Top 20 Newly Opened Cafes/Restaurants In Mumbai That Are worth The Try

Top 20 Newly Opened Cafes in Mumbai

Life has just started resuming at a slightly faster pace post-COVID in Mumbai and, there is no doubt about the fact that now, we are all looking out to exploring different places and having exciting experiences that we missed in the past two years. Interestingly enough, the last ten months have been outstanding for the food industries since numerous new cafes and restaurants have been launched all around the city. And these, not only serve you Scrumptious Food but also give you a Unique Experience to take home.

Here are 20 such gorgeous and warm cafes/restaurants that are sure to win your heart-

1. Plush Cafe

To begin with one of the Cutest Cafes in town, we have Plush in Bandra, which happens to be a small Breakfast, Brunch and Drunch cafe, serving you the most Sinful Delicacies till midnight. Their menu is majorly Italian and Continental but, they also have healthy options like Salads and Smoothie Bowls available for anyone who’s Diet Conscious. The best part about Plush, however, is its Aesthetic Ambience. The Pastel theme and gorgeous corners decorated with flowers give the entire cozy feel you ever need, making it an overall warm experience.

Plush Cafe

2. Blabber All Day

Marking its presence on the “cute cafes” list is another stunning cafe called Blabber All Day. Located in Borivali East, this European-themed cafe, along with a Splendid Ambience serves you Lip-smacking food. From Tadka Hummus to a Rose Cheesecake, they have it all covered on their Menu. However, one thing that makes this cafe stand out is its “Drink Me Coffee”. This Customized Picture Coffee lets you have your picture floating on top of a hot cup of coffee. All you need to do is scan a QR code and upload your desired picture. So easy yet so unique and exciting, nay?

Blabber All Day

3. The Green Affair

A New Vegan Restaurant opening its doors in the Breach Candy lane is The Green Affair. Termed as India’s First Vegan Party Destination, TGA serves you everything Vegan, from Starters to Main Course and Signature Cocktails even. The restaurant is built over two floors consisting of comfortable Indoor seating as well as a rooftop area. It offers a Casual Dining Ambience in the daytime and transforms itself into a Bar at night, making it the perfect place for Party Animals. Apart from this, TGA also hosts many exciting events performed by various artists, making it a larger-than-life experience!

The Green Affair

4. Cafe 49

Whether you are looking at a coffee date or a quick catch-up with friends, Cafe 49 is the perfect place to be. Opened at The Emerald Hotel, Cafe 49 is a Small Spot Cafe serving you delicious Vegetarian Food. Their menu is a mix of cuisines including items like Cilantro Pesto, Bell Pepper Risotto, Three Cheese Margherita, and Uptown Martini. With its Cozy Ambience, including Off White Brick Walls and Aesthetic Frames, it is sure to have you spend some good quality time there.

Cafe 49

5. Love And Cheesecake

Making its presence in yet another city is this famous Patisserie. Known for their 56 unique cheesecake flavors, Love and Cheesecake will have your mouth watering at the counter, making it difficult for you to choose one flavor since all of them look OH SO TEMPTING! If you are a sweet tooth like me, you are sure to enjoy a good cheesecake from this Patisserie.

Love And Cheesecake

6. Mastermind Bicycle Cafe

Located in Mulund West, Mastermind Bicycle Cafe is the perfect place for you if you are a Coffee Lover. It does not only offer you a tremendous variety of food and the Best Brews but also has the most Elegant European Ambience to give you a Distinctive Experience and the most Calming Vibes. Decorated with Bicycle Equipment, this cafe is one-of-a-kind and a must-visit at least once!

Mastermind Bicycle Cafe

7. Butterfly High

After running a successful outlet in BKC for 3 years, Butterfly High now makes its presence in Thane! Slightly on the expensive side, this newly launched Resto-Bar has a variety of cuisines to offer. Everything that you can think of is on their menu from Dhokla Dabeli to Kothambir Vadi, Pav Bhaji to Malaysian Korma, and Hawaii Pineapple to Basil Whisky. It has a rather Pleasant Ambience with lit-up butterflies suspended from the roof that stays true to its name and makes it a totally Instagrammable Experience!

Butterfly High

8. Dessert Therapy

The Decadent Delicacies at this new confectionery restaurant in Bandra is going to have you coming back for more. The Exquisite cheesecakes on their menu, whether Swiss, Chocolate, or Blueberry, are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth along with Thick Shakes and Hot Chocolates which are just a bonus. With its Fine Decor, Graphics Quotes, Fabulous Service, and Affordable Prices, Dessert Therapy won’t end up disappointing you!

Dessert Therapy

9. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe which happens to have a global chain of about 185 cafes all around the world including London, also made its presence in the Seawoods Grand Central Mall, last year. Their global menu has Scrumptious Hamburgers, the legendary steak burger, American Classics, and much more to offer. The cafe has a Rock N Roll-themed Ambience with Hard Rock Memorabilia on the walls, giving all the high-energy vibes and making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the masses.

Hard Rock Cafe

 10. Pink Wasabi

Pink Wasabi, as the name suggests, is inspired by Japan and so is its decor which includes concepts like Ikigai and cherry blossoms. This Asian restaurant stays quite true to its name since the walls, tables, and chairs, are most likely to be found pink. They have a well-curated menu which includes a plethora of dishes like Sushi, Lattes, desserts, cocktails, and more. But they might just be a little overpriced, so make sure to spend a good amount of time in there and click a lot of pictures since both the dishes and the cafe, are super Instagrammable!

