Top 20 Pizzeria in Ahmedabad


What is a Pizza? It is a yeasted flatbread topped with cheese and tomato sauce, and baked in oven.

1.The Blue Oven

This oven is in vastrapur near alpha one mall in Amrapali Lakeview complex. The mood of this place is simple, relaxed, and calm, a perfect setting where you want to have a chat over the meal. But the only thing you would be able to talk about is how good the food is! My personal favorite is Fresco Pizza with Chilies and Cucumber mojito, for dessert you must dig in that Nutella Cheesecake.


2.The Café Baraco

This café open at 10 AM to 1 AM so yeah, if want to grab some late night munchies be sure to check out this place. It’s located near the Memnagar Fire Station at Navrangpura in Shri bhuvan Complex. They have a pretty loud live music which can keep the energy flowing, and it’s a pure vegetarian café. The Pizza that caught my eye here is Picante, it’s so delicious, and base to ratio is perfect.


3.Café Soho

If you are going on a shopping streak to the bazaar at law garden, you should surely pay a visit to this joint located opposite to the law garden in the alpha mini bazaar. The theme of this place surely speaks out only one thing, i.e., ITALIAN FLAG the reason why I wrote caps is that you would find those colors appearing randomly in the whole café. The New York Style Large Pizza and Desi Spice Pizza are super yum-yum.


4.Chef’s Pizza

Want a pizza with best taste even though little costly, then come to this address. They might be short on the décor or ambiance, but coming to flavors they bang-on. If spicy is your thing, then be sure to try Schezwan Chicken Pizza otherwise go for Chicken Arbana both are phenomenal.


5.No Mad Baker – The Pizzeria

This Pizzeria lies in the famous Vastrapur Lake area; you have to order them online or via telephone as they don’t have seating available. It will be delivered in time, and the pizza would be hot and smoky as one would anticipate. Their pizza crust is the best, and my recommendation would be White Sorcerer as the roast chicken and white sauce make an irresistible combo.



This innovative block is on the drive-in road in the Gurukul area. I say innovative because of the Puff crust which is their USP, it’s toothsome and gives you a refreshing taste on comparison to those boring crusts. The interior of this place is quite simple and changes according to the upcoming festival. I would suggest two pizza’s, one would be Fire Lovers Pizza, and the other one is Puff Base Pizza.


7.Falafel Express

You can board this express from Navrangpura Vijay crossroads. This ride will take you through the delicacies of Greek and Italy, which would be exciting and adventurous, how can I forget it would be alluring your taste buds. The demeanor of this place is basic and uncomplicated, which sets the whole theme of simplicity. I would nominate the Greek Pizza for a must try.


8.Sam’s Pizza

This pizza joint is more famous by its earlier name, i.e., US Pizza, they have two outlets in the city one in the Navrangpura area and the other at the satellite. They came to fame in Ahmedabad after the launch of their plans for lunch and dinner. It was innovative and revolutionary as after that so many other Pizzerias has open up under the same plan and all of them are fully packed. The salad bar of US Pizza is phenomenal, Garlic bread is so soft and cheesy, and the Margarita Pizza is just yummy. You should surely visit there and enjoy the unlimited fun that they offer.



This one is in Prahlad Nagar at Anand Nagar Crossroads. The character of this place is not unique, and you must have seen this kind of ambiance somewhere the other, but in the department of taste they are unique and sets the bar quite high. This is a vegetarian-friendly place, so you won’t find a non-veg dish here, the Italian Pizza Treat is the one who always calls me back to this place, and I would suggest you to have a bite of it.


10.Bella – Crowne Plaza

This luxurious restaurant has a tag of authentic Italian cuisine and they totally justify that, as they would never let you down with the taste or service. It is a rich restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on SG Highway, they serve you with a smile and take the feedback very seriously and cook preciously to your instructions. The Pizza Prosciutto with Porcini butter is the one to die for, toppings, base, sauce and the aroma are just extraordinary. Yeah, it will surely make your wallet lighter but every dime spent here is worth of it.


