Top 20 Organic Food Companies In India

Top 20 Organic Food Companies In India

With the changing cultivation practices, human beings are more prone to diseases than getting nutrition. The impact of adopting modern cultivation practices is not only affecting the soil but also adversely affecting our health. With the great motto of providing nutritious and healthy food to promote good health, many organic companies have come up. Now is the time to join hands with them, go organic, and make India an organic nation.

1.Pro Nature Organic Food Private Limited

The company provides pure, natural, and organic grocery products. Te company is 100% Certified Organic by a Switzerland-based certification body, IMO Control. The directors of the company are Nidhi Gupta and Varun Gupta. Organic products of the company include grains, flour, breakfast products, millets, pulses, spices, dry fruits, sweetners, salt, edible oils, and processed foods.


2.Phalada Pure And Sure

Pure and sure is one of the largest sustainable organic food brands in India. The company was started by Mr. CMN Shastry in 1999. The company is approved, tested, and certified by the US Department of Agriculture, Jaivik Bharat, and India Organic.


3.Nourish Organic

The founder of Nourish Organic is Seema Jindal Jajodia. The vision of the company is to make healthy food delicious and accessible. The aim of the company is to provide protein-rich, healthy, food products, and ready-to-consume snacks. The products of the company include breakfast cereals, nutritionals bars, health cookies, snacks, seeds, and nuts.


4.Organic India Private Limited

Organic India is a multinational company. The founders of the company are Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev. Organic India products are certified by the EU, NPOP, Control Union, and Aditi as per the USDA. All the products of Organic India are made with loving care and support health and true wellness. The company provides Ayurveda-based products. Top selling products of the company includes quinoa, green tea, and honey.


5.Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours is a pasta brand. The mission of Naturally Yours is to make the best-quality, whole-grain noodles and pasta ever. The company specializes in noodles, pasta, vegan food, healthy food, gluten-free food, and keto food.


6.Just Organik

The company specializes in organic food, organic farming, organic tea, hill agriculture, and Organic Food exports. The products of the company include pulses and lentils, rice, millets, flours, ancient grains, oil, ghee, and spices.



Mr. Satish Raghav, Mr. Karan Singh Tomar, and their mentor Mr. Rattan Pal Singh, are the founder of Nutriorg. The company specializes in amla juice, aloe vera juice, certified organic oats, apple cider vinegar, obesity care juice, amla candy, sea buckthorn juice, Noni juice, Desigir cow ghee, Detox pack, triphala juice, diabetic care, wheat grass juice, and extra virgin coconut oil.


8.Organic Life Way India Private Limited

The headquarters of Organic Life is in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company specializes in organic tea and organic olive oil. The products of the company include tea, flour, olive oil, pulses, and spices.


9.Abali Organic

One of the most trusted brands of organic tea in India is Abali Organic. The products of the company are approved by the FSSAI. The company is USDA certified.


10.Praakritik Natural And Organics LLP

The mission of the company Praakritik is to grow and to go organic. The founder of the company is Dharmishtha Goenka. The products of the company include rice, flour, ghee, oils, breakfast products, salt, sugar, superfoods, and spices.


11.Organic Tattva

It is India’s leading brand of organic goods. The products of the company are based on the principles of health, ecology, and care. Organic products of the company include rice, flour, pulses, cereals, sugar, spices, coffee, tea, super foods, oils, honey, and dry fruits.


12.Organic Garden

Organic Garden is India’s first chain of stores that offers certified organic products. The certified organic products of the company include fruits, vegetables, and groceries. The company specializes in Organic Food items, Organic fruits, Organic vegetables, Organic spices, Organic juices, and Organic groceries.


13.Sorich Organics Private Limited

Sorich Organics is a nutritional-led food company that offers super foods and healthy snacks. The directors of the company are Rica Sachdeva and Sorav Sachdeva.


14.24 Mantra

The founder of 24 Mantra Organic is Rajashekar Reddy Seelam. It is a food and beverage company. 24 Mantra Organic products include organic flours, basmati rice, salt, organic pasta, millets, pulses, ghee, oils, and spices.


15.Wingreen Farm Private Limited

Wingreen farm was established in 2011 in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is a non-government company. The company produces a quality range of peanut butter, spreads dressings, and green tea.


16.Conscious Food Private Limited

Conscious foods are certified with ECOCERT. They promote natural and organic foods that preserve the environment and provide wholesome nutrition. Kavita Mukhi is the founder of Conscious Food Private Limited. The company specializes in organic food, healthy food, natural food, and groceries.


17.Adya Organics

Adya Organics offers natural, sustainable, and handmade food. The company is certified organic by FSSAI, USOCA, USDA, FDA, and India Organic. They are reviving the ancient practices of pure food and healthy eating. The products of the company include organic A2 ghee, sattu, sesame oil, virgin coconut oil, mustard oil, cold-pressed almond oil, and cold-pressed flaxseed oil.


18.Avadata Organics Private Limited

Avadata Organics offers chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and clean-ingredient food products. They enable the consumer to consume 100% natural products. The product range of the company includes jiggery, herbs, spices, ghee, natural oil, honey, millets, cereals, and dried seeds.


19.Nature Bio-foods Limited

It is a subsidiary of LT Foods Limited. The headquarters of the company are in Kumashpur, Haryana. The company is certified by FSSAI, BRC Food, Naturland, Canada Organic, and SAYI. The company specializes in organic rice, flour, grains, pulses, oil, nuts, spices, millets, sweetners, and dry fruits. The organic farms of the company is spread over 94,404 hectares of land.


20.Sresta Natural Bioproducts Private Limited

Sresta Natural Bioproducts Private Limited is a pioneer of organic food. The headquarters of the company are in Hyderabad, Telangana. The company focuses on pure food, healthy lifestyles, and well-sustained earth for the consumers. The company offers more than 200 products. The products of the company ranges from processed foods, staples, and fruit juices. The company focuses on health, nutrition, and flavor profiles and launches new products actively.