Top 20 Street Food Items Of  VV Puram

20 street food items of vv puram-100

Whether you have recently moved to Bangalore or you might have been living here for a while, you must have heard about VV Puram (Vishweshwarapuram).VV Puram food street is also popularly known locally as Thindi beedi or a lane where you can find a wide range of delicious food items. It is a must-visit for any food lover. It is a heavenly land for food lovers with over 20 food stalls of deserts, chats, and fast food in less than 150 meters. Through this blog, you will get to know the must-try, must-taste street food items.

1. Khara butter And Congress Kadlekai Bun

Khara butter and congress bun at VB bakery. The bakery sells an exciting range of cakes, buns and sweet buns. It is a spicy bun smeared with butter and Congress Kadlekai. It contains split peanuts tossed in pepper-curry masala. The first flavour you will witness is the savouriness of curry leaves. This bun could very well be the Iyengar version of a peanut butter sandwich.1

2. Capsicum Bajji

Another most famous item is Capsicum bajji at Shree Swami Bajji Centre is a must-taste. The whole capsicum fried to scrumptiousness is worth tasting. The capsicum retains its crunchiness after frying. These bajjis have a pinch of Ooty pepper and red chilli, which gives a kick to their taste. If you are considering a nice evening snack, then this dish will favour your cravings.


3. Banana Bajji

The raw and scratchy tones down the spice in that chutney and chilli powder sprinkled on top will make you fall in love with this crunchy banana bajji. The bajji is deliciously crisp when eaten  within seconds after frying. One can enjoy it with a cup of hot tea on rainy evenings.


4. Tandoori Chai

Tandoori tea at Namma kitchen. It is undoubtedly a tasty tea spiced with cinnamon and ginger. What makes it a tandoori chai is that Smokey flavour is present in every sip! This Smokey texture of the tea makes it perfect for a nippy morning.4

5. Dahi Puri

Next, a loaded Dahi-puri at any local joint. One bite and the puri oozes out all the delicious Dahi with the stuffing of potatoes and other vegetables. You can also taste the spice of the garam masala and the slight sweet pop of the peas at the end of every bite.


6. Mosaru Kodubale

Mosaru Kodubale at Arya Vysya . This dish was a savoury discovery. This dish is crunchy outside and gooey, porous inside. With one dip, the kodubale melts away in the spicy coconut chutney. If you want that little pop, a little spike of that tangy, spicy flavour, dunk the mosaru kodubale in both the coconut and tamarind chutneys and enjoy!



Avarekalu vada at Sri Vasavi Vaisita Thindi. It is a delight to eat for every fried food lover. It is a mixture of water, hyacinth bean, dill, gram flour, and aromatics like onion, ginger, garlic, chilli. It is as delicious and nutritious as a vada can get.


8. Akki Roti

Akki roti at Sri vasavi Mane Thindi. The akki roti has a crunchy crust and a soft texture inside. The avarekalu present in the rotti gives a tasty textural relief.


9. Obbattu

It is a flaky, sweet paratha stuffed with lentils, cardamom and jaggery. The liberally slathered battery ghee and the mild jaggery sweetness make it a delicious substitute for a dessert.


10. Paddu

An enriched dosa batter cooked on a Tava speckled with spherical cavities. It has a sour, tangy flavour coupled with the crunch of the onions and freshness of the dill. It is delicious when eaten with coconut, chana dal and green chilli chutney.


11. Thatte Idli

Thatte idli at any South-Indian joint in VisveswaraPuram is worth tasting. What makes it different from the regular idlis is its large size and thickness.


12. Dabeli

Dabeli from Dev Sagar is one of the most famous street food items in Thind Beedi. The layering with sweet and spicy chutney with roasted crunchy peanuts and onion gives it an authentic taste. The butter oozes out of the pav in just one bite.


13. American Corn

For something different, you must try Mango pineapple corn. It is a new sweet corn version prepared with fruits, raw mangoes and lemon. At this corn joint, you will find over 50+ different varieties of corn mixture that can be customisable according to your choice and the flavours you like. Worthy enough to give it a try.


14. Bath Masala dosa

All the credits for inventing different shapes and flavours goes to Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Ramu tiffin centre serves you finger-licking and lip-smacking Ghee dosa, Bathe dosa stuffed with chilli, chutney and perfectly flavoured masala.


15. Floating Panipuri

Love for panipuri in Indians is insane! This love brings us to the new version of pani puri, Floating Pani puri immersed in herbal water. The chutneys are so good, and crunchy Farsan makes it even better.


16. Jalebis

Jalebis at Shri Vasavi chutneys. This shop is credited as one of the first shops opened on the street. It is a must-stop junction to try out amazingly tasty, hot jalebis.16

17. Badam Milk

It is a thick and nourishing badam milk flavoured with pistachio, Kesar and cardamom. The thick cream on top of it tastes almost like khoya. It gives you such a sense of fulfilment in your stomach that one can run a mile after drinking this!


18. Rasgulla Chat

If you have missed out on trying any fast food, then you should visit Dev Sagar to try Pav bhaji, Vada pav, Tawa pulao. But the signature dish here is, Rasgulla chat; you heard it right! The special rasgulla chat consists of rasgullas immersed in sweet curd garnished with yoghurt, dry fruits, pomegranate seeds, boondi.


19. Gul Kand Ice-Cream

Gulkand ice cream at Shivanand Gulcan Ice cream centre. It is one of the crowd-pleasers at VisveswaraPuram. It is a mixture of gulkand or rose jam with butter-topped butterscotch ice cream and a mix of fruits. The fruits help to cut through the sweetness of ice cream and jam.


20. Fire Pan

This unique version of the popular digestive pan will leave you in amazement, quite literally. You can absurdly taste the fire for a fraction of a second, followed by the cool ice and mish-mash of flavours from all the components inside.