Top 20 Must Visit Food Places In Indore

Top 20 Must Visit Food Places In Indore

Food and Traveling go together. The people of the country know Indore as the hub of good food places. Every corner of Indore has some Famous food joint serving the most famous dishes made only in this city. Here is a list of Top 20 food corners you must visit in Indore.

1. Shree Maya Celebration

Hotel Shreemaya is all decorated with green plants. You would want to stay more in this place because of its pleasing ambiance. It is perfect for college hangouts. The fast food chain restaurant serves the best sizzlers, shakes and Pav Bhaji. Its Bakery products are also recommended.


2. Sheesha Sky Lounge

The Sheesha Sky Lounge is a rooftop restaurant located in Vijay Nagar. The restaurant gives a panoramic view of the beautiful city. It is the best place to relax and have some drinks. The place also gives a wide range in different kind of mock tails. The Veg Malai Kebabs are must  taste.


3. Nafees The Family Restaurant

The Nafees Family Restaurant includes a variety of dishes from all over the country. It is one of the best restaurants to have dinner with a large group of family. They also give a clean and healthy environment. It serves yummy non-vegetarian food. Dishes like dry chicken, mutton, chicken chilli are recommended.


4. O2 The Cafe De La Ville

Ever wanted to eat in a library? Your wish is fulfilled here in O2 the Cafe De La Ville located in New Palasia, Indore. This place is a modern library and cafe. It is opened in the odd hours of the night as well. It is indeed a great place to chill with friends and enjoy live performances.

O2 _The_Cafe_D_ La_Ville

5. Cafe Terraza

Enjoy your time and life at the most romantic rooftop restaurant in Indore which is known as Cafe Terraza. They serve the best coffee, tea, and beverages from their elaborated menu of food items. The authentic pasta and chilli garlic bread will make you fall in love with them. The places have  good vibes and mesmerizing view of the city.


6. Mangosteen Cafe

The Mangosteen Cafe is designed upon an Eco friendly theme. The interior of the Cafe is done through the recycled materials. The artist can showcase their talent in the form of painting, music, and photography. The people love to order Pasta, Sizzlers, Paneer Bullets, Chocolate Bombs and Burrito here.


7. Kebabsville

This poolside restaurant located in Vijay Nagar serves the 10 different and delicious varieties of Kebab. The Chef’s favourite includes Chocolate Cheesecake, seek Kebab and Prawn Fish. It also serves mouth-watering barbecue which is served from a special table. You would have the most exotic buffet experience here.


8. Neelkanth Restaurant

People who search for Ghar ka Khana would love to visit this place. This place serves the best homemade food at reasonable prices. The 90 rupees unlimited Thali is constituted of amazing and delicious flavors of Indian Food.


9. 10 Downing Street

This Restaurant is always the talk of the town because of its ambience. The place impresses the visitors with its live sports facility and music performances. The Karaoke nights (only on Thursday) are people’s favourite. The Retro styled restaurant is a perfect place to taste Shakshik Rice and Kung Pao Vegetable.


10. Mediterra

Mediterra under the Sayaji is one of its own kind. The place leaves visitors awestruck with its unique and antique roof to interior designs. The chef makes all possible effort to retain the originality of international cuisines like Tiramisu.


11. Beans

The retro look cafe have both an exotic location and an extravagant menu.The famous items on the menu are Ferrero rocher shake, the waffles, grilled chicken dish, pizza and cheesy nachos.


12. Indiya Oye

The food joint under Radisson Blu Hotel will never disappoint you in terms of food as well as the ambience. The good disciplined staff and the clean environment is a plus point of this place. The place offers the best Indian food inspired from the different parts of the country.


13. Khanabadosh

Khanabadosh is located on the outskirts of the city. It is the best place to hang out with friends. The open air restaurant offers the amazing range of Mughlai, Punjabi, Afghani and Indian food. The famous food items are Kebabs, Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Chowmein, Kadai Paneer etc.


14. Terminal 10

This place provides a unique ambience of enjoying food in an aircraft. The sitting is outside which makes you feel like you are dining in a Dhaba. They serve good starters.


15. Culinary Avenue

The restaurant lets you explore the out of the city ambiance. The interior is designed on the basis of Al Fresco dining.The restaurant is known for its gills and cellar.Its speciality includes dahi kebab, prawn noodles, and nashe da murge.


16. Chef’s Alcove

Chef’s Alcove is located on the hillock outside the city. This multi-cuisine restaurant is best known for unique spices, flavourings, and dry pasta. The chef’s open kitchen includes dishes like Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Swiss, Thai, Ethiopian as well as American Cuisines. The food is fresh and healthy.


17. Chopstick City

Chopstick City is the best place to eat Chinese Food. It maintains the originality of the Food without using Ajina moto. The superb ambience and good food make this place popular among people. It will never disappoint you.The must try dishes of this place are Konjee crispy chicken, baby corn bamboo and chicken with celery.


18. Banana Leaf

This authentic South Indian Place is a must visit if you want to have quality food. It has a courteous staff and quick service. The place is famous for its masala dosa. The food joint chain is popular among South Indian food lover.


19.The Trance

The Trance – The is a popular and where you can celebrate food, music, and life together. It is located near the major mall in Vijay Nagar. The place serves delicious North Indian and South Indian food.


20. Vidorra- The Terrace Tavern

Vidorra is a great rooftop restaurant which offers you good food with live music. This place is a great escape from your busy life schedule.  The panoramic view of the city from the place gives a soothing environment to the visitors. It is famous for its Chinese food.