Top 20 Ice Cream Parlours In New Town Kolkata

Top 20 Ice Cream Parlours In New Town Kolkata

Summer is the season that lasts longest in Kolkata and even during the monsoon season, Kolkata becomes itchy, hot, and humid. In such a scenario, it is a relief to bite on some ice cream! Today, ice cream is a dessert that can be enjoyed in different flavors irrespective of the season it is! It is no more the time when ice creams are limited to vanilla, two-in-one, or chocolate choices, and given the vast range of ice cream flavors one can access when in an ice cream parlor, people are sure to be in a dilemma as to which ice cream to choose! There are various brands like Baskin Robbins, Kwality Wall’s, Magnum, Cream Fudge, Mama Mia, and more, some of which we will explore below. So let us dive into the world of ice creams without any delay!

1.Baskin Robbins

Originally from New Zealand, today, Baskin Robbins is one of the most famous ice cream brands in Kolkata. Located in Action Area III, New Town, this brand rules hearts with its variety of flavors ranging from ‘Hershey’s Overload’, ‘Bavarian Chocolate’, ‘Belgian Bliss’, ‘Very Berry Strawberry’, and ‘Chocolate Caramel Crunch’ to classics like ‘Vanilla’, ‘World Class Chocolate’, and ‘It takes two to mango’! If you are an ice cream lover, you will surely savor the options, be it Mint Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or adapted unique ones like Kulfi!

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2.Exotica Candela

When you are here, you are sure to enjoy pure bliss in the form of exotic ice creams like waffles and sundaes. Some of the most enjoyable sundaes include the ‘Oreo Chocolate Monster Ice Cream Sundae’ which is a combination of Oreo cookies and rich velvet ice cream to create a heavenly monster sundae, the ‘Strawberry and Cranberry Ice Cream Sundae’ which offers a fruity experience by making a blend of the tartness of cranberries and the sweetness of strawberries to create a truly irresistible flavor, and the ‘Kitkat Ice Cream Sundae’ which is a simple yet crunchy combination of creamy ice cream and KitKat, perfect for special occasions.

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Exotica Candela

3.Rollick Ice Cream

Located in City Centre 2 Mall, Rajarhat, this ice cream parlor offers various favorites like the ‘Hot Chocolate Fudge’, ‘Fruit n Nut’, ‘Chocolate Overload’, ‘Rollick My Sundae’, and more like the ‘Ferrero Rocher Sundae’ and the children special ‘Rainbow- A treat for the Kids’. This is a good option if you are a vegetarian by choice as they offer a good quantity and the prices are reasonable.

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Rollick Ice Cream

4.The Brooklyn Creamery

Originating in the streets of Brooklyn, New York, this one is a popular choice opted by many people because it is a healthy alternative to the fatty, high-calorie, other ice creams. The low-calorie choices include the ‘Mango Fruit Pop with Alphonso Mango Chunks’, the ‘Classic Vanilla Bonbons’, and the ‘Low-Calorie Chocoholic’ while the vegan options include the ‘Vegan Italian Giant Cookie Sandwich’, the ‘Brooklyn’s Cookie Brownie’, and the ‘Salted Peanut Butter Chocobar’. There are other keto ice creams, high protein ice creams, and mood booster ice creams that are sure to tempt you as well!

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The Brooklyn Creamery

5.Kwality Wall’s Swirls

This is the most common name in the world of ice creams. It carries the tag of “where indulgence meets perfection”. There are classic favorites like ‘Black Forest Swirls Ice Cream’ as well as sundaes like the ‘Honey Bunny Sundae with Sweet Injecto’ and the ‘Dark Desire Sundae with Chocolate Injecto’, stick ice creams like the ‘Almond Exotica Magnum Stick’, and cup ice creams that every person would find difficult to resist. Stepping into this haven of mouth-watering and flavorsome ice creams would give you a memorable experience that you would cherish for your lifetime!

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Kwality Wall’s Swirls

6.Gelato Italiano

Some favorites in this ice cream parlor are the ‘Butter Scotch’, the ‘Black Currant’, the ‘Pink Guava’, the ‘Mango Tango’, the ‘Bubble Gum’, the ‘Chocolate Brownie Fudge’, the ‘Chocolate Hazelnut’, the ‘Diet Lite Chocolate’, the ‘Madagascar Fine Chocolate’, and the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’. It is located in City Centre 2 Mall, Rajarhat, Kolkata, which shopaholics often visit.

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Gelato Italiano

7.Natural Ice Cream

Natural Ice Cream is an ice cream company in Kolkata that offers a wide range of delicious ice creams made using dry fruits, fruit, milk, chocolates, and sugar. The speciality of these ice creams is that they are made from only natural ingredients and no synthetic products are used. Besides, the items offered do not pinch the pocket and are, therefore, very popular. Some of the most loved ice creams are the ‘Tender Coconut Ice Cream’, the ‘Chocobite Ice Cream’, and the ‘Kesar Pista Ice Cream’.

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Natural Ice Cream

8.Cream Bell

This is an ice cream brand which offers ice creams free from preservatives. It is made from natural products and is a favorite among both adults and children. Frozen desserts like ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cakes are this company’s hot favourites as also ice cream bars. Some special products this brand offers for the true Bengalis of the city of joy include the ‘Kesari Rajbhog’, the ‘Nolen Gur Ice Cream’ and others like the ‘Caramel Butterscotch’, the ‘Mocha Almond Fudge’, and the ‘Fresh Chikoo’ ice creams.

