Top 20 North Indian Restaurants In Hyderabad!


For all the food lovers out there, Hyderabad is the perfect place for you!  With devilishly delicious foods and multiple cuisines, you can be goddamn sureabout a trip to Hyderabad!

A few of you might argue, Hyderabad? You mean Dosas and Idlis? Nope! With a perfect balance of both North Indian and South Indian cuisines, Hyderabad is the place for mouth-watering and delicious foods and at the same time has a beautiful cultural heritage!

So here are top the 20 Restaurants in Hyderabad that serve some of the best North Indian foods!

1 AB’s-Absolute Barbecues!

AB’s is one of the must visit places for all the food lovers. This restaurant serves multiple cuisines including European and Mediterranean! A word of advice for the readers is that if you are planning a visit here, don’t eat your breakfast before you go to AB’s! Popular for its Buffet system, wish grills and meat, Ab’s is surely one of the best places to eat in Hyderabad!

Location: Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Cost for Two: About ₹ 180


2 NorFest-The Dhaba

Norfest dhaba is popular for its Kulche, Punjabi Thalis and Paranthes. One of the best places to treat yourself with a Northi meal. It has a pretty decent ambiance, a reasonable price range, not to mention one of the best Butter chickens in the city. This place should surely be on you hit list!

Location: SLN Terminus, Gachibowli

Cost for Two: Around ₹ 500


3 Punjabi Affair

One of my personal favourite restaurants in Hyderabad, Punjabi affair offers mind blowing food that, certainly, are a treat for your taste buds! With a good ambience and catchy phrases written all over, this restaurant will surely give you them Punjabi feels! Talking about the food, it serves one of the best Punjabi dishes and is not hard on your pocket!

Location: Kondapur, Madhapur and Trimulgherry

Cost for Two: ₹ 400-600 (approx)


4 Ohri’sDe Thali

De Thali is acclaimed for Thali, obviously, and for the variety of Rajasthani and North Indian foods that they serve.

The Thali comes with 15+ dishes including DaalBaatichurma, Sabudanawada,a variety of sweets and curries and what not! Highly recommended for families. This surely will bring out the “Gharwali feels “with a Rajasthani twist!

Location: Begumpet

Cost for Two:  ₹ 750


5 Taste Of The Darkness (Dialogue In The Dark)

This one is a unique item on this list! TOD isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience! Yes! The visitors enter a pitch-black room where they are served food(Veg/Non-veg), and they must guess the food from its taste, smell, texture,etc.

It’s an amazing experience and certainly one of a kind!

Location: Inorbit Mall

Cost:  Veg ₹ 299/- Non Veg ₹ 349/-


6 Ohri’s 70mm

Ohri’s 70mm is famous for its Retro and Filmy ambiance! Bollywood lovers will surely love the place! Apart from great ambiance it also offers a mix of North Indian, Continental Buffet! The food here is awesome and the ambiance is the icing on the cake!

Location: Necklace Road

Cost for Two: ₹ 1200-₹1600


7 Ohri’s Tansen

Another Ohri’s in the list! Ohri’sTansen is a lavish, fine dining restaurant that gives you a royal experience! The restaurant has a decor like a 15th century Mughal Darbar, and it delivers the perfect Mughlai and North Indian food with a blend of spices. The place has a remarkable ambiance and offers an extravagant dining experience to the customers!

Location: Necklace Road

Cost for Two: ₹ 1600 (Approx.)


8 Sahib Sindh Sultan

Talking about the royal dining experience, Sahib Sindh Sultan is also one of the popular fine dining restaurant with a beautiful ambience and piquant Mughlai food! Known for its Pullman-style carriageway, it displays a mix of the traditions of Indian royalty and the British Raj.  Not to mention the majestic Ghosht Biryani, Mutton Kabab and many more monumental dishes, Sahib Sindh Sultan is one of the must-visit restaurants in Hyderabad!

Location: Banjara Hills

Cost for Two: ₹ 1500


9 Bikanervala

Not to confuse with Bikanerwala, this offers a mix of North Indian, Chinese and street foods that will surely blow your mind! It has a good ambiance and has a fairly reasonable price. Highly recommended for North Indians!  Ps: It’s a Pure Vegetarian restaurant.

