20 Best Pubs Of Delhi, You Must Visit Today!

Best Pubs Of Delhi

1.Kitty Su

Kitty Su is renowned for hosting international music artists. They get artists who popularize EDM/ electronic dance music in the modern day genre. They have a huge dance floor, which sets the perfect ambience. The sound system is quite phenomenal too. Their decor is just as unique as their name. It was featured in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 Clubs of the World, being the only Indian club on the list.


Hauz Khas/ Def Col/ Nehru Place/ Odeon Social

Social is a trendy chain of resto- pubs all over Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. There are 4 Socials in Delhi, all of which are trending. The Hauz Khas Social located at the party hub of the city is one of the major party destinations of the city. The Socials aim at creating a collaborative workspace during daytime and moonlights as a pub at night. The rooftop at Social gives a spectacular view of the lake.



Qubitos is a very trendy-funky pub in Rajouri Garden. It is a very Punjabi pub in a very Punjabi area. If you’re in the mood for some Punjabi music, dance and drink, Qubitos won’t disappoint you.



Capitol has been functioning for over 13 years now and is most popular for being a party destination post-curfew. It has a huge dance floor and an open air lounge. On Saturdays, you’ll surprisingly hear some great Bollywood tunes at this place.



Tamasha, a new pub on the street was already word of the town when it opened in early 2016. It is a whopping space of 16000 square feet divided into three floors. There are different areas, which include the courtyard, hookah lounge, backyard, etc. The bar is shaped and designed to be like a truck which gathers a lot of attention and point for creativity. This is the best place for everything, even chaos (tamasha).


The Blue Bar

The Blue Bar, as per its name is as blue as its gets. It has an elegant ambience with a soothing blue touch to its look. It has both indoor and outdoor seatings. Nothing is as good as drinking a glass of long island iced tea sitting in the lounge, placed in front of the swimming pool.


My Bar

My Bar has a chain of restaurants and bars across Delhi, is popular for serving at incredibly affordable prices. They have five outlets in Delhi, and their starts at 75 INR only! It is the perfect destination for youngsters who are looking forward to saving a buck or two.


Summer House Cafe

Just as the name suggest, the bar is inspired by very summery thoughts. The decor gives an essence of warmth, and the outdoor seating is a true reflection of the idea behind the cafe. And hey, Chris Martin was here! It has since then become a pilgrimage for all Indian Coldplay fans.


Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is a famous chain of restaurants in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and recently in Kolkata. The unique concept of gastropub has become a hit all over the country. With quirky interiors, Monkey bar is sure a fun place to drink at!



Harvey’s is one the most popular brand of bars all over the world. This international chain has a classic rusty decor, which is followed everywhere. No list would be complete with Harvey’s on it.


Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe, another international chain of cafe-bars is the most legendary destinations for music lovers. They have had international guests for performance and even have instruments signed by bands like Metallica adorning their walls. There are two HRC’s in Delhi – at Saket and Cyber Hub.



Flyp@MTV, CP is one of the funky places in town. So, for some uptown fun get there already. They have a huge space and can accommodate large crowds. They even have the facility of live band performances and even a dance floor.


Lord Of The Drinks

One of the newer brands in town, it has already won the people over. With such a genius name, no wonder this pub is visited by people all day long.


Route 04

Route 04 is the classic bar- cafe with a scrumptious menu. There are two outlets in the city, one in Connaught Place and the other in Khan Market. The one in Connaught Place has a life-size Bumblebee (Transformers) inside. Isn’t that just more reason to visit?


Cafe Dalal Street

Cafe Dalal Street is based on the Wall Street- the street for brokers. The cafe operates by a stock exchange. If you’re good at economics, maybe you can predict which drink is going to get the cheapest and at which hour of the night. Truly a unique experience, who knows you might get the costliest drink at the lowest price.


Sam’s Cafe

A true paradise of a cafe for a bag packer, it is always flocked with tourists. They serve food and liquor at extremely affordable prices. Their food menu in fact even has a variety of cuisines like French, Spanish, Israeli, and American.


Adda By Striker

Gurgaon is famous for running breweries, which Delhi can’t. Gurgaon Sector 29 is full of microbreweries serving you the best quality in town. Extremely affordable if you’re in a group, is something worth a visit. Their food menu is also quite exquisite with Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines on it.


Ek Bar

Ek Baar, like its name, is very desi by all terms. The funky, colourful interiors are reflective of its Indian character. There are a lot of drinks which are distinctively Indian yet with a twist. The cocktails have an Indian inspiration and so does the menu.



Soi 7 Pub And Brewery

Located in Cyber City Gurgaon, this bar is one of the classiest microbreweries in the city. The ambience is perfect, and the location is spectacular, being in the Cyber Hub itself.



PCO meaning Pass Code Only is not only the source of inspiration for the name of the pub, but also for its functioning. The pub is located inside an alley in a posh locality, with no signboards indicating the route. At the entrance way, you have to enter a secret passcode to enter. The interiors are quite vintage owing to its theme.