Top 20 Food Festivals Around The Globe


1. Hokitika Wild Food Festival

It takes place in New Zealand. It proudly celebrates all things from West Coast. Along with some regular food, they also let you enjoy some of the gourmet delicacies. Since they have a lot of different things to taste from, so a highly opened mind is recommended.


2. The Taste

This one takes place in Los Angeles. They offer you a variety of appetizers to lose yourself into. Along with food. Food from the top and best restaurants of L.A. is being presented to you. So grab your tickets for the nest year already!


3. La Tomatina

We have all heard about this event and seen its pictures here and there. We also know it from the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Well, this event happens in the town of Valencia, Spain. They let you have tomatoes fight and throw tomatoes at each other just for the purpose of having some fun. It occurs annually on last Wednesday in the month of August.


4. Maine Lobster Fest

This one takes place at Rockland Harbour Park, New England. It’s a five days festival, full of fun and frolic. It was initially started as an idea to celebrate and enjoy local seafood. It has now turned in a world recognized famous food festivals.


5. Melbourne Food And Wine Festival

It takes place in Melbourne, Australia. It happened annually in March. The idea is to celebrate Victorian food and wines. You can have your own exhibition and food stalls. They also have the scholarship to send a rising hospitality star across the world every year.


6. Aspen Food And Wine

This food festival is famous for the place where it happens. Amidst the Colorado Mountains, it has its own serene beauty. It is a culinary festival, which lets you have great food with the wine sampling.


7. Gilroy Garlic Festival

It a unique festival as can be seen from the name. They have all sorts of garlicky things to be presented to you. They have cook-offs, live entertainment, garlic ice creams, wine pavilion, garlic mercantile shop, and many such things alike.


8. Cayman Cookout

This festival lasts for a weekend. It is a celebration of love for food, wine and the Caribbean. It welcomes the world’s greatest chefs, wine tasters, and spirits blenders. They all come together for demonstrations, tastings, and tours.


9. Hatch Chile Festival

It’s a two-day festival, which celebrates the crops. It welcomes over 30,000 people from all over the US. They also organize various events to indulge oneself into like artist competitions, food booth, and carnival. It’s a jubilant and exquisite experience.


10. The World Gourmet Summit

It is one of finest festival. They gather best chefs around the globe and have them share their knowledge and experience with the culinary world. They even organize gold dinner for the chefs and various celebs also become a part of it. It’s a total lovable place for the entire fine dining enthusiast.


11. Mid – Autumn Festival

It takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Han Calendar. It is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese as a joy for harvest. At some places, public holiday has also been announced in order to heighten the festive spirit.


12. Annual Golden Spurtle

It’s something you don’t hear every day. It’s a porridge festival! They organize cook-offs and competitions to make festival place merrier. They also hand over a trophy to the winner. As different places have different kinds of porridge to offer hence they celebrate the diversity in porridge making.


13. Watercress Festival

Watercress is a crop and hence, people from all over the world come together to celebrate this delicious and versatile grown crop. Farmers of Alresford showcase their best crops, and other local produce. There are a number of other stalls present at the festival, which includes craft, jewelry, clothes, home décor, and alike.


14. Salon Du Chocolate

We all love chocolates and chocolate festivals. This one takes place at Versailles in France. People of France and from other nations, gather to celebrate chocolates. They showcase various chocolate-related items and have chocolate from 5 continents.


15. Bacon Festival

Just everything Bacon! This festival takes place to celebrate bacon with around 50,000 people every year. They have various attractions like bacon battle, pig racing, various stages to showcase your talent, and alike. It’s a two-day festival full of fun and entertainment.


16. Blue Food Festival

It’s a Tobago festival. Here blue food means a locally grown root vegetable by the name Dasheen. The festival targets three names. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to local chefs to showcase their talent. Secondly, the food has been prepared to sell and earn money by local vendors. Thirdly, it is to have some fun and entertainment each year.


17. Poutine Fest

Would you like some French Fries with Cheese? My answer would always be a yes! This festival is about celebrating this late night snack. It is not an old festival. This year it will be celebrating its fourth, but it’s totally worth your time and money to go there.


18. Dumpling Festival

This festival aims at bringing out the chef in you. They believe that there is a hidden chef in each of us, and with this busy life schedule, we often does not get time to cook our own mean. Hence, this festival organizes various dumplings making classes and other sorts of activities to enhance our knowledge of food.


19. Pizza Fest

It happens in Cleveland. It’s a festival of food and music. Various pizza parlours of Ohio gather together and provide us with the best of pizza they have to offer. They also have free parking!


20. Vegetarian Festival

It takes place in Thailand. The idea is to avoid meat during ninth lunar month according to Chinese calendar. They believe it brings them good health and peace. So it will be a great experience for all vegetarians as they stick to adhere the strict vegetarian food policy.