Top 20 Places to Have Biryani in Tamil Nadu

Top 20 Places to Have Biryani in Tamil Nadu
Top 20 Places to Have Biryani in Tamil Nadu

Indians have one dish that they cannot sacrifice and that is the Biryani. It is a rice based dish, mixed with exotic spices which give a flavour that will make you keep thinking about it. Most of the restaurants around the world serve only non-vegetarian biryani. The non-vegetarian varieties are chicken, mutton, beef, fish, prawn and egg. Almost all the restaurants serve these biryani’s with raita, brinjal curry and a hard boiled egg. The non-vegetarian biryani’s have meat pieces in them which are juicy and tender. You can find varieties of biryani’s in a restaurant, except beef biryani. Very few restaurants have this type of biryani. Below are some wonderful places to have this delicious delight:

1. Dindigul Thalapakattu Biryani, All Outlets

Dindigul Thalapakattu Biryani is the best place to have biryani of any kind if you are a biryani lover. This restaurant specializes in non-vegetarian biryani’s and they are simply mind blowing. There are many outlets of this shop and each of the outlets provides biryani’s which are the best. The meat that comes with the biryani is soft and tender. This a heaven for all the meat lovers as they have a collection of non-vegetarian dishes that you cannot miss out.


2. SS Hyderabad Biryani, Chennai

All kinds of food that come from Hyderabad are known for their spiciness and the tastiness. The food incorporates a lot of exotic spices which add ravishing flavour to the biryani. They serve enough quantity that can completely fill your belly and absolutely worth the price. They serve a bucket of spicy chicken biryani with complementary chicken 65 when it is a takeaway and can feed up to seven people.


3. Aasife Biryani, All Outlets

This shop has a variety of biryani. They have stores almost everywhere across Tamil Nadu. They specialize in various non-vegetarian dishes which makes this restaurant a perfect destination for meat lovers. This shop offers chicken, mutton and egg biryani. It is hard to choose one from these as they all are unbelievably delicious. They have a buffet which is drool worthy and is a must try.


4. Buhari Hotel, All Outlets

This hotel has many shops across Chennai and is famous for the different types of biryani that they serve. This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Chennai which serve mouth- watering biryani. The chicken biryani is a must try in this place.


5. Dindigul Velu Biryani, Chennai

Located in the heart of Chennai, this place offers delicious biryani and a good ambience to go with it. They serve chicken, mutton and plain(khuska) biryani, each with a unique flavour which is unforgettable. You cannot miss the opportunity to go to this restaurant as they serve a variety of meat based dishes apart from the biryani’s that are equally mindblowing.


6. Bismi Biryani, Chennai

This shop is also located in the heart of the city and is known for their biryani cuisine and for being open late at night. They serve one the finest biryani’s you will ever eat. Along with the biryani’s, they serve a sweet called Kesari which is fantastic. They serve the usual chicken and mutton biryani in a large quantity. You pay a high price but the amount and quality of food make up for it. You have to visit this place for a real taste of biryani.


7. Nawab Sheik Biryani, Chennai

This is a biryani center which serves authentic Hyderabadi biryani dishes. They prepare biryani in Tamil Nadu style which suits the taste of many people living here. You are served biryani’s here with their usual accompaniments.


8. Salem Rr Biryani, Chennai

This restaurant serves out of the world biryani which will leave you hanging for more. They serve non-vegetarian biryani’s as well as other non-vegetarian dishes that go well with it. They usually serve the biryani with a hard boiled egg, raita, and a very delicious brinjal curry. They serve with a quantity enough to fill your stomach but not your heart. This place is visited by locals and is also recommended by them if you are craving some biryani. Their food has a taste that will instantly boost your mood with the quantity and the aroma. Located next to a college and is always popular among the students.


9. Hajeera’s Kitchen, Chennai

Located in the streets of Velachery in Chennai, there is no dine-in option inside this restaurant but they do home delivery or have takeaways. They are known for their biryani cuisine and have a decent collection of biryani’s. This restaurant provides mouth-watering chicken biryani which tastes spectacular with brinjal curry. The mutton, fish, prawn and egg biryani are also available here.