Location: Banjara Hills

Cost for Two: ₹ 700


10 4 Seasons

4 Seasons is for the Non Veg lovers out there! Known for its North Indian and Mughlai food, 4 seasons is the heaven for Non-Vegetarians! From lazizKabsaLaham, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Shorbato a variety of mouth-watering kababs,the food will surely appeal to your taste buds!

Location: Tolichowki

Cost for Two: ₹ 900


11 Sigree

Another great place for North Indian food lovers! Sigree  is a fine dining restaurant with excellent food that you can enjoy with your family and friends! It also offers a buffet system which is one of the best in town! It has a lovely range of  starters ( both Veg and Non Veg)  which I highly recommend !  The main course is also delicious!

Location: Begumpet

Cost for Two: ₹ 1100


12 United Kitchens Of India

Superb food and a magnificent ambiance! What else do you need? United Kitchens of India has an eclectic mix of cuisines. Andhra, Bengali, Chettinad, Chinese and, of course, North Indian! Also, it has a pretty long and heterogeneous menu. So you’ll probably spend some time with it before you order even a single dish! With over 50+ variety of starters itself, this place is a utopia for food lovers!

Location: Jubilee Hills

Cost for Two: ₹1,100


13 Eat India Company

With a name like that, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed! Eat India Company serves Mughlai and North Indian dishes, and, undoubtedly, it’s awesome! It has an elegant interior; live music so is one of the best places in Hyderabad for a family gathering. The service is also pretty good! A highly-recommended restaurant!

Location: Jubilee Hills

Cost for Two: 1,700 (approx.)


14 Parathas & More

It’s obvious that a list of best North Indian restaurants is in complete without mentioning at least one place that offers fabulous parathas! Parathas and more provide a dhaba like experience with delicious parathas and many North Indian snacks and quick bites!If words like paneer, paratha, chicken bring warm feelings in your head, then look no further!

Location: Kondapur

Cost for Two: ₹600


15 Siddique Kabab Centre

Love Tandoori chicken? Grilled Chicken? Well look no further, Siddique Kabab centre is famous all over Hyderabad for its amazing Tandoori kababs! A casual dining restaurant known for its yummy kababs and tender grilled chicken. It’s recommended for a Non-Vegetarian!

Location: Kondapur

Cost for Two: ₹350


16 Santosh Dhaba Exclusive

For the vegetarian folks out there, this Dhaba is for you! Santosh Dhaba is a Vegetarian Dhaba, with delicious North Indian dishes at a pocket friendly price! Things couldn’t get any better, could it? A must visit restaurants for the veggie lovers. They serve one of the best Kaju Paneer, Malai Kofta and Paneer Butter Masala in town!


Cost for Two: ₹450


17 13 Dhaba

Another Dhaba meant solely for vegetarian lovers!  13 dhaba is one of Hyderabad’s most well-known dhabas where you can enjoy delicious food at a very reasonable price! The service is spot on, the food is delicious and more over it gives you a taste of home away from home!


Cost for Two: ₹450


18 Paradise

The infamous, Paradise! I am certain that most of you have already heard about this place. Almost every Hyderabadi knows about this place, and they’ll surely recommend. Known for its LEGENDARY Biryani, Paradise is also the place for it’s marvellous  North Indian Dishes that you can enjoy with family and friends! It’s one of the prime tourist attraction spots of Hyderabad!

Location: Paradise

Cost for Two: ₹ 1000


19 Cafe Bahar

Cafe Bahar, like Paradise, is yet another Legendary and well known Restaurant in Hyderabad. Famous for its Biryani specially, this restaurant has gained a good reputation over the years and surely won’t disappoint you.  You’ll certainly get your money’s worth.


Cost for Two: ₹600


20 Over The Moon

Known for its Nightlife, its open-air ambience, music and food, Over the Moon is one of Hyderabad’s quintessential spots. With breath-taking view of the Hi-tech city, this microbrewery is surely the party place of Hyderabad! Be sure to get your dancing shoes if you decided to pay a visit!

Location: Hotel Daspalla, Jubilee Hills

Cost for Two: ₹2,500