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Cream Bell

9.Mama Mia

This is another popular place for ice cream lovers. Some of the bestsellers found here are the ‘Italian Butterscotch Ice Cream Tub’, the ‘Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Tub’, the ‘Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Tub’, the ‘Satin Strawberry Ice Cream Tub’, and the ‘Fudge Brownie Chocolate Fusion Ice Cream Tub’.

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Mama Mia

10.Cream Fudge

Launched in Bangkok in 2005, this brand of creamy ice cream offers various mouth-watering flavors in which the ice cream is hand-folded on a frozen marble stone with the nuts, fudge candies, and fruits ordered by the customer. Thus, this brand allows customers to create their ice cream. Besides, it also has a menu of ingenious creations prepared at the stores, allowing the customer to enter a new world of pure bliss!

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Cream Fudge

11.Amul Ice Creams

This is another common name in the world of ice creams and comes with a wide range of varieties like the ‘Black Currant’, the ‘Tutti Frutti’, the ‘Kesar Pista’, the ‘Mr. Brown with Choco chips combo and the ‘Fantom Cave with American Nuts and strawberry’ toppings. This brand is very famous with children and most children love it.

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Amul Ice Creams

12.Turkishyano Turkish Ice Cream

This concept of Turkish Ice Cream began in Kolkata 5 years back. Made with natural ingredients, this ice cream is a perfect combination of a sticky texture and the crystals of ice cream which makes it unique from the other ice creams prevalent in the city. It comes in various ‘Anti-melting’ flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Paan, Orange, Kiwi, Black Diamond, Butterscotch, and the like.

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Turkishyano Turkish Ice Cream

13.7/12 Fried Ice Cream Parlour

This ice cream parlor includes regular flavors like the ‘Chiller Break’, the ‘Tawa Crush’, and the ‘Vanilla + Oreo Biscuit+ Fruit Jelly’, as well as seasonal flavors like Banana, Mixed Fruit, Apple, and Litchee. Some common bestsellers on the menu are Passion of Life (Strawberry + Blueberry), Lover Day Out (Strawberry+ Kiwi), and the Madras Café (Coffee+ Dark Chocolate).

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7/12 Fried Ice Cream Parlour

14.Keventers Ice Cream

This is famous for its ice creams, shakes, and sundaes. Some delectable items in this ice cream parlor’s list are the Guilty Pleasure Sundae which is a chocolate ice cream sundae made of chocolate crumble and topped with chocolate sauce and coffee syrup; the Dark Conspiracy Sundae which is made of milk, soya, wheat, sesame, crunchy cookies, chocolate wafers, and topped with chocolate sauce; and the After Dark Fantasy Sundae which contains mint sauce and is a new addition to the parlor’s list.

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Keventers Ice Cream

15.Grameen Kulfi

The Matka Kulfi Ice cream of this parlor in New Town, Kolkata is a new popular choice of many Bengalis in Kolkata. Some flavors include the ‘Shahi Gulkhand Matka Kulfi’, and the ‘Gud Badaam Matka Kulfi’ while some stick kulfis are also popular like the Alphonso Mango stick kulfi, the Sitaphal stick kulfi, the Thandai stick kulfi, and the Chocolate stick kulfi.

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Grameen Kulfi

16.Vadilal Ice Creams

This ice cream parlor has favorites like the Badaam Carnival, Chocolate Brownie, Black Currant, American Nuts, and Butter Scotch, as well as ice cream cakes like the Cassata Ice cream cake, Artisan Red Velvet Ice cream cake, and the Golden Fantasy Ice cream cake. This brand is also very popular as it is an Indian Brand.

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Vadilal Ice Creams

17.Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Located in Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata, this is one of the oldest ice cream brands popular among children as well as adults. Some delicious ice creams in this list are the Mango Magic, American Nutty Delight, Choco Almonds, Cookie Crumb, Mango Marvel, Strawberry Crush, and the Green Pista ice cream.

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Mother Dairy Ice Cream

18.Pop-up Ice Cream Parlour

During summer, this is one of the best places where one can sit with his family and have some mouth-watering servings of ice creams of various flavors. This parlor also offers various toppings that people can choose for their ice creams, resulting in it being one of the most eminent ice cream parlors in New Town, Kolkata.

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Pop-up Ice Cream Parlour

19.First Place

This ice cream parlor is located in Hatiara, New Town, and the ice creams available here include regular flavors like pineapple, vanilla, hum tum (mix of any two regular flavors), premium flavors like Salsa Orange, Kaju Draksh, Afghan Dry Fruit, and special premium flavors like Paan Nawabi, Fresh Litchee, Mava Malai, and Brownie Blast.

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First Place

20.Scoops Ice Cream Parlour

The main attractions of this ice cream parlor in New Town, Kolkata are the sundaes like Chocolate Explosion, Banana Split, The Brownie Duet, Black Forest Sundae, and As You Like It (ice cream of one’s choice), and the Scoops Special ‘Nutty Muddy’ ice creams like the Hot Chocolate Fudge, Crunchy Cappuccino, Pineapple Passion, and Black Currant Twist. One main favourite is the Winkling Stars which is a chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream made with choco fudge and has delicious toppings like crunchy choco chips.

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Scoops Ice Cream Parlour