Pink Wasabi

11. Noon

Noon happens to be one of the most unique cafes in town as their menu consists of the Chef’s grandmother’s Age-old recipes. All the dishes they serve are made using local produce and fermentation. The chef, having grown up in Srinagar, puts a lot of Kashmiri touch to her dishes and has an all-natural policy when it comes to the food they prepare. So do not expect any processed drinks or sugary cocktails on their menu. However, you are sure to get impressed by the Uniqueness and Authenticity that Noon has to offer.


12. Younion

Another sassy bar making its presence in Kamla Mills is Younion. This one’s surely for the masses. It is not a typical restaurant centered around food but rather a place to dance the night away. They have got the best cocktails, about 200 shots that are made using slushy machines, and more than 50 brews. The names of their drinks and cocktails are rather eccentric, the ones that will have your eyeballs out, the moment to take a glance, but  that is done purposely. The Ambience only adds to the high-energy vibes as it makes for a perfect Millennial set-up for the Youth in and around Kamla Mills.


13. The Finch

If you are looking for the perfect spot for Brunch in Mumbai, this new restaurant has got you covered! The Finch in Sakhi Vihar gives you an amazing dining experience with its Global Cuisines and World Class Cocktails. The food menu has some exciting items including Moroccan Soya Kebab, Classic Caesar Salad, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Panino, and much more! You can also go for the classic Amritsari Chole Kulche or the Japanese Chilli Noodles, both of which will definitely win your heart!

The Finch

14. Ishaara

Bringing more distinctiveness to the Restaurant world is this Beautiful Restaurant in Lower Parel. Apart from having a Minimalistic interior with no loud color pallet, Ishaara lets you learn a new language to order your meals and that is Sign Language. The servers and waiters employed at Ishaara are Speech and Hearing Impaired and serve your meals using a placard. However, a manager explains you how you are supposed to communicate with them. The staff’s Confidence, Inquisitiveness, and Composed Demeanor are sure to bring a smile to your face while you enjoy some Classic Indian Food.


 15. Love N Latte

Giving you another gorgeous place to go on a date with your partner or have a quick catch-up with your girlfriends is Love N Latte in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. Apart from serving the Best Brews, they also have a variety of Brunch and Drunch Items to offer including Snacks and Desserts. Order yourself some fries and a cheesecake with a hot cup of Cappucino and you are good to go!

Love N Latte

16. The Butler And The Bayleaf

This new restaurant, serving food from the northern belt is a Jungle with Plants hanging everywhere in the interiors- the walls, ceiling, windows, etc. It is a Tropical restaurant whose Ambience will make you feel as if you are in a forest and yet have you awestruck by its glory. It is a Dining Restaurant but you are to find a Bar as well there, serving fine gin-based Cocktails, Vodkas, and Shots. The Royal Blue Palette and White Portraits adorning the walls make for Elegant Interiors and a rather Pleasant Ambience. You are sure to enjoy a good lunch with your family at The Butler and the Bayleaf.

The Butler And The Bayleaf

17. Masaledaar Modern Indian Kitchen And Bar

Masaledaar by The Mini Punjab is a casual family dining Restaurant offering North Indian and Mughlai cuisines in Thane. Although a Bar, it is open to all age groups for dining. You are likely to find Classic Punjabi Food like Chicken Amritsari, Dum Biryani, Kulchas, and Lassi on their Menu along with Signature Thalis like Non-Veg Thali, Dara Singh Thali, and Maharaja Thali that are made with just the Perfect Flavors and Immaculate Details. The food is definitely the spine of Masaledaar and, you are sure to be impressed by the High-Quality Service offered.

Masaledaar Modern Indian Kitchen And Bar

18. Nau Se Barah

Newly opened in Vashi is this Movie Bar, Nau Se Barah. It is a treat for all Bollywood Buffs out there; as they have their entire Ambience based on everything Bollywood. You are sure to find some Iconic Dialogues and Movie Posters put up on the walls. Along with it, they have a wide range of food and beverages to offer, from Desi Main course to Pasta and Pizzas and of course Cocktails. The Bar is, however, best to experience at night.

Nau Se Barah

19. 73° Bistro and Bar

Launched a while ago in Bandra is this 73° Bar and Bistro that gives you a distinctive experience like no other Bistros in town. Their menu consists of global dishes from countries located at 73° Longitude, serving you everything delicious from Argentina Pork to Mac and Cheese, Stuffed Zucchini, and Tropical Drinks. The place is known for having beautiful Interiors, Good Wifi, Live Music, and Delicious food.

73° Bistro and Bar

20. Epitome

Dubai-based Resto-Bar Epitome, is all set to make its presence in Juhu. Every corner of its interior is Oh So Stylish and Unique! The food on their menu is Pure Vegetarian and carefully curated with Twists and Turns and Innovative Techniques while not compromising on the right Flavours and Ingredients! The Ambience will give you European vibes; such is the theme and decor. Diverse Dishes like Veg Kheema Pav, Epitome Spring Vegetable Soup, Seekh Biryani, Thai Curry, Avocado Pani Puri, Hummus, etc are sure to give your taste buds a new experience. Watch out as this one opens its doors very soon!