Top 20 Pizza Parlours in India


One dish that everyone in the world surely loves is the Pizza. No one can say no to a Pizza. Native to the country of Italy, Pizza is one of the dishes that has taken over the eating world in an instant. There are places in the world that specialize in making the best pizzas, rich in flavour and taste.

1. Joey’s Pizza, Mumbai

The location of this pizza parlour is in the busy streets of Mumbai. One can find the best American Pizzas in this restaurant. The restaurant is small with limited seating capacity but it is worth the wait. The recommended pizzas of this restaurant are The Meats Pizza, Szechuan Chicken Pizza, Spicy Keema Pizza, China Gate Pizza, Meat Ultimo Pizza, Cheese Garlic Bread, Tornado Pizza. This restaurant serves a unique set of pizzas that you cannot miss.


2. Spaghetti Kitchen, Chennai

Located inside the mall in the busy streets of Chennai, this restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine. Though they have amazing pasta, they also have mouth-watering pizzas which will leave you in a dazed state. The pricing of the dishes might be on the higher side but the quantity of the food served is enough to compensate for the price.


3. Chianti, Bangalore

One of the few restaurants in Bangalore with the best pizzas and it is very popular. It is known for the authentic Italian food they serve and the romantic ambience of the restaurant. It is ideal for couples who wish to have a peaceful yet blissful date. It might seem like small and noisy but it is the opposite of that, very quiet and peaceful. The pricing is expensive but the food is worthwhile.


4. Pizza By The Bay, Delhi

You have a view of the ocean while eating the delicious pizza that they offer in this restaurant. The ambience of this restaurant is lively and joyous. The recommended dish here is the Quad Pizza where each of the four slices is different. The price is quite expensive but considering the taste, ambience and the view of the ocean, it’s worth the money.


5. Francesco’s Pizzeria, Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, this pizzeria is well known for their gourmet pizzas. They offer thin gourmet crust pizzas with delicious sauces and different toppings and is extremely famous. They are also known for their fast home delivery, with pizzas that are hot and fresh. It is very hard to find this place unless you have a proper idea of the location. This pizzeria is worth the visit.


6. Largo Pizzeria, Pune

This restaurant has two locations in Pune. If you love pizzas then this restaurant should be on your list. They specialize in pizzas. The prices are extremely pocket-friendly and that makes it worth coming to the restaurant. The combos are the best choice that you can have. This place is light on the pocket and helps us save money.


7. Eatza Pizza, Chennai

Located in the peaceful suburban streets of Chennai, Eatza Pizza has a different type of combos which are applicable during the weekends. The interiors of this eatery are bright and lively which will make you want to stay there. It’s a perfect price for the unlimited pizzas with generous toppings. This restaurant is light on the pockets. They have different combo offers during the weekdays and the weekends.


8. Cafe Toscano, Bangalore

It is a cafe located in Bangalore. They have fantastic options for pizzas, especially the vegetarian pizzas. The ambience and service of this restaurant are outstanding and perfect. They also offer various Italian cuisine dishes that will cause our mouth to water.It is somewhat costly but it is a must visit if you are a food lover.


9. Instapizza, Delhi

This restaurant has outlets in 10 different locations and each location is very accessible. They are known to have a collection of pizzas that will blow your mind away.They serve fast food apart from pizza. You can create a pizza with toppings the way you want and you can also see the preparation of the pizza. The toppings are unlimited. The recommended dish here is the Monster Deep Dish. This place has prices that suit our tastes.


10. Fire and Ice Pizzeria, Kolkata

Located in Kolkata, it is one of the best places to have Italian cuisine. They are known to have the best wood-fired pizza which will leave us craving for more. The recommended dishes of the Pizzeria are Fire Of Bengal, Penne Arrabiatta, Foccacia With Melted Mozzarella Cheese. The base of the pizza is thin crust and quite wholesome. The ambience and service are exemplary, which makes this Pizzeria even more appealing. The pricing is a bit heavy on the pocket but it is worth eating here.


