Top 20 Non-Veg Food Items To Include In Party Menu

Top- 20- Non-Veg- Food- Items- to- include- in- Party- Menu

1. Non-Veg Cutlet

Preparation of cutlet does not take very much time and it turns out a very delicious food item. Whether the cutlet is made with chicken, mutton, fish, or egg; each has its unique taste. The crispy fried or baked cutlet goes well with green chutney and tamarind chutney. And if you want to make it healthy you can mix the non-veg with some veggies and serve some fresh salad and yogurt dip along with the cutlet.


2. Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab are soft and juicy, and taste best when it is served hot. This amazing option can easily go with any chutney or dip of your choice. You can create two options in this, by making one spicy and another one not so spicy so that each and every guest of your party can enjoy this food item.


3. Tandoori

Each and every dish made in tandoor is amazing and people love it. You can make a separate tandoori section by including mutton, fish, and chicken dishes, and you can serve a delicious tandoori platter to your guest. For serving it along something, you can prepare two or three different kind of dip by making it sweet, sour, and spicy.


4. Chicken Patties

Chicken Patties are filled with minced chicken mix and upper layer is fried or baked. You can prepare chicken patties and it can be kept in the freezer for up to three-four days. Before serving you can fry it. The upper layer is crispy and after having a bite you can taste the flavors of chicken inside. In chicken mix, you can add cheese or cream to enhance the taste or you can make it spicy and flavorful by adding roasted Indian spices. It depends on you and you can make its variations according to your taste.


5. Prawns

Prawns or Shrimps are all time favorite for sea-food lovers. You can include variety of food items made of prawns. You can include prawn in your starters as well in main course also. Prawns Pakora, Garlic and Pepper Prawns, and Dry Prawns Fry can be kept for starters. Prawn Curry can be included in main course. You can serve prawn starters with some chutney or dips and fresh salad. The prawn curry can be served with plain rice.


6. Biryani

Single main-course dish that is liked by every non-veg lover. Biryani is the must have food item to include in your menu. This main-course dish does not require anything else with itself. A plate of biryani is a complete food. To go with biryani, vegetable raita or boondi raita is the best, but you can also serve it with some mint and chili chutney and fresh salad. Biryani can be made with chicken, mutton, or even with eggs. There is many different varieties of biryani, so you can choose the best that suits your taste buds and put it in the menu.


7. Mutton Kebab

Mutton Kebab can be presented in many ways. Whether you make Seekh Kebab, Booti Kebab or Tikiya Kebab with Mutton; each one is mouth-watering and tastes delicious. You can serve it with some chutney or dip and freshly chopped onions and lemon.


8. Chicken Nuggets

One of the best option to include in your starters menu is chicken nuggets. Soft and tender chicken coated with crispy layer is a lip-smacking dish. Also, it does not require too much of preparation and can be made very easily by combining few things. You can serve it with sweet yogurt dip or spicy red chili chutney.


9. Momos

Non-Veg Momos can be made with chicken or mutton. Soft and juicy meaty fillings with a delicate layer of flour taste amazing. Momos can be kept simply steamed, fried, or baked. Also, meat fillings can be varied by mixing it with sweet corns, cheese, or schezwan sauce. Serve your favorite momos with some spicy chili chutney.


10. Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich can be made with variety of options. The variations can be made in the filings of sandwich or with the bread layers. The layers can be kept simple, pan toasted, or grilled. Minced and cooked chicken, cooked chicken chunks, grilled chicken chunks, or any variety of chicken of your choice can be used for the sandwich. You can also mix the chicken with some vegetables, sweet corns, or cheese. Serve this delicious chicken sandwich with tomato ketchup and french fries.


11. Non-Veg Noodles

Children love noodles and you can very smartly make it a healthy option for your kids and for your party. Whether you put some eggs or chicken in your noodles; it is always mouth-watering. If you want to make something unique and delicious you can also make some fried shrimp noodles. Along with the non-veg, you can also add lots of veggies and create a mix of everything that will enhance the flavor. Serve the noodles with some Chicken Soup and Chicken Manchurian.


12. Soups

If you have included some veg soup options, then you can put some non-veg soups in your menu to give your guests a great experience at your party. You can make chicken and veggies mixed soup, mashed potatoes and chicken soup, chicken manchow soup, lamb and vegetable soup, fish or prawns soup, or mix chicken and cheese soup. In fact, you can add cheese to any of your soup option. Serve hot soups with some bread sticks and pepper powder.


13. Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian can be kept for starters as well as for main course. It can be kept dry or with some gravy according to your choice. Chicken Manchurian gravy can be served with paratha, fried rice, or noodles, and dry variety can be kept for the starters. Manchurian and Noodles are really a great combination in the food world.


14. Chicken Curry

For main course, you can choose chicken curry of your choice. You can choose any one or two from many options available in curry. Creamy Butter Chicken, Spicy Kadhai Chicken, Chicken Korma, Chicken Stew, and Haramurg Curry are some of the very popular chicken curry dishes. Chicken curry can be served with some Indian style pulao, plain paratha, or poori.


15. Mutton Curry

Along with chicken curry, you can also include some mutton curry in your menu. Some of the options for mutton curry are khatta ghost, lamb handi, lamb korma, and rogan josh. Mutton curry can be served with rice or any kind of Indian bread.


16. Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop are favorite among children and it is very easy to eat for them. You can make it juicy and grilled, crispy and fried, or spicy according to your likings. You can prepare it before and can keep it into freezer for two-three days. Just fry or microwave the lollipop and it is ready to serve.  Chicken Lollipop can be served with yogurt and mint dip, tamarind chutney, or tomato ketchup along with some freshly chopped cucumber and onions.


17. Rolls

You have a variety of rolls options to put in your menu. If you are organizing a big party, then you can make a separate section only for rolls. You can serve rolls without anything in side option as it is already prepared with lots of chutneys and cream. Egg roll, chicken roll, and mutton roll are a few options. You can choose according to your choice and can make variations in the fillings of the rolls like egg chicken roll, cheesy chicken roll, vegetable egg roll, or mutton egg roll.


18. Chicken Pizza

A non-veg pizza is a great option to put in the starters menu. For pizza toppings you can use chicken tikka, barbeque chicken, chicken sausages, or can mix everything to put on one pizza. Along with the non-veg toppings you can also add some veggies like sweet corn, capsicum, jalapeno, olives, or onions.


19. Burger

Burger with a delicious non-veg patty give you out of the world feeling. You can include non-veg burger in your party menu. The patty can be made of chicken or mutton depending upon your taste buds. You can also put some eggs in between of soft burger buns along with fresh veggies. You can also try with some fish burger. You can choose keeping it as simple burger or grilled burger; whichever you like.


20.  Meatballs

Meatballs can be prepared with chicken or mutton; whichever you like. It can be mixed with some veggies like capsicum or corn. You can also make cheesy meatballs by putting lots of cheese inside the meat mix. It can be put as a starters menu for your party. You can serve meatballs with some dips or chutney of your choice.