Top 20 Nonveg Kebab Recipe

top 20 nonveg kebab recipe 1

Kebab is a non-vegetarian dish that everyone loves. Its mouth-watering flavor makes it a unique and delicious recipe. It is a juicy meal that immediately transfers happiness and helps our taste buds to explore the flavor of meaty kababs full of chicken, mutton, or fish. These meats mingle with the pool of spices. They cook it with perfection, making its unique taste come out. Its smell can make someone needy to taste it once. It is generally available everywhere and is present as street food. Peoples like it very much because of its delicious taste. Kebab has its taste and is different from every food. Its recipe is simple and easy to make at home. Let me share with you all some delicious names of Kababs. Here are the top 20 Kebab recipes.

1. Murgh Palak Ke Korma Khebab

The beautiful name that appeared in number 1 is murgh palak ka korma kebab. The recipe of Korma Kebab is simple as you can search on Google and is available in hotels and restaurants. You can taste it by making it at home or just by ordering it online. Murgh palak korma kebab looks delicious. You would love to try it at least once in your lifetime.

Murgh palak ke korma khebab

2. Bun Kebab

Bun Kebab is a sandwich native usually found in Pakistan. In India, it is a portion of street food. You can find it on the streets of Lucknow and Hyderabad. It is a meat piece, very well composed in the bun kebab patties and other spices. Just like its name, its taste can leave you in buns.

Bun Kebab

3. Shish Kebab

The third name appearing on the list is the fantastic dish known as Shish kebab. It is popularly known as shish kebab across India. It contains chicken, beef, or fish. Shish kebab is super spicy and a mouth-watering recipe.

Shish kebab

4. Chapli Kebab

The fourth name in the list of top 20 veg kebabs is chapli kebab. It is a fried dish. As we are talking about kebab, people specifically love to eat chapli kebab as it is delicious and healthy. Chapli is fabulous in taste. Having one bite of this kebab makes you feel like heaven. Chapli kebabs taste unique and fascinate people differently.

Chapli kebab

5. Burial Kebab

The 5th name on the list is burial kebab. It is a world-famous dish. Everyone loves eating it. No one can say no to this dish as it is adorable in taste and fantasy. It is available online. One can make it at home by goggling its recipe on google. It is the best dish everyone has ever eaten.

Burial kebab

6. Chelow Kebab

The sixth name on the list is Chelow kebab. It is delicious and looks like it can beat all the other kebabs. Chelow is sour but good. It is costly but, in front of the taste, the cost is just a number cause people eat it with interest and hunger. Chelow kebab is one of the best kebabs in the list of kebabs.

Chelow kebab

7. Mutton Kabab Slider

It’s especially served at festivals or on occasions. You can make it using chicken Tikki. You can prepare it with frozen chicken too. You can prepare the patties ahead of time and then cook to order. This dish goes with green chutney.

Mutton kabab slider

8. Kathi Kebab

The 8th name on the list is Kathi kebab. Kathi kebab is the most famous dish in India. In some way, Kath kebab is a type of tandoor. People prefer to eat Kathi kebab because our stomach is full. Most people eat Kathi kebab in street side areas.

Kathi kebab

9. Doner Kebab

The ninth name that appears on the list of kebabs is doner kebab. What to say about it everyone knows doner kebab very well. It is served with beautiful decorations and looks delicious. Having it feels like eating the whole kebab without sharing it with anyone. People love enjoying it and eating it with family, friends, and partners. Doner kebab is the best serving dish registered in the list of kebabs.

Doner kebab

10. Dorra Kabab

Dorra Kabab is a sweet dish in the New Delhi area. They mainly use meat rich in fat with a mixture of spices that is very well applied to it to make it delicious and give a unique flavor. This dish is very healthy. You won’t regret it to try at least once.

Dorra Kabab

11. Rajma Kebab

Rajma kebab is delicious and easy to make in the home as it does not require many ingredients to cook. Indians love Rajma Rice. Similarly, Indians love Rajma Kebab. Rajma mixed with a piece of chicken provides protein to your body. After eating rajma kebab, you will continue to smack your fingers for one more bite.

Rajma kebab

12. Shami Kebab

Here comes another dish. This dish is popular among all non-vegetarian dishes. It comes from the Indian subcontinent area. It goes well with roti and hot sauce. Also, it’s commonly eaten with rice and chapati. A kabab is made with pieces of meat and very well flourished with spices.

Shami Kebab

13. Chatpatey Coconut Kebab

The 13th name on the list of kebabs is called chatpatey coconut kebab. As per the name chatpatey, it is namkeen in taste and gives the best taste to our tongue. It also includes very healthy coconut. It gives us many proteins as coconut is also used as positivity in Indian houses and used in pooja. People can’t say no to coconut dishes when it comes to kebabs. Especially coconut kebab because it is as delicious as its name.

Chatpatey coconut kebab

14. Hara Masala Kebab

The 14th name on the list is hara kebab Hara masala has green chili. It is spicy. Chili is present in this dish. They add more spiciness to food and make it more delicious looking. The same is with the hara masala kebab. It is available in restaurants all over India.

Hara masala kebab

15. Chakhle’s Shami Kebab

The 15th name that appears on the list is chakhle’s Shami kebab. Many people don’t know the specialty and the name of this dish. But it’s simple and delicious. It gives relief of taste to the tongues. This dish is world famous. Everyone can enjoy eating it without any hesitation or embarrassment. It is available online and in restaurants.

Chakhles Shami kebab

16. Sesame Chicken Seekh Khebab

The 16th name that appears on the list is sesame chicken seekh kebab. It is the most popular dish known in the list of chicken dishes. You can make it from chicken and sesame seeds. Seeds in the kebab enhance the taste of the kebab and make it more attractive and delicious for the taste. Enjoy eating it with tomato sauce or onion. It attracts people towards it as Muslims of India love to eat chicken in their meal from Friday to Friday in their festival. They would refer to eating sesame chicken seekh kebab and enjoy eating it with their family and friends.

Sesame chicken seekh khebabb

17. Beyti Kebab

The 17th name that appears on the list is Beyti kebab. Which is famous and people also love eating it. Beyti kebab is available. Its taste is different from all the kebabs. You can google search its recipes and try making them. Beyti kebab is also excellent for health. Without damaging anything, it fills our stomach and gives us energy for the rest 5 hours is easy for digestion. It looks handsome as Shahrukh khan.

Beyti kebab

18. Dill Salmon Kebab

The 18th name that appears on the list is dill salmon kebab. Its name indicates everything. Dill salmon means it heals our heart and gives it the beauty and reason to live in the same way dill salmon kebab gives us the delicious taste to our tongue and slowly goes inside our stomach and fulls it and give us the energy to win every activity and work 24/7. It is also a special dish in many restaurants as per its unique name it is also unique in eating and makes us feel happy.

Dill salmon kebab

19. Lamb Kebab

The second last name on the list is lamb kebab which is delicious and unique in the list of kebabs. Kebabs are very popular. People love to eat them in hilly areas. Lamb kebab gets cooked fast and does not take so much fire in the hilly region. Lamb kebab also includes eggs, which are healthy and good for health. Eggs are also the daily routine of gym trainers. Hence lamb kebab is ordered in high quality all over.

Lamb kebab

20. Galawati Kabab

This dish is also called Galouti Kabab. Amongst the mutton dishes, this dish is one of the most famous in Delhi. The Muslims eat it for a long time. They make it with well- mixed meat with numerous spices.

Mutton Galawati Kabab Recipe By Food Fusion (Bakra Eid Special) - YouTube