10. Daawat Biryani, Chennai

It is a small place located in Pallavaram in Chennai. They have a limited menu for biryani’s but their biryani’s are nevertheless aromatic and tasty. Served with enough quantity and amazing quality is why this place is quite well known. They have takeaways and also do home delivery. This restaurant offers some best mutton biryani in the city.


11.Hotel HMR Biryani, Coimbatore

This hotel is one of the best places in Coimbatore to have non-vegetarian biryani. Not only do they serve biryani but also a variety of other non-vegetarian dishes which are tasty and aromatic as well. The quality and quantity of the food complement each other perfectly. The best place to have biryani at an extremely low price. The grilled chicken here with the biryani is a preferred choice by many people who visit this hotel to come back again.


12. Chennai Rawther Biryani, Chennai

In the busy streets of Chennai, there is a restaurant called Chennai Rawther Biryani. They have biryani’s of chicken, mutton, fish, egg and prawn variety. They also have Kadai and traditional biryani which is just as yummy as the other biryani’s. They offer non-vegetarian dishes of a wide variety. Biryani lovers cannot miss out on this heaven.


13. Sigree, Chennai

There are many branches of this restaurant across Chennai. It is one of the best place that serves the most authentic Dum Biryani’s that you will ever taste. Dum Biryani is prepared differently from how you prepare the usual biryani. Hence, the flavour and taste of the biryani also change. Their biryani is one of the best that you will ever taste and it is a taste that should not be missed out. This restaurant might be a bit heavy on the pocket but it is worth coming here after all.


14. Copper Chimney, Chennai

Copper Chimney is an internationally acclaimed restaurant which serves out of the world food and has branches all over the country. They serve biryani as well as various other North Indian dishes which will make your mouth water. The chicken and mutton biryani that they offer have meat pieces which are very soft and tasty. The other non-vegetarian dishes are also appetizing. This restaurant is a bit heavy on the pocket but is well worth it.


15. Kolapasi, Chennai

The name Kolapasi which is Tamil means “insane hunger” when translated into English. It is a takeaway restaurant located in the busy streets of Chennai. They serve biryani which suffice one person in terms of quantity. They have chicken and mutton(Chuka) biryani, with meat pieces very tender and juicy. You cannot miss the mutton biryani as the taste is out of the world. The pricing is suitable according to the food served.


16. Ya Mohideen Biryani, Chennai

If you adore biryani’s then this is a place you must visit no matter what. The biryani they offer is just spectacular. The chicken and mutton biryani have flavours which will blow your mind. You can order a takeaway as this place has a crowd that never stops. The taste of the biryani is constant no matter how many times you visit this place.


17. Kebab Court, Chennai

Located in Velachery, this restaurant they serve mouth-watering Hyderabadi biryani’s. The takeaway in this restaurant is better than the dine-in. They serve a variety of biryani’s which makes it hard to choose any one. The biryani’s and kebabs go hand in hand. This place is a bit expensive but is definitely worth visiting.


18. Charminar Restaurant, Chennai

This place has a variety of biryani’s both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Hyderabadi style of biryani has a unique flavour. All of them taste delicious but none like the Charminar Special Biryani, which is a perfect blend of the various exotic spices and gives off an unforgettable smell and taste that will leave you craving for more. It is light on the pocket and a place you must visit.


19. AlMaza, Chennai

Known for their Biryani Collections, this restaurant lives up to that reputation. They serve mouth-watering biryani’s of chicken and mutton type. The ambience of this restaurant is according to the Arabic theme. All the biryani’s they serve here are a must try, as they are flavourful and tasty. A place that you must visit if you are a true biryani lover.


20. Kaaraikudi, Chennai

Kaaraikudi is a part of a district in Tamil Nadu and is commonly known as Chettinad. The Chettinad cuisine is famous for their preparation of spicy non-vegetarian dishes. This restaurant also specializes in those types of dishes. They have chicken, prawn and mutton biryani. They also serve vegetarian biryani. The flavours are mild but leave a strong impression on you.