Top 20 Low Cost Dishes To Try In Jawaharlal Nehru University

Top 20 Low Cost Dishes To Try In Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru Universityis an insightful erudite arena of India. Having a good repute in the academic field, it has produced many wonders. But little do people know about the mesmerising world of food inside the lush green campus. Ranging from tea stalls with scrumptious pakodas, dhabas with fresh hot food or eateries with the sophisticated style and touch, JNU has it all. The very popular Chinese- Tibetan joint “Kiechha”, the non-vegetarian zone “Qureshi’s Barbeque”, the saviour of students for the midnight cravings “24×7 or the North East Dhaba” and the “Mughal Darbar” are just a few of the ones that you will findhere. Here are the top 20 dishes that will be extremely savoury and light on the pocket at the same time.

1. Honey Chilli Potato

What could be a more juicy snack to munch on while doing any work at any time of the day? Made with chunks of fried potato dipped in chilli sauce and smeared with honey and sesame seeds, this is sure to get your taste buds working. A single plate is very fulfilling and will satisfy your hunger in minutes. It makes a great side dish with a plate of noodles or a bowl of soup.

You can savour this at the North East Dhaba and Tefla’s.

INR per person: Rs.45


2. Shawarma

This toothsome Arabic roll with minced chicken, spices and herbs can be found here at a very reasonable price. Paired up with freshly whipped mayonnaise along with the green mint and coriander chutney, this is one dish which will save you on the go and satiate your taste buds at the same time. Never miss out on the mayonnaise!

You can savour this at Qureshi’s Barbeque and the North East Dhaba.

INR per person: Rs.40


3. Chicken Roll

Chicken roll is a very common snack in our country. But what makes the JNU chicken roll special is the combination of all the different sauces and spices along with the chicken. Made with a thick lachcha paratha wrap with big chunks of spicy chicken, this roll is full of onions rings, coriander, mayonnaise, an array of sauces and possesses a brilliant taste. The size of the roll alone will make you feel full. It’s sure for you to take some reasonable amount of time to finish this big boy.

You can savour this at Qureshi’s Barbeque.

INR per person: Rs.50


4. White Sauce Pasta

This pasta is so creamy, that you will not want to let go of it. Available in both veg and non veg categories, the cheesy filling explodes inside your mouth and gives you a burst of flavours. The taste of corn and chicken salami (in non veg only) lingers in your mouth as long as you chew the soft and tender pasta. The vegetables and the herbs add the extra zeal when the individual flavours reveal themselves. The cheesy taste brings a salty and spicy side to the pasta which makes it just the perfect thing to have in your spicy mood.

You can savour this atHPMC shop in Kamal Complex Market.

INR per person: Rs.70


5. Chilli Chicken Momos

You must have heard about steamed momos and fried momos, but here, they bring you a bowl of momos with a completely different twist. Dipped into the rich chilli chicken gravy with big chicken chunks and the steamed momos, the combination is mind boggling. The moment you put it into your mouth, the soft tender momo along with the chickenand the gravy makes it a perfect combination of soft, sweet, sour and spicy. This is one dish which will stay in your taste buds forever.

You can savour this at Kiechha’s.

INR per person: Rs.70


6. Chinese Chopsuey

Originating in China, Chopsuey is a mixture of vegetables, gravy and meat (optional). The taste can be altered as you want it to be. May it be sweet, sour, hot or tangy, the tastes are going to blend in your mouth as you bite into the ingredients in the dish. An array of vegetables is put in the soup which is thickened with starch so that it is heavy to compliment the vegetables. This adds the extra flavour by imbibing in itself the aroma and taste of all the sauces and spices.It is complimented with fried noodles along with it. It can be had separately or as a side dish with rice or steamed noodles.

You can savour this at Kiechha’s and the North East Dhaba.

INR per person: Rs.75


7. Chicken Hariyali Tikka

Chicken tikka is one of the most appetizing starters, prevalent in our cuisine. Grilled in the smoky fire, it developsarugged taste, which is something to look out for. But the chicken hariyali tikka is a notch above. Coated with the fine mixture of coriander and mint, this will make your mouth hot with the spices and cool it down at the same time. Pair it up with the red and green chutney along with other vegetables or salad, and there you have it- the perfect starter!

You can savour this at 24×7 dhaba and Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.255


8. Chicken Shami Kabab

As elegant as this name sounds, the chicken shami kabab looks the same amount of elegant at the same time. Shaped into flattened spheres, this gives the brilliant taste of chicken prepared with different spices. This can be had with green chutney and an array of salads. The shami kabab also contributes a great deal to the starter’s family and is quite fulfilling.

You can savour this at Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.160


9. Foo Yung (Noodle Pancake)

This is a unique Chinese dish where noodles are clubbed together to give a shape of a flat pancake. Egg is a key ingredient in the foo yung which helps to keep the noodles in the given shape. In JNU, you can have varieties of foo yung- veg egg, chicken egg, lamb egg, mix egg and onion egg. This is a delicious dish consisting of small chunks of the above ingredients and is a wholesome food. This can be had just like that with the Chinese sauces and mayonnaise or can be had with any other gravy dish to accompany it.