11.Nini’s Kitchen

This kitchen is opposite to the Prahladnagar Garden obviously in Prahlad Nagar. This is such a diverse place with so many cuisines, and they excel in every one of them which is remarkable. It has a compact area with modest furnishing, with some text art on the walls. The one dish that’s the king of all the dishes they offer is Sweet n Spicy Barbecue Pizza with the Soft base, that’s just a feel-good pizza, and it will seduce your taste palate.


12.Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo

This pizzeria is located opposite to the Rajpath Club onto the service road in Bodakdev. The theme that they want to project is a vintage family-run pizza place in some Eastern part of Italy, which is very clever because as you walk in, you have this welcoming sense as if you are visiting your grandma. Now the main part in food is they offer veg as well as non-veg pizzas and both of them are amazing especially the thin crust pizza and if you are in for a real treat then don’t forget to order Get Lucky Tonight Pizza.


13.Ek One Uno Pizza

Omg are all the restaurants are in Navrangpura? This one also belongs there at the Vinay Cross Roads. They have a short and sweet menu to choose, but if want to make your own pizza, you can easily construct one as you have so many toppings on spare. The interior clearly lacks in style but that is compensated as it’s food is fabulous. Ek One Uno Pizza is their signature item and it’s a must try so don’t forget to pay them a visit.


14.Kitchen Kraft Bistro

This Bistro is on Drive-in road near the Doordarshan Kendra, it’s more of a café I would which offers multi-cuisine dishes. The décor is very elegant and posh, with all modern interior, and lovely ambiance. They provide a niche amount of pizzas, and all of them are extremely tasteful, but the one that outshines the all is Mamma-Mia.


15.Jasuben Shah Old Pizza

This place is even older than I am, it will remind you of those days when you thought pizza is like putting vegetables on a roti with some ketchup. So, if you are in the mood to have some desi pizzas then come to this place, it’s near Central Mall at Ambawadi. They don’t have to seat only take away, as you must have guessed up till now it’s inexpensive as in ₹70 for a pizza that’s heaven for students.


16.Café Mazzo

This café is unique when it comes to food; they provide you with World Cuisine, i.e., a dish from every corner of the world. They have applied the same take on Pizza. Hence, you will find Pizzas from different countries such as Romania, Japan to name a few. As they have worked on their menu same would go for their décor it’s just tremendous with so much going on, you will definitely take a full glance at whole restaurant.


17.La Feasta

This Pizzeria has two outlets in the city one in Bodakdev, and another one is on CG Road, both are identical on every level. They have to offer wood-fired pizza which gives them a smoky flavor which is my favorite and the aroma is out of this world. It’s a vegetarian eatery which has items for Jain’s too; the ambiance is normal nothing fancy but a good place to hangout with friends.


18.Amazo Bistro

This place has this contemporary feel to which is amazing and mind boggling. It is just around the corner of HL College at Gulbai Tekra; it’s full of dark wood in the décor which gives comfort to the eyes. Their thin crust pizza is truly out of the ordinary especially Piccante, the crust is crispy and the sauce is homemade, so it’s Very tasty.



This Italian restaurant located in Hyatt Regency at ashram road, the décor is elegant, and the ambiance is very inventive and it uses the natural lighting wisely. It has this large windows which give you the view of a garden, and there is an open kitchen that’s quite commendable. The food served here is very posh and gourmet especially the pizzas, Pepperoni Pizza is an ought to endeavor.



This place is positioned exactly opposite to Sindhu Bhawan at Bodakdev. They have this outdoor seating in a garden which is very spacious; the ambiance is one of the highlights of this place apart from its food as it is very arty and modern. The food at this place is very versatile in its taste, it will make your sleeping taste buds a hard kick which will surely wake them up. There best Pizza is Out Of The Box – it’s a double layer pizza which will take about 35 mins to prepare, but it’s worth the wait. mango