11. Pizza Den, Telangana

A small shop located on the ground floor of the Paradise Complex. It is a tiny shop which has no dine-in available and only takeaways. You will find mouth-watering pizzas and you can eat delicious desserts after eating the pizzas. The crust of the pizza is cheesy and crunchy. Only vegetarian pizzas are available here. The pricing is cheap and perfect for an evening snack or dinner.


12. The Playlist Pizzeria, Mumbai

In Mumbai, this pizzeria is famous for their gourmet pizzas. The Playlist Pizzeria allows you to make your pizza. The Playlist Signature Garlic Bread is the recommended dish from this place. The restaurant may be small in size but does not the lack in taste. The flavours and the taste are subtly unique and delicious. It is a bit expensive but is worth visiting.


13.Pizza Express, Delhi

Pizza Express is known for their Italian cuisine and the pizzas that they cook. The pizza they serve is famous for being authentic. Once you have had a taste of the great pizza they offer, you won’t like the pizzas served by the other joints. It is heavy on the pocket but the delicious pizzas they offer make it all insignificant.


14. Onesta, Bangalore

Onesta cafe has outlets in different locations in Bangalore. You can find a varied menu of pizzas, bread and desserts. You can find wholesome and tasty pizzas from this cafe. You will find it difficult to choose a single dish as every dish is delicious and flavourful. The ambience and service of this cafe are good.


15. Little Italy, Chennai

This restaurant has many locations in India and all across the world.  Little Italy is well-known for their Italian cuisine and for being a vegetarian restaurant at every outlet they have. Apart from pasta, soups, salads and desserts, this restaurant has tantalizing pizzas which will leave you craving for more. The pizzas here are thin crust and wood-fired. This restaurant is the kind of restaurant that you simply cannot miss.


16. Ray’s Cafe and Pizzeria, Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, this restaurant has an open kitchen and beautiful surroundings that will catch your attention. The Pizzeria is well-known for their pizzas as well as their desserts. They have an amazing collection of gourmet pizzas that you can order. The recommended dishes are El Greco Pizza and Bbq Cottage Cheese Paneer. The ambience of this restaurant is cozy and warm. Although it gets a little expensive but the taste will make you forget about it.


17. The Padrino’s, Chennai

Located in the not so busy streets of Chennai is this excellent cafe called The Padrino’s. The appearance and the ambience are top notch and chic. You can customize your pizza with the toppings of your choice. You cannot miss the non-vegetarian pizzas that this cafe offers. The GodFather Pizza is one of the most famous pizzas in this cafe. It is a bit expensive but a must visit cafe in Chennai for pizzas. They can accommodate any number of people and serve the required customized pizzas without any delay.


18. 1441 Pizzeria, Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, this pizzeria has over 50 different toppings and you can choose from the seven types of cheese on wood fried pizza. 1441 refers to the coordinates of the city of Naples in Italy where they get their sauces and Pizzeria stands for pizza. You can make your pizza at this Pizzeria, which is quite small. You can choose your toppings and any one of the seven kinds of cheese that you wish. The pizzas here have a thin crust, with different sauces. This place is a heaven for pizza lovers.


19. La Piazza, Delhi

An old restaurant opened in 1994 is well-known for their wood-fired pizzas. They are known for their authentic Italian delicacies. If you love Italian cuisine and live in Delhi then you must visit this restaurant at least once. The chefs, who are Italian, prepare the dishes that capture the flavour of their hometown in Italy. This restaurant offers Sunday Brunch which is a delight because of the enormous amount of dishes. Though this restaurant might be expensive, the food here makes it worthwhile.


20. Tuscana Pizzeria, Chennai

Located in peaceful residential streets of Chennai, this Pizzeria has got an Italian summer vibe to it. This restaurant gets its name from the place called Tuscany in Italy. This pizzeria is known for their wood-fired pizzas with a thin crust and delicious toppings which are unforgettable. You may have second thoughts on spending too much because of the prices in this restaurant but the taste of the food will render all those thoughts useless.