Top 20 Foreign Foods Famous In India


India had been colonized so many times that is has actually changed the way we Indians think, act or even eat. It has even changed the food items of our country that we believe some foreign food items to be our own. Our nation has been influenced by the Mughal food, the Persian and Mediterranean style and also the Iranian food items. These dishes are so well- liked in India that this article might just surprise some of you.

Even some of our spices are not our own but let’s keep that for another article and let’s get down to business.

I am excited as this might surprise some of you and make you wonder about just how much foreign culture has influenced your family.

1 Naan

Yes I did surprise you right? But it is true. Naan, one of the most famous restaurant foods of India is not actually Indian. Naan actually has its root in Persian and Iranian food items and may have been brought to India by them. This unleavened bread is cooked in a tandoor which again is not Indian. Surprisingly though Naan is mostly eaten by Indians and are not so popular in Iran. Wherever it may have originated we Indians cannot think of a life without Naan. We need to have them with our Butter chicken gravy.


2 Chicken Tikka Masala

Shocked? I know I had one too when I came to know about this dish. Chicken Tikka Masala was actually created by an Indian Chef in the United Kingdom. This is so popular in India that we consider it to be originated here. But no! Since it was actually been created in another country it is counted as being a foreign dish. But then being an Indian we don’t care. Just enjoy them the way you always do.


3 Kabab

This dish is actually not a shocker since everyone knows of it being international. This dish has its roots in the Middle Eastern cooking. And some believe that it is actually an evolved version of how humans used to cook food during the old times. The practice of skewering meat and cooking it on open fire is an aged tradition of cooking. So, technically this dish can be called one of the oldest dishes to be still eaten by the modern humans of the day.


4 Tea

So, now you know that one of the most loved beverages of the Indians is actually not Indian. Feel like crying? I do too. The practice of drinking Tea was actually brought to India by the Chinese. It is a Chinese practice but now-a-days the Indians drink more tea than the Chinese. And we are also the largest producer of Tea just so you know.


5 Coffee

It has become a habit of some people to wake up only after getting bed coffee and we all certainly need the caffeine in the coffee to help us going on a tired day. Coffee is brewed and grown in many countries but the earliest evidence of coffee drinking comes from the Sufi shrines of Yemen. Coffee was originally first developed in Arabia and Africa and transported to other countries but now it is grown in almost 70 countries. I can already smell its amazing aroma.


6 Samosa

This tea time snacks that is a must for all Indians is actually a Middle Eastern dish. Samosa was brought to India by an Iran scholar and was known as Sambosa. It is now most popular in India and the South-East Asia more than it ever was in Iran. This fried snack with its stuffing is so luscious that I don’t know a better substitute for it.


7 Gulab Jamun

Looks so delicious, doesn’t it? My mouth is watering. Ok so before I drool all over my laptop, I’ll write about it. Gulab Jamun is actually a Mediterranean dish that was accidentally invented by Shah Jahan’s Chef. Though the name Gulab Jamun is a Persian name, this dessert was first prepared in the Mediterranean region. Whatever it may be we cannot imagine a Diwali Celebration without this dessert.


8 Hakka Noodles

Everyone knows that Noodles are actually from China. But it doesn’t stop us from eating this luscious dish. We need to have this dish at least once a month to satisfy the cravings for it.Hakka Noodles are stir fried noodles that is had in China with some side dish but I love the actual taste of it. It has become an inseparable part of our eating habits.


9 Manchurian

This Chinese dish is one of the most loved dishes other than Noodles that has captured our hearts. Manchurian is actually the name of a place in China where this dish was invented. This vegetable ball dish that is fried and put in a soy sauce is a major part when it comes to Chinese Cuisine. God! Just thinking about it makes me drool.


10 Momos

I have been waiting to write about them for a while and finally get to write about them. Momos are my favorite when it comes to Chinese food. These little dumplings with their filling have captured the hearts of many and have become an inseparable part of the North East people. These dumplings are paired in India with a spicy Chilli Chutney or Tomato sauce.


11 Sweet Corn Soup

Soup is a liquid that is had by the westerners before having the main course. It is usually a broth of vegetables or meat or sometimes both which is later seasoned by some spices mainly pepper and salt. There are various versions of it and the most loved is sweet corn soup. This soup that has both the sweetness of corn and other spices is most admired in India.


12 Chilli Chicken

Another Chinese dish that is cherished by Indians is the Chilli Chicken. In this dish the chicken is coated with a coating of corn flour and spices and later put in gravy of soy sauce, onions and spices. It is often paired in India with noodles and is absolutely delicious. It is one of the best dishes containing chicken.


13 Rajma

One of the most cherished dishes by the North Indians is the pair of Rajma and Chawal. And I to convey this news to you that our beloved bean ‘Rajma’ is not in fact ours. This bean is actually Mexican and was brought to India. And we invented the dish in Indian style. It’s okay, we don’t mind it. We like this bean whatsoever.


14 Jalebi

This swirly and sweet goodness that can be seenon the streets of India as if it was a dish invented by us is not ours to be claimed. Jalebi has Persian origin. It is also known as Zalebiya in Persia and its name is in fact Arabic. It tastes best with Ice cream. Weird combination, right? But it tastes awesome. Try some and you’ll know what I am talking about.


15 Dal Bhaat

This dish that is eaten in almost all the North Indian household is a Nepali dish. This dish represents the north Indian ‘Thali’ and consists of rice and cooked lentil. This is a very simple yet elegant dish.


16 Pizza

This mouthwatering dish that has pulled everyone in its clutches hasn’t spared the Indians. This Italian dish consisting of bread and added toppings first popularized in America and later in other countries due to the chain of franchises being opened. This dish is considered to be the number one fast food and immensely popular among the youngsters because of its creamy and luscious taste.


17 Burger

Burger is a dish that has a cutlet which is cocooned in between buns and has delicious mayonnaise and vegetables inside. It is healthier than a Pizza and in my opinion much more delicious. It is an American Past time food and is now becoming more and more popular in the urban cities of India.


18 Vindaloo

Vindaloo is a well-liked Goan dish that has origins from the Portuguese Cuisine. It is a curry dish that has meat and curry in it. It is very popular in Goa. It varies in the Bombay region. Whatsoever it may be this dish is really tasty.


19 Shukta

Shukta is a accepted Bengali dish of mixed vegetables and curry. This beloved dish of the Bengal is in fact Portuguese. This is a very simple dish and is usually eaten as 1st course.


20 Bandel Cheese

Bandel Cheese can be called the taste of Portuguese in India. It is an Asian variety of cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It has two varieties; one is the actual cheese and other is the smoked version. Both are equally tasty. You can see this cheese being sold on the streets of Bengal.


These dishes may be foreign but are much loved in India. We have adopted these dishes as our own and that fact is not going to change ever.