Top 20 Must-Try Tea Of Darjeeling

Top 20 Must-Try Tea Of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is an adorable hill station situated in West Bengal. It is renowned for its elegant tea. Darjeeling tea is world-famous for its unique and heavenly flavors. Darjeeling tea is often called the “Champagne of Tea” because of its delicious and blooming flavors. It is a black tea, but it has a revitalizing and light taste. The leaves are precisely hand-picked and manufactured with enormous care to preserve their authentic flavor. Many tea lovers visit Darjeeling to observe the tea-making process. So if you’re a tea lover, Darjeeling is a must-visit place for you. In this article, I will add 20 best teas of Darjeeling.

1.First Flush Darjeeling Tea

The first flush teas are collected from the first bud picking in the spring seasons. It comes in many varieties. The leaves of the first flush are younger and soft. It has a delightful and delicate flavor.


2.Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

The second flush of Darjeeling is collected from the second bud from the same plant. It is a very fascinating and expensive tea. It is so much good in taste.


3.Autumnal Darjeeling Tea

The autumnal Darjeeling tea is also known as Rare Darjeeling tea. It is manufactured in October. It has dry leaves that give a dark brown color. In the cup, this tea provides a coppery hue. It has a floral and aromatic Essence.


4.White Darjeeling Tea

White Darjeeling tea has a pale yellow color and aromatic taste . It has a mildly sweet flavor with grassy undertones. It is associated with green tea. It has many health benefits as it helps in fighting disease.


5.Green Darjeeling Tea

Green Darjeeling tea has a high level of antioxidants and polyphenols. It protects against free radicals. Many research studies have shown that polyphenols help reduce the chances of cancer. It also helps to improve the immune response of our body. It sounds good to add to your lifestyle.


6.Oolong Darjeeling Tea

Oolong Darjeeling tea is derived from Camellia Sinensis var. Sinenesis is cultivated and manufactured in the Darjeeling district. It has many benefits, such as improving immunity, helping in weight loss, and reducing chances of heart disease. It also helps calm your mind and strengthen your heartbeat rate.


7.Black Darjeeling Tea

Black Darjeeling tea contains polyphenols that fight inflammation and chronic illness. It is the best alternative to black coffee. It is considered one of the finest teas in the world. It has musky-sweet tasting notes similar to muscat wine.


8. Silver Tips Darjeeling Tea

Silvertip Darjeeling tea is a rare type of tea. It is made from the young and soft leaves of plants. And it is covered with a silver tip. It is a costly tea, yet a flavorful tea of Darjeeling.


9.Muscatel Darjeeling Tea

It is known as the ‘ distinct flavors’ of tea. It has a unique taste of muscat fruitiness. It reduces the chance of heart attack and stroke. It has a golden sweetness that is light. It is one of the finest teas of Darjeeling. It has many health benefits.


10.Clonal Darjeeling Tea

The clonal tea of Darjeeling is not grown naturally. It is a hybrid clone of tea. It is produced in a bloomy and aromatic Essence. It’s like fresh-baked bread and has a malty flavor. Clonal teas are renowned for their different characteristics. The complexity of clonal tea makes it famous worldwide.


11.Moonlight Darjeeling Tea

Moonlight Darjeeling Tea is a pleasant white tea of Darjeeling. It is manufactured in limited quantities. It is extracted from superior AV2 clonal bushes. It is plucked just before sunrise. It has a mellow aroma and enduring taste of orange blossom and lily. Moonlight teas are minimally processed.


12.Thunder Darjeeling Tea

Thunder Tea is also known as Gopaldhara Red Thunder Tea of Darjeeling. It is the finest and most limited tea in Darjeeling. This red tea is made from clonal bushes. It appears blackish-red in color. It is made during the last week of October. It is well-balanced with fruity, soft, and earthy flavors.


12.Flowery Darjeeling Tea

Flowery Darjeeling Tea is also known as a Gopaldhara bloomy Peony Rosette. It is a very infrequent tea made from pure buds picked from the choicest sections of the garden. Then, the buds are crafted into a flower. Making flower tea needs a lot of craft and care. During the process, these buds undergo fermentation. It is rich in aroma and fruitiness.


13.Tippy Darjeeling Tea

Tippy Darjeeling is renowned as a champagne of tea. It is a superior grade of tea from Darjeeling. It is produced from tea leaves. It provides it with a delicate and soft flavor. The tips of tea leaves are carefully hand-picked and processed. It is known for its unique taste.


15.Golden Darjeeling Tea

Golden Darjeeling tea is the best Darjeeling tea. It has a strong heritage and bond with the centuries-old tea-drinking tradition of India. This tea offers a superior and authentic quality of tea. It is famous for its ethnicity. This tea is also certified by the government. It is good in taste.


16.Organic Darjeeling Tea

Organic Darjeeling tea is an autumnal flush tea. It comes from a rich diversity of naturally forested green tea. This tea is rich in indulgent flavors of rose herbs. It has an earthy and aromatic flavor. You can add honey or sugar syrup, which relishes its taste.


17.Vintage Darjeeling Tea

Vintage Darjeeling tea is the most exclusive tea. It is known for its exclusive taste. This tea is considered an expert’s choice. It is enjoyed by many tea lovers. It is a premium quality tea and rich in muscatel flavor. It is a luxurious tea that offers a unique taste.


18.Himalayan Darjeeling Tea

Himalayan Darjeeling tea is known as Himalayan forest tea. It is made from thin copper brown-orange pekoe leaves. Himalayan tea also helps in improving digestion. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to fight against diseases. In the native area, it is renowned as a Kangra tea.


19.Rare Darjeeling Tea


It is also known as Sancha tea. It is famous for its finest quality and aromatic taste. It offers a wine-like muscatel flavor. It is produced in the spring season. It is worth the hype of this tea. It is light golden, which fills your heart with joy.


20.Special Reserve Darjeeling Tea

Special reserve tea is also an exclusive tea in Darjeeling. It is famous for its ethnicity and finest quality. It is rich in muscatel flavor and intense fragrance.