Top 20 Non-Veg Restaurants In Indiranagar, Bangalore

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While many places in Bangalore offer non-vegetarian food, these are the Top 20 best non-veg restaurants in Indira Nagar, Bangalore.
We have divided it into the type of non-veg food served in the restaurants and their rating out of five.

1. Meghana Foods

This restaurant was inaugurated in the year 2006. Today, it serves the most delicious biryani in the whole of Bangalore. This restaurant offers mouthwatering cuisines for non-veg lovers. They offer all kinds of Chicken and Biryani and their varieties. Here we can sense the flavor of Hyderabadi food in every dish they serve. They serve you the perfect and best quality rice with a unique blend of different spices to provide delicious flavors.
This restaurant is near CMH Road, Indiranagar. The area is a hassle-free area. People can walk into this restaurant anytime. You can find this restaurant easily on google map.

Andhra, North Indian, Seafood, Biryani
Indiranagar, Bangalore
Rating- 4.3/5
meghana foods

2. Sri Udupi Cafe

They serve Bengali food, all types of biryanis, and chicken items. You can enjoy the delicacy of this place along with your family. They also serve Chinese food.

South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Biryani
Rating- 4/5
Sri Udupi cafe

3. Punjab Express

Punjab Express restaurant is located on BEL Road. It serves tasty, good quality, fresh non-veg food. This restaurant thrives in North Indian cuisine, which is known for its spicy and rich aroma. Its ingredients include thick heavy gravy, which gives a mouthwatering taste to food lovers. The menu they provide is in consideration of people from all age groups. Every dish in this restaurant is made of, using the most unique spices.
This restaurant is for those people who love sumptuous and authentic non-veg items.

North Indian, Mughlai, Rolls, Fast Food, Beverages
Rating- 4.1/5
punjab express

4. Andhra Gunpowder

Located in Indiranagar, this restaurant serves the best quality Hyderabadi biryani, Gongura mutton, Guntur chicken. They also have a caught for mouthwatering seafood. They mostly cook their food with locally available ingredients. They are a savor of rich, authentic, and traditional food from South India. They serve plain cooked rice, which is to be eaten with different items served.
They also offer food delivery services.

Rating- 4/5
andhra gunpowder

5. Khan Saheb Grills And Rolls

It is a fast-food restaurant that also serves non-veg items like kebab, grilled meat, and biryani. They also serve various meat and veg rolls. Their special roll is the ‘SIGNATURE ROLL’. These rolls are prepared by charcoal grilling of meat and vegetables which are the primary ingredient of these rolls. They also serve grilled meat for non-veg lovers. Their main aim is to present nutritious, healthy, and stomach-filling dishes.

North Indian, Rolls
Rating- 4.3/5
khan saheb grills

6. Punjabi Nawabi

Located nearby BEML main road, Indiranagar. Their famous dishes are Kadai Paneer, Butter Naan, Butter Chicken, and Tandoori Chicken. People who have visited this restaurant have described its food as Customized, fresh, and of good quality.
It is a reasonable price restaurant with whole quantity food provided by the restaurant.

North Indian, Biryani, Mughlai, Chinese
Rating- 3.7/5
punjabi nawabi

7. Donne Biriyani House

Located nearby to Cross Road, Hoysala Nagar. It has main dishes like Karnataka Style Biryani, Chicken Kebab, Kebab, and Biryani. If you visit this place with your family, do try the Mutton family pack. People who have seen this place declared it as a quality servicing restaurant.

Rating- 3.9/5
donne biriyani house

8. Empire Restaurant

Located next to BSNL, HAL, in Indiranagar. It is one of the famous casual dining chains of city restaurants. This place is a favorite of people who love to do night outings. They serve fulfilling Ghee rice and spicy chicken delicacies, which is a treat for food lovers. Visit this place and try Paneer Tikka, Karmi Kebab, Keema Dosa, Brain Fry, and Pepper chicken. They serve North Indian, Mughlai, and Arabian dishes.

North Indian, Mughlai, Arabian, South Indian, Chinese
Rating- 4.1/5

9. Dindigul Thalappakatti

It is located in Lamcy plaza, Kalyan nagar. Started in 1957, this restaurant specializes in home-style biryani dishes. They serve the best dishes with a strong influence on traditional flavors. Do visit this place to get one the most mouthwatering food items.

