Top 20 Non Vegetarian Restaurants In Madurai

Top 20 Non Vegetarian Restaurants In Madurai

1. Kumar Mess

If you want to enjoy foods with a lot of spices and aroma of flavors, this is the best place you could check in. It gives a feeling of having foods from your mom’s kitchen, in a home based environment. The restaurant has a variety of nonvegetarian dishes from your regular mutton to the rare rabbit fry. They charge a verymeager amount of the foods; even your pocket money would be enough to spend for a while. They are known for their Chettinad based mutton chukka, natural biryani and the Kola Burundi. I admit that by the end your meals you would have your fingers in your mouth and licking them. The aroma you get when you the enter the hotel would make your mouth watery. Don’t you guys want to have a try??? Then rush up to have such a meal and experience the aroma.


2. Amma Mess

It has a very good ambience and it has been famous for decades. The best food here is omelettes, you would have omelettes made in your kitchen and these are not one such, here you get a wide variety of omelettes nearly 15 omelettes like crab, prawn, mutton, fish omelettes. They are highly spicy and very good to have. But you need to have them hot. In Madurai, there are nearly  two restaurants with ample parking space. It provides you Chettinad based food items that are hot and spicy. Another best dish here is ayyira fish curry. This is a very expensive fish but its provided here at a reliable rate.


3. Konnar Mess

This restaurant provides a unique menu besides the other ones. It is known world-wide for the karri dosa which is also a characterisation of the city. Here you get a wide variety of curry and gravy, and especially the liver fry and the brain roast that would boost up your taste buds. The karri dosa that you get here is full of mutton and egg and it in combination with the mutton gravy has a killing flavour that tempts you to visit the place often. Another thing to note is you don’t get the parotta and Chettinad biryani here, but this couldn’t be a draw back because the karri dosa would replace them.


4. Andra Curry

Like the name itself says, Andra curry is known for its spicy taste and unique recipes. The pot biryani you get here is so tasty and they provide you hot with curd chutney that adds flavour to your dish. The dish very popular here is the fish sholaikabab and they provide you with green chutney that makes your taste buds to tempt more. The final ending with some rice and rasam is a great combination that you must have a try because their rasam has a very good taste. Though this seems to be a higher end restaurant,it’s worth its rate.


5. Hotel Milagu

The best thing about this hotel is that they provide special biryani on every week like ambur biryani, Hyderabad biriyani and so on. The best combination for whatever dish you have let it be chapatti or biryani, their milagu varutha koli kulambu would be the best choice to have on. Besides being famous for its ambient varieties of biryani it’s also known for its kadai chops and Chettinad chukka. This typical south Indian based hotel is situated at the centre of the city near the world famous Meenakshi Amman  temple. The best part of meal that you could have here is lunch and dinner.


6. Arumugam Parotta Stall

It’s a kind of road side eatery yet its hygienic and tasty, its located at the commercial part of the city at gorripalayam, its  very common to see people standing near the shop with a plate full of dishes and being highly engorged in it. This is famous for its egg parotta and mutton curry, they have such an awesomatic  taste and flavour. They even provide idly with non-vegetarian dishes and curry. During the evening hours the shop would be in its peak sales as many people would be standing in queues asking for parcel.


7. Amsavalli Bhavan

This hotel has been famous among Madurai people for years and decades, especially for its biryani which is popularly known as amsavalli biryani. They have been maintaining their quality and taste for generations. Just a plate of biryani along with raita would make your lunch tasty.


8. The Chopstix Restaurant

This is a multi-cuisine restaurant and a best place to hang out with family. They prove a trendy atmosphere and the hospitality is good over there. Here you get a wide range of starters and soups. This restaurant holds good for both non vegies and vegies. The chicken manjurian you get here with the spicy sauce adds to the flavour of the meal. The Chinese foods are served here in a south Indian style. The meal is served hot and with enough spice requirements. If you want to try the Chinese recipes in the south Indian style then this is the best place.


9. Bell Jumbo

This is also a multi cuisine restaurant where you get foods that are very tastier. Here you would be having separate areas labelled north Indian and south Indian where you get respective foods. This is best known for its tandoori chicken and grill chicken, which are cooked in front of the customers in a heated roll. These chickens are served with green chutney made up curd and mint leaves that makes best combination to the meal. The chicken kabab is also really good and you two pieces for a single plate. And in Madurai its located at two places.


10. Zaitoon

It’s a family dinning place where you could get foods served hot and spicy. This restaurant has been just few months old yet it has been widely known by Madurai people. The best starter here is the special Zaitoon soup, which is a chicken soup with some special sauce and cheese toppings. Being a multi cuisine restaurant, here you get all kinds of dishes from chicken manjurian to mutton chukka. And sea foods are very hygienic and the best choice is the golden fried prawns in hot plate, were they are served with hot sauce.


11. Junior Kuppana

This is new to Madurai and got famous for its hospitality and unique dishes. The best dish here and it’s their own recipe the kaddi chops which a dish is made from mutton. The mutton is marinated in egg and then made into balls and its deep fried and served with sauces. Here they provide special dishes for kids like kids’ lollipop and biryani. The aatukal soup is a spicy one and is a best starter. The desert that makes your mouth water is the payasam made with vermicelli with is served cold.


12. Anjappar

This restaurant has international branches and it’s also in Madurai, the menu over here is known by most of the people and similar to other branches of anjappar, they maintain their taste and identity of food here also. Every item here would be delicious as they would be served in south Indian style. The nethili fish fry would be a good combination to have with any sort of biryani.


13. Thalapakatti

This restaurant being aorigin of the neighbouring district of Madurai, it has branches internationally. This is known for its biryani, here you get all kinds biryani and dhalsa, a curry made from brinjal and mutton. They are served with raita and mutton brain fry would add on taste to it.


14. Chettinad Mess

This is situated at the interior of the city and it’s a small restaurant. This restaurant provides food in a cheap amount and the curry you get here is very fabulous and spicy. These hotels have been popular for ages and still maintain their homely services to its customers. They provide crab omelette which is very superb and tasty with curd rice.


15. Ponnusamy

This is a Chennai based hotel which is nearly a year old, and has been well known for its parotta and chicken 65. This is a very good restaurant for dinner where you find a wide variety of dishes and soups and desserts to enjoy.


16. Pandian Mess

This is a Madurai based hotel and has branches in various places, you get here tasty meals with many non-veg curry and rice, the vanjram fry would be so fresh and tasty to crunch on. This is also a pocket friendly hotel where the foods are cheaper.


17. Anbagam Mess

This is one of the old restaurants in Madurai and they provide homelyfoods and services. Here you get all kinds of south Indian dishes and fish fries, the food you get here are pocket friendly and tasty.


18. Jayavilas Club

This is also one of the famous restaurants that have been in Madurai, they provide homely foods and hygienic environment. It would be like the food served from your mom’s kitchen.


19. Hotel Taj

This hotel is located in the town hall road, it has been popular for years and its known for is chicken gravy which is spicy and has a unique flavour and taste.


20. Krishnan Mess

This is very famous for its grill chicken and chicken tikka, these dishes are made without oil and are attracted by the customers, here you get various kinds of mutton curry and chukka.