Top 20 Onam Dishes


1. Rice

Rice is a must have dish on Onam festival. This should be in plate while serving dishes at onam because without rice meal is incomplete. There are so many types of rice, each country prefers different types of rice like some prefer thin and long rice other prefer short and fat one. There is brown rice also which are best among all because of its qualities.


2. Sambar

Sambar is a most common dish of South India, not only in South but also in whole India. Sambar is made up of vegies which includes, bottle guard, pumpkin, curry leaves, brinjal, etc. Tamarind is the key ingredient of this. This dish can accompany Vada, idli, dosa, etc. and is known as must have dish at onam.


3. Parippu Curry

Parippu curry is a healthy dish for everyone because it has dal in it which is full of nutrients and protein. You can have this curry with Vada or with idli. This dish is made by using red dal which is further mashed and turned into curry and have curry leaves which adds amazing taste to this dish. This is one of the dish you will have at onam.


4. Rasam

Rasam is one of the most loved dish in South-India. Rasam are of many types but mainly tomato rasam is the yummiest and best. Main ingredients of this tomato rasam are tomato, curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, etc. These seeds when influenced with tomatoes and herbs, it gives a delicious and balanced taste.


5. Pulissery

Pulissery is a curry type dish which have buttermilk in it which gives it the sourness which is the deliciousness of this dish. If you don’t.t have buttermilk you can put curd instead of buttermilk. Some of the main ingredients of pulissery are garlic, cucumber, curry leaves, onions, red chilly, coconut, salt to taste, etc.


6. Aviyal

Aviyal is a dish which is known for its healthy vegies. This dish is considered as healthy dish because of the vegies it has. Some of the main ingredients of aviyal are carrot, beans, radish, etc. curry leaves are considered as key ingredients of this dish. This dish also has coconut chutney in it which is made up by grinding coconut with some soaked dals and curry leaves.


7. Thoran

Thoran is a dish to have at onam festival Thoran are of so many types, cauliflower thoran, cabbage thoran, bottle guard thoran, etc. among all thoran dishes cabbage thoran is most common and most loved thoran in South-India. In this chopped cabbage is stirred in pan with mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds.


8. Puliyinji

Puliyinji is not a dish basically it is a chutney which complements other dishes. Puliyinji is a chutney which is made using tamarind, ginger, etc. main and key ingredients of this chutney are Soaked Tamarind, ginger, sugar, etc. Puliyinji is common among India which can be eaten with samosa, pakoras, etc.


9. Kaalan

Kaalan is a dish which is served mainly during Onam festival. Kaalan is made using raw banana which is a main ingredient of maximum every dish in South-India. Some of the ingredients this dish has are Raw banana, mustard seeds, yogurt, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, curry leaves, red chilly, ghee, etc.


10. Olan

Olan is a onam dish which must be served in the plate while celebrating onam festival. This dish contains so many vegetables which is good for health. Some of the vegetable this dish has are pumpkin, black eyed beans, green chilly, etc. key ingredients of this dish are coconut and curry leaves which fuses to give a balanced taste.


11. Kootu Curry

Kootu Curry is a dish which you can have with rice. This dish gets served on the banana leave and this dish contain black chick peas.  There are mashed vegetables in this dish which makes this dish more amazing and healthier. Some of the ingredients of Kootu Curry are raw plaintain, mashed carrot, red chilli, green chilly, black chick peas, etc.


12. Theeyal

Theeyal is so delicious because of the secret masala it has. Masala of theeyal have Fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, sesame oil, coriander seeds, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coconut, etc. coconut is the main ingredient of this theeyal masala. Ingredients which are present in theeyal are red chilli, fenugreek seeds, tamarind extract, etc.


13. Pachadi

Pachadi is a dish which is served on onam festival basically. Pachadi have yogurt in it which gives it the sourness, or you can put buttermilk instead of yogurt, if you do not have yogurt. Some of the ingredients of pachadi are coconut, salt to taste, curry leaves, yogurt, oil, cucumber, red chilli, mustard seeds, etc. cucumber is the key ingredient of this dish.


14. Kichadi

Kichdi is a common South-Indian dish, and is considered as one of the best dish of South. Kichadi is one of the famous dish in India. This dish is rich in nutrient and is served with pickle or dahi, A very good add on to Khichdi is papad. Some of the main ingredients of this dish are dal and rice. Aged people love this dish for dinner, because of its nutritional value and ease to digest.    


15. Mulaka Pachadi

It is the thick sauce made by crushing green chili in the tamarind juice till it is thickened. When the mixture’s consistency is thick enough, jaggery is added to the paste to make it thick and to add the sweetness of jaggery to it. Jaggery in the thick mixture make the dish healthy and delicious. Some more ingredients are also added to it like linseed, mustard seeds, and mustard-linseed powder to it.


16. Pappadam

Pappadam is regional name of Papad. Papad is generally named as Pappadam in Southern India. It is made of varied materials like potatoes, rice, Sabut-daana, Daal etc. Generally, potato one is served all over India because it is spicy and tangy enough to add the taste in the food it is served with. It is made by making the thick paste of the material of the papad. Then paste is spread on a plastic sheet and let it dry in the sunlight. It is enjoyed by frying it in the oil.


17. Achaaru

It is the pickle of many seasonal vegetables like carrots, olives, turmeric etc. Some other ingredients required to make this pickle are onion, vinegar, spices, salt to taste etc. It is the most liked pickle than any type of pickle in the Southern India.


18. Chammanthi

A very spicy and authentic food item to make up your day. It is made by adding the green chilies in the paste of grated coconut with some shallots, ginger, sliced mangoes and tamarind. Some amount of water can also be added to make it thick.


19. Upperi

Chick peas are used to make this dish. Chick peas are very healthy and tasty with added nutrients and protein in it. It is made tastier by adding Namkeen, red chili powder, Garam Masala, Black pepper, chopped tomatoes and it is garnished with coriander and mint leaves.


20. Pazham

It is fried snack which is made of batter of fried Plantain snack. It is generally served with tomato sauce as it is spicy in taste.  It is most enjoyed in the winter season when the temperature is too low. Its core ingredient is banana. Bananas are chopped or mashed with Besan and the batter is fried to enjoy the crispy dish.