Top 20 Places For Christmas Cakes


1. Defence Bakery

They are the oldest  the business. For people who crave sugar less and eggless cakes, then this place is for you. They also have a wide and vivid menu that lets you choose for your favourite. Their cakes are fluffy and aromatic.


2. Wenger’s

It is one of the finest and most premium bakeries in Delhi. They are the ones who have still maintained their old school taste and quality. Though no seating is available here, this clearly doesn’t concern people. It is a busy place always. Not only sweets but their savory items are also delicious.


3. The Big Chill Cakery

It feels like heaven when you are in here. You will be confused as to what to eat and what not. You can select any item, and you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. All of their pastries are just so exquisite and delicious. Their New York Cheesecake is a must try!


4. Red Moon Bakery

They let you have all sorts of Canadian treats. They have a quite different menu from other bakeries in town, thus letting it have its own share of the audience. They bake good quality bread and bagels. They also cook various Canadian savory items.


5. The Bombakery

If the price is not an issue for you, then their products are a must. They serve you macarons too! Yes, the ones that Blair Waldorf had.

If you want gluten free food, then this is the place that has been calling your name. For now, their service has been limited to Central Delhi, Gurgaon, and South Delhi only.


6. Angels In My Kitchen

Do you want a little Western experience in your mouth? You should grab your  things and come running to any of the ten outlets at Delhi NCR of Angels in my Kitchen. They provide you finest cakes and chocolates. They also have a dine-in, for you to have a perfect evening.


7. Whipped

This is one of the most loved dessert parlours in the city. If the price is not the concern, then you should definitely pay them a visit. They have some very yummy desserts. Their Blueberry Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cheesecake are a must try out.


8. LÓpera Salon De The’

This is a highly recommended place for Christmas treats. The place is amazingly beautiful and is a little treat for the French love inside us. They serve the best macarons in Delhi. This place is a little tight on the pocket, but then it is worth the money.


9. Bread And More

This is a famous stop for bread lovers. They have a wide range of bread and all of them taste equally great. It is a nice, little, cute bakery. Their cakes are delicious as well. They have around 2-3 branches in Delhi-NCR. Pick your favourite one and get going!


10. The Nutty Bunch

This place is heaven for cake lovers. They pay attention to the tiniest of details and make sure you have an amazing experience. Their service is fast, in case you just want to grab your stuff out. Their apple cinnamon bread is to die for.


11. Elma’s Bakery

They are a little low on quality as compared to before, but they still have a special place in our heart. They have an antique and vintage interior. It’s a warm little place. They have various items on their menu that will surely give you Christmassy feel.


12. Jaya’s Cakewalk

This is a place where you can have designer cakes. You can customize them according to your own need. They make the cutest and the most delicious cakes in town. It’s a little high on price but on experience too.


13. Cravings by Arshi Dhupia

This is no ordinary bakery. They have the most innovative cakes and concepts. They offer you a variety of items from which you can choose your favorite one.


14. Ipshita’s Cakes Mamma Bakes

She operates from her home and is known in South Delhi for her 3D cakes. She has been baking since last five years. She works in media line and does baking and her job simultaneously. She has gathered her share of customers by now and is doing extremely well.


15. Foodaholics

It is owned by Kishi Arora. She symbolizes sweets with good in life. She has been running this business since 2007. This is the ideal place for Christmas goodies as she provides the best Plum Cake in town. What makes it different from other bakeries is that she uses almond flour as the base of her cake.


16. For The Love Of Cake

This one s run by three people. They offer some delicious and finest cakes and pastries. Don’t forget to grab your share of bite from them during Christmas time.


17. Binge

This one in Gurgaon is the best bakery in  town. If you haven’t been here till now, you should go soon. They have some amazing flavors of cheesecakes. Their Pineapple Cake is a must try with their Red Velvet Cake as well.


18. Pudding And Pie

Next best to Binge is pudding and pie. You can order here online and you will receive your order at your doorstep. You can even offer just a basket of bread. So just relax back, open their site, and enjoy the Christmas at home with your loved ones.


19. Maxims

This is the place for Christmas. They follow the age-old recipe in the preparation of the Plum Cake. Apart from this, you can always grab their other item from the menu including rucks, snacks, and all. Their chocolate mousse is a must try.


20. Love Bites By Prerna

She hasn’t been long in the business but she has made a good name for herself in the market. She is famous for making customized cakes and plum cakes.