Top 20 Places To Eat The Best ‘Kerala Food’ In Bangalore


The Taste of Kerala is one that often lingers long even after the heavenly feast has come to an end. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to Madagascar or Hawaii but if you are at your ancestral house at Kerala, be happy because there’s always some banana chips, Unniyappam and mango pickle packed for you.

Listed below are the Top 20 places to eat ‘Kerala food’ in Bangalore…


Coconut Groove

Known for serving one of the best Chettinad cuisines, Coconut Groove is a great place, with quite a quiet and serene atmosphere. The ambiance is one that is sure to take you back to the seductive God’s Own Country. Staff and service can be given a four on five as well. The best part of it all is that the bill gets through your pocket easy.


The Fort Kochi Connection

The Fort Kochi Connection is one building that you’ve eyed on if you have walked past Jyothi Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bangalore. Achayan Pothularth, Karimeen Pollichathu, Kallu Shop Special Menu- you’d have a tough time making up your mind but its oh-so-worth it! The bill that comes wouldn’t be much of an eyebrow raiser type, but you’d love to tip the waiter for his excellent service


Ente Keralam

Ente Keralam which means My Kerala in Malayalam is a must try and will push these words from your heart, “OH MY.”  If you are at Ente Keralam, Alleppey Fish Curry and Puttu/Kadala are two things you’d want to have more and more. The ambiance is just lovely, and altogether it would leave your taste buds tingling. It surely would.


Thalassery Restaurant

Hands up if you are craving for some real good Thalassery Biriyani and are low on budget. Welcome to Thalassery Restaurant, nice to meet you! Four for staff and service, three for ambiance, two for seat availability but the one for you if you want to have Thalassery in Namma Bengaluru.



Let alone the tad slow service and the tad bit on the expensive side, Vembanad- The Paul is THE PLACE if you are looking for a fine-dine place to satisfy your Malabari food craving. Egg Appams with Chicken stew is a must try here by the way!


Peppers Restaurant

Peppers is your go-to place if you are low, really low on budget, ambiance isn’t much of a problem but wants the fragrance of the spice’s slurry to make you drool. The Chicken Travancore Fry is what you shouldn’t miss here. Oh, and you’d say, ‘See you soon’ to the waiter as he opens the door for your happy tummy.


Aromas Of South

Wi-Fi, Valet Parking and Buffet!Yes, the first word caught our eye. There’s no better joy than posting your delicacies on Instagram as soon as they land on your table.Above that, get your phone to remind you to ask them for an extra basket of the garlic fries on your first visit. And on your next visit, your heart would do that for you.


Cafe Malabar

ErachiPuttu ErachiPuttu ErachiPuttu.

Now that we caught your attention, Cafe Malabar is one place where the ambiance is better in the night but equally good for all three meals. Pocket-friendly is the bill; customer friendly is the staff.Tender Coconut Pudding at Rupees 60 is a must try and so is the ErachiPuttu.



Originally home to a large number of houseboats, Kumarakom is a beautiful place at Kottayam, Kerala. Owing to this, the restaurant located at HSR Layout gives way to the cozy ambiance and a good choice of appetizers paved with good service. The only let down would be slow service.


Karavalli- The Gateway Hotel

This place is a bit on the expensive side, but you’ll certainly thank your heart later for pounding faster when you passed by this luxurious place.  The ambiance is lovely. The service is oh-so-wonderful. And above all, the fact that the chefs would go to any extent to cater to your needs is out of the world.



‘Nalukettu’ is the traditional architecture of an old Tharavadu in Kerala. With this kind of a setting, the restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere to its guests. Pricing isn’t one that would push your eyes out. But the food served is one that would bring your heart out.


Malabar Bay

Malabar Bay is one place known for its rich Kerala cuisine and out-of-the-world interiors. Seafood is what one mustn’t miss here. Prawns and Squid would beg you to try all their varieties. VazhiThirinjaKozhi is a beautiful blend of flavors from the North and spices from the South making you redefine the word ‘taste.’ Patience is a requisite if you go here on any day.


Bon South

A masterpiece makes of wood, Bon South is as Bon as it is named. Presenting a blend of Buffet and otherwise, Bon South is guaranteed to give you a Bon Appetit. From the ambiance to service everything is a five on five. But make sure you don’t forget your credit card.


Sanadige Goldfinch Hotel

SG Hotel is one place where your food trail will take you to if you are at Seshadripuram, Bangalore. Known for its beautiful ambiance, Goldfinch is also the ‘go to place’ if you are looking for food, staff, and service all in one package. And if its seafood it’s SANADIGE GOLDFINCH.



A tad expensive but worth the Prawns Ghee Roast, Pulimunchi offers a lovely ambiance, is well located and has many pretty but petty things adorning the wall. Pulimunchi offers a Mangalorean cuisine as well. So if one of your food partners is in the mood for Mangalore but the rest of you for Mallu land, then this is your place.



Located in the heart of the city Kaayal claims that it is synonymous with Kerala cuisine. In addition to that, Kaayal’s egg KothuParatha would be synonymous with great taste. Priced moderately Kaayal has a collection of delicacies, and it promises to offer a culinary journey you’ll fall in love.


Rasa India

Welcome aboard Vegans.

Welcome to a beautiful place with a lovely ambiance. Its organic and green décor makes it so inviting and appealing which is straight in line with its Kerala cuisine. Rasa India is one place that works wonders to tell the world that Kerala cuisine is not all about Karimeen Pollichathu and Kada Varathathu but also about nalla choodurasam and aviaal.


Salt Mango Tree

Start with a Vazhaipoo Cutlet served with beetroot chutney and finished with a Mango Crepe, Salt Mango Tree promises to make you believe in love at the first bite. Visit this place during the Thattukada Festival, and you are sure to be coming here cold or hot, festival or not. Service makes you feel at home. And pleasant, very pleasant is the ambiance. A little high on the bill but worth every penny!


Sangam Mess

Sangam Mess is the mummy’s food to all the hostellers at this side of Bangalore. If you aren’t much of an ambiance person but want food that matches your craving, then this is your final destination.

Avail the opportunity of enrolling to the mess utility here, and you can thank us later.

Oh and Kappa Biryani for every day isn’t advised. So give the Nice Pathiri, Mushroom Masala, Kallummekkaya Biryani and the others in the menu a chance.


Veruthe Oru Thattukada

Now, this is where you should be for all your meals if you can’t make it to the Thattukada at your hometown. With the rustic looking walls and posters of old movies, you are sure to have an ambiance of the old-school tea shops in Kerala. Don’t miss this place if it’s an ‘Oonu’ (Kerala meal) in your mind.

Now that you know where Kerala is in Bangalore, you shall contribute in making Namma Ooru, namma Naadu.