4.Meli Melo Patisserie And Macarons

Meli Melo is a heaven for people who appreciate the ideal blend of tastes, textures, and aesthetics found in delectable French confections. It takes pleasure in offering a wide variety of well-chosen macaron flavors, ranging from traditional choices like vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry to more avant-garde options like lavender honey, pistachio rose, and salted caramel praline.


5.Dreamy Frost

Dreamy Frost is a whimsical and creative business that specializes in creating illusion cakes and turning cake art into lifelike replicas of various objects, scenes, and natural wonders. These cakes experiment with optical tricks, giving the impression that the cake is defying gravity, changing shapes, or tricking the viewer’s eyes. The bakery’s cake artists are genuinely experts of their trade, they carefully construct everything from cameras, books, old suitcases, and musical instruments out of cake and other edible components.


6.Doctor Baker

With a commitment to blending the delights of tea and baked products, this bakery provides a one-of-a-kind experience for tea fans and dessert lovers alike. Tender scones, flaky pastries, and small tea biscuits are available, all infused with tea leaves, herbs, and spices for a subtle yet distinct tea flavour. They recommend specific tea blends that match each baked item, resulting in a flavorful fusion.


7.D’s Bakehouse

D’s Bakehouse is a wonderful establishment that specialises in handcrafted tarts, each one a work of art in terms of flavor, texture, and appearance. Pastries,pies with various fresh, seasonal fruits, chocolate, cream, and custard are provided. Tarts are elevated to a savoury level by the bakery’s use of roasted vegetables, cheeses, and delicate herbs.


8.Loca Boca

Loca Boca is a place for individuals looking for cakes that are not only delicious but also pieces of art. They use complex techniques such as sculpting, fondant modeling, airbrushing, and meticulous painting to produce visually appealing and exact cakes. The bakery commonly works with events and exhibitions to create large-scale installations and immersive cake experiences that leave attendees with a lasting impression.


9.House Of Pie

It serves an excellent range of sweet and savoury pies, with an emphasis on pie-making technique. The bakery’s offering goes beyond traditional options, embracing new flavour combinations and catering to dietary restrictions. The bakery takes pride in producing impeccably flaky, buttery, golden-brown crusts that elegantly match the fillings, whether they are for traditional fruit pies, custard pies, savory pot pies, mini pies, or gourmet pies.


10.Vanilla Scotch

The menu at Vanilla Scotch is a carefully chosen assortment that combines the artistic flair of traditional baked products with the abundant flavors of puddings featuring liqueurs. They are delectable and range from traditional dishes like creme brulee and bread pudding to creative variations like whiskey-infused chocolate pudding and spiced rum rice pudding. The Tiramisu Tower, which combines lady fingers dipped in espresso with mascarpone cream and various liqueurs, is a standout creation.


11.Neighbour Baker

This bakery, focusing on quality, simplicity, and the art of bread-making, is a haven for bread fans who enjoy the pleasure of savoring warm, tasty loaves. It also sells handcrafted butter, flavored olive oils, and spreads to compliment the bread experience. The bakery actively engages the community by holding events, workshops, and bread-making classes that promote community and a shared passion for the art.



Tuileries is for those who seek the epitome of culinary luxury and artistry. From delicately layered mille-feuilles to delicate éclairs, the bakery provides a handpicked range of luxurious delicacies. They feature cakes with handcrafted sugar flowers, intricate lacework, and attractive motifs that flawlessly mix art and flavor. Hand-painted truffles, pralines, and bonbons that display the best chocolates and ingredients, resulting in an unforgettable sensory experience, are available.


13.Kitchen Comics

Kitchen Comics is a delightful and innovative bakery that specialises in crafting a range of charming bento cakes, each of which is a little work of art combining cake flavors. It features a creative take on traditional cakes. Kitchen Comics accepts bespoke orders for special occasions, allowing customers to customize the style and tastes of their bento cakes to reflect the concept and preferences of the event.


14.Doughs And Crumbs

Doughs and Crumbs, a bakery dedicated to quality, tradition, and the art of baking is a haven for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of warm, scented bread and delectable pastries. Each homemade bread is produced with care and competence, from baguettes and boules to olive and rosemary focaccia, walnut cranberry bread, and rustic sourdough. Muffins, cookies, and cinnamon buns are also available.


15.Soul Fit Bakehouse

This bakery has a solid dedication to offering enjoyment without guilt and provides a variety of sweets that satisfy health-conscious people without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. To limit the amount of refined sugar while keeping flavour, they employ substitute sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. They offer baked goods that are both vegan and gluten-free and integrate superfood ingredients.


16.Sweet Nothings

The heart of Sweet Nothings lies in its diverse and creative dessert jars. The layers of cake, cream, fruit, and other materials combine to make an amazing composition as seen through the glass jar. It also offers customization options, allowing customers to build their dessert jars. These dessert jars are beautiful gifts and party favors for various celebrations, giving a touch of class and sweetness.


17.Bake My Day

The quaint bakery Bake My Day specializes in creating a mouthwatering variety of brownies, each a tempting beauty. The bakery improves the chocolate flavour by incorporating flavors such as espresso, salted caramel, mint, and raspberry into the brownies. They also sell typical thick, fudgy brownies with a rich chocolate flavour and a selection of nuts on top for a great crunchy and nutty flavour.


18.Indulgence Cakery

The fanciful world of little treats at Indulgence Cakery is delightful. The variety and creativity of Indulgence Cakery’s little cake selections from its foundation. With sophisticated flavours like lavender lemon, rose raspberry, and pistachio apricot, the bakery improves the tiny cake experience. Additionally, it offers customized small cake assortments for various occasions.


19.The Sugar Window

Sugar Window thrives on transforming ideas into delicious marvels, whether it’s realising a client’s specific vision or collaborating with event planners to create show-stopping centerpieces. Their website and social media platforms include a portfolio of their most captivating creations, giving customers and admirers a peek into the enchanted world they create.


20.F.L.O.C – For The Love Of Cake

For the Love of Cake transforms events into genuinely beautiful celebrations via a commitment to aesthetics, attention to detail, and a dedication to crafting cakes that capture the soul of important occasions. FLOC provides customised dessert tables and displays that contain a variety of complementary pleasures like cupcakes, macarons, and miniature desserts in addition to cakes.