Mughlai, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese
Rating- 4.2/5

10. Nandhana Palace

Located in HRBR Layout in Kalyan Nagar, this restaurant serves non-veg food like Mutton Nalli, Bamboo Chicken, Chicken Kshatriya, Egg Chilli, Spicy Food, and Chicken Biryani. People have rated this restaurant for serving good food and good ambiance.

Biryani, Andhra, North Indian, Chinese, Beverages, South Indian
Rating- 4.3/5
nandhana palace

11. Ambur Star Biriyani Since 1890

Located in Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru. They serve biryani of different types. Chettinad, China Special, and deep fry chicken and fish items with fantastic taste are the varieties provided in this restaurant.

North Indian, Chinese, Biryani
Rating- 3.1/5

12. Sharief Bhai

Located nearby Hoysala Nagar, Bangalore. Their non-veg menu includes chicken, mutton, and their different varieties. They also offer wraps and subs. It is a place worth visiting. Do visit this place and try grilled chicken items.

Mughlai, Arabian, Afghan, Biryani, Kebab, Street Food
Rating- 3.9/5

13. Imperial Restaurant

Located near Yogananda Road, Indira Nagar. This place serves all varieties of Chicken which include Chicken lollipop, Chicken Chettinad, and Chicken kebab. People who have visited this restaurant have its surroundings as relaxed with basic seating. Do visit this restaurant with your family and friends and try different dishes.

North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Seafood, Desserts, Beverages, Kebab
Rating- 3.9/5

14. Leon Grill

Located near to Hoysala Nagar. They serve Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Falafel Salad, Peri Peri Chicken, Wraps, Chocolate Mousse, and Humus. People who have visited this restaurant have rated it Inexpensive, Prompt service and Polite Staff. Do visit this restaurant to try new items.

Burger, Wraps, Fast Food, Beverages
Rating- 4.2/5

15. World Of Noodles

They serve the best chicken noodles in the whole of Bangalore, located in Basement Lic colony, Indiranagar. They serve Basil flavored Chicken, Chilli fish, and Prawn Manchurian, both gravy and dry.

Rating- 3.3/5
world of noodles

16. Momomia

Located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. If you are looking to grab a bite with your friends and family, this restaurant serves it. They serve momos of different types. Of course, Chicken momo, fried chicken momo, and crispy fried momos are their primary in the list. Schezwan fried momo is a must-try. This restaurant also serves a variety of Tibetan delicacies. This restaurant chain is based out of Calicut branches throughout Bangalore.

Momos, Rolls
Rating- 4/5

17. Glen’s Bakehouse

It is a casual café that serves global pizza, sandwiches, and pasta. They have different varieties of Chicken dishes. This place is reviewed as Elegant, Warm and beautiful café. People can spend an average of 800 and eat tasty food. This place is good for kids, a decent lunch place. People visiting this restaurant should try white sauce non-veg pasta. All together this place is excellent for having brunch and eating lip-smacking non-veg food items.

Bakery, Fast Food, Italian, Desserts, Beverages

18. Orbis Restaurant

It is an upscale restaurant serving non-veg in the most elegant and contemporary way. They use fresh tofu products, animal meat for making tasty food. This restaurant can be termed as halal or confectionery shop as they offer both European and Indian dishes. This place has a nice ambiance together with delicious food. Try eating famous shawarma and Afghani cuisines of this place. You can easily search this restaurant as it is nearby to Manyavar.

Mughlai, Biryani, North Indian, Arabian, Chinese

19. Pathaan Sir

A quick-to-bite restaurant. They serve different varieties of Mutton and Chicken rolls. Also 100 different types of roll. Their Kathi roll serving style is excellent, the price they charge is reasonable with the quantity of food served. They have variation in non-veg with add-ons egg, cheese on top of it. Overall this place is good for chicken lovers. It is near to Crossroad, HAL 2nd Stage.

Fast Food, Momos, Rolls, Kebab

20. Freshmenu

It serves both continentals as well as non-veg food. Some famous dishes of this restaurant are Chicken and mutton. This place is known for providing Prompt delivery and healthy food to its customers. Everything you eat from this restaurant is tasty, suitable, and sufficient in quantity. Their food items price is reasonable when compared to the amount they provide. Whenever you visit this restaurant, try ordering pesto creamy chicken fajita bowl. They are also great at food packaging.

Continental, North Indian, Biryani
fresh menu