You can savour this at Kiechha’s.

INR per person: Rs.70


10. Keema Paratha

This is one of the hard core dishes that any non-vegetarian lover would fall for. Made with thick stuffing of chicken and mutton, one big paratha is enough for a casual meal! Made with minced chicken and mutton, the stuffing is prepared as a separate spicy dish and then added to the parathas. The mutton keema paratha is sure to blow your mind away! Try pairing it up with the fresh mayonnaise and green chutney and you will never forget this taste in your life.

You can savour this at Qureshi’s Barbeque.

INR per person (1 paratha): Rs.40


11. Shapale

This is a unique Tibetan dishthat you can relish in an equally unique place like JNU. Normally one would say it looks like our Gujiya which is a very popular sweet that happens to become the hot of the town especially during the festival of Holi. But this Gujiya lookalike is actually a stuffed bread with either veg or non veg stuffing inside. The types that you can savour here are- lamb shapale, chicken shapale and paneer shapale. These can be had with mayonnaise or the red chilli sauce. Just for an extra bit of information, they are sometimes round shaped too.

You can savour this at Kiechha’s.

INR per person: Rs.60


12. Minced Lamb Chilli

This is for the ardent meat lovers. Lamb is a meat which is usually a little coarser than chicken or mutton but when prepared like this is, it can taste absolutely mesmerising. Minced lamb chilli has an appearance like that of a thick gravy where the lamb is minced into little pieces which makes it great for absorbing all the spices and flavours. The moment you have it, the combination of gravy and the coarse meat will make you crave for more. This can be relished with rice as well as steamed noodles.

You can savour this at Kiechha’s.

INR per person: Rs.70


13. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

This is a treat for the vegans out there. If you want a dish that will tingle your taste buds, this is what you can rely on for a hearty meal. Pair it up with either chapatis or rice, nothing beats the hotness of those Kashmiri dried chillies and the burst of the garam masala. Little potatoes dipped in the spicy gravy which makes you go ‘wow’ is a hard catch to find.

You can savour this at 24×7 dhaba.

INR per person: Rs.90


14. Afghani Chicken

This is the exact dish where everybody gets serious. If you have come to JNU, trying the Afghani Chicken is a must. The grilled chicken brushed with a mixture of green chutney and dahi along with extra dips and salad beside it makes it one of the brilliant dishes of JNU. Ask anyone in the campus and they are sure to drool over this. It can be had with any of the naans as they bring out its real taste which in turn brings your taste buds to life!

You can savour this exclusively at the 24×7 dhaba.

INR per person: Rs.265


15. Palak Chicken

This is where the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian cuisines see a communion. Spinach is an active ingredient in many Indian dishes. Palak chicken gives the leafy flavour of spinach while keeping the flavour of the spicy meat intact. Both when punched together work their magic towards creating a combined flavour which is amazing to have. This can be easily had with a naan, plain chapati or any of the rice preparations.

You can savour this at Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.190


16. Paneer Lababdar

Paneer is the indispensable item in the menu of all the vegans. So here is another classy paneer dish to treat all those taste buds. Paneer lababdar is not much different from the rest of the paneer dishes but the striking difference is the usage of coriander and lime juice in its preparation which gives the ultimate tang in its taste. Try it with an array of naans and you are bound to like it.

You can savour this at 24×7 dhaba.

INR per person: Rs.110


17. Malai Kofta

Another vegetarian dish at the go for a quick fulfilling meal is the malai kofta. Round shaped vegetable balls dipped into a rick thick gravy is a perfect companion to have with either naan, chapatis or rice. It is not only wholesome but also a scrumptious meal to have.

You can savour this at Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.100


18. Mushroom With Bamboo Shoots

This is something which you wouldn’t really find everywhere. Bamboo shoots are a tough deal to come by. A typical vegetarian dish, this brings you the tender bamboo shoots paired up with a sweet and spicy preparation of mushrooms. This is a great dish to have and is extremely healthy and light for the body. To all the ones out there who are trying to keep their weight in check, this is one healthy dish for you.

You can savour this at Keichha’s.

INR per person: Rs.80


19. Sweet And Sour Mushroom

This one is to tingle your taste buds to new levels. In a docile way, if you are shy of mushrooms, after this dish, you are bound to become one of those mushroom honchos! The sweet flavours, paired up with the sour and tangy tinge brings out the zeal in the dish. Mushrooms were never this great!

You can savour this at Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.115


20. Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani

There is not much to describe when it comes to a plate of Hyderabadi biryani. Nothing can beat this chief. This dish alone is a complete meal and the tastes which burst forth with each bite bring about the whole craziness of the biryani. Try this and experience it for yourself!

You can savour this at Mughal Darbar.

INR per person: Rs.170