29 States, 29 Finger-Licking Good Special Dishes

29 States, 29 Finger-Licking Good Special Dishes

India is always known for its versatile range of culture, tradition, and ethnicity. It is time to add another entity to the list. Besides other aspects, the country is extremely rich in its variety of food. There are 29 states in India and each state brings forth a few exclusive dishes that sort of have become a part of their identities. India brings color not only to the life and culture of people but also to everybody’s plate. Given below are the most famous and exclusive dishes of each state. The food walk begins!


Rogan Josh From Kashmir

Kashmir, the crown of India is famous for the calm and serene scenery that soothes our senses. However, Kashmir doesn’t stop pleasing us just at that. Kashmir’s food never fails to tickle and satisfy our taste-buds. Initially, of the Persian origin, Rogan Josh is the most popular dish of Kashmir. Made mostly of lamb chunks in a gravy of sauteed onions and yogurt, this Kashmiri specialty is dominated by the aroma of the finest spices. The dish gets its rich red color from the de-seeded dried Kashmiri chilies. Spicy and mouthwatering, this Kashmiri delicacy is a must for everyone in their lifetime.


Channa Madra From Himachal Pradesh

Home to the mountains of India, Himachal Pradesh is the most popular tourist spot of India. Thousands and thousands of tourists escape to the beautiful world of Himalayan mountains every now and then. Apart from the many geographical attractions of the Himachal Pradesh, the food of the Himachal Pradesh is also quite popular among tourists. One such dish is channa madra, made of chickpeas and yogurt. A moderately spicy dish, this Himachali dish is best eaten with naan or roti.


Bhang Chutney From Uttrakhand

Known as Devbhumi, Uttarakhand is a site for holy pilgrimages. Bhang chutney is an iconic dish of this state. It is a side dish served with most of the dishes at almost all occasions in Uttarakhand. Dominated by an almost tangy taste, the chutney is made of dried and roasted bhang (hemp) seeds. The chutney is not only a brilliant culmination of ingredients that ticks our gustatory senses but also is of high nutritional value containing about 75% of our daily proteins.


Makke Ki Roti And Sarso Da Saag From Punjab

Punjab is famous not only as the land of five rivers but also it is the land of some of the finest dishes of the Indian cuisine. The Punjabis love to eat and to feed and in their food, they show their affection. Makke ki roti and sarso da saag is one such dish that is immediately identified with Punjab and is perhaps the most popular Punjabi dish. The roti made with corn flour and the side dish made with mustard leaves complement each other completely especially on a chilly winter night giving you the total “khate peete” Punjabi feeling. Also, a little butter dollop on the top of the dish enhances your experience.


Gajar Meethi From Haryana

You can never talk of Punjab and not talk about Haryana. The state famous for its baisakhi festival and the super energetic bhangra dance adds some of the most drooling dishes to the Indian cuisine. Gajar methi is a spicy colorful dish on the Haryani plate. Embodying great texture and a wonderful aroma, this particular dish made of carrots and fenugreek leaves adds a twist to our tastes and is even suitable for a diabetic patient.


Indori Palak Puri From Madhya Pradesh

Located in the heart of the country and marking the rich history of India, Madhya Pradesh wins hearts of people with their food. The Indori palak puri is a pure feast in every Indian’s mouth. Beautiful in the extravagant green colour, this signature dish made of pureed spinach and other spices is a colorful tickle to the taste-buds.


Galouti Kebabs From Uttar Pradesh

Blessed with one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal, and the city of nawabs, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has always been a rich and royal state bringing you the most royal dishes of the country. Melt-in-mouth galouti kebabs are a delicacy from this part of India. The soft and tender kebabs are made of lamb, roasted gram and spices, cooked in butter and are rich in taste and texture. Just close your eyes and let heaven melt in your mouth!


Dal Bhati Churma From Rajasthan

Containing the most beautiful and most number of palaces and forts, and the “Pink City”, Rajasthan not only gives us the most colorful music of all times but also the most versatile dishes. The signature dish of the state, dal bati churma is a platter of absolute amazement. The dish consists of a spicy dal, deep-fried bati, and sweet churma. The dish, therefore, is a complete collection of tastes in itself, just like the state itself is.


Khandvi From Gujarat

Home of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat is also known as the “Jewel of Western India”. Justifying its name, the state produces absolute jewels when it comes to food and especially snacks. Among the many snacks Gujarat has introduced to the country, Khandvi is just one. Made of gram flour and yogurt, khandvi is a yellowish melt-in-the-mouth, spicy and smooth roll of absolute delight. Light on your stomach, this dish will always serve as an amazing evening snack for you.


Shorshe From West Bengal

Situated between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal is the state of West Bengal. The people of West Bengal are great fans of good food and when it comes to fish, especially hilsa, there is absolute chance that they might go crazy. West Bengal produces the most exotic fish dishes and shorshe ilish is one of them. Cooked in steam, the hilsa in mustard gravy is a classic of the state and perfect for a rainy afternoon to lift up your taste.


Litti Chokha From Bihar

Situated in the eastern part of India, Bihar brings you some of the most original dishes. Litti Chokha is one of the many traditional dishes of Bihar. This rustic dish made of whole wheat dough balls stuffed with spiced up gram flour mix known as litti and sided with a dish made of mashed potatoes and brinjal known as the chokha is a sumptuous meal in itself and perfect for either lunch or dinner.


Dry Fried Chicken With Bamboo Shoots From Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is seen as a large patch of green on the Indian map. Full of greenery and beauty, the state produces some of the finest dishes. Dry fried chicken with bamboo shoots is a dish with a twist and is loved for its bold flavor and texture. This exotic dish is an absolute must whenever you visit the state or even if you don’t!


Spinach Khar From Assam

Although famous for its tea-gardens, wildlife and the unique silk textile and also the bihu dance, Assam is also known for its unique food preparations. Popular among its many dishes is the spinach khar. The dish is named after the special ingredient “khar” which is made by filtering water through the ashes of bananas or greens or other vegetables. The spinach khar is made using spinach and serves for a delicious and unique meal.


Thambou Singju From Manipur

Also called the “Jewelled Land”, Manipur, located in the Northeast India is famous for its dish thambou singju. Singju is a kind of salad made with various herbs and chilies and thambou singju is a salad made of thambou which is also known as kamal kakdi or lotus root. This dish high in nourishment doesn’t let you compromise on taste. A healthy dish with a difference is what it is.


Momo From Sikkim

Blessed with the highest mountain peak of India, The Kanchenjunga, and with an amazing scenery, Sikkim gives you the momo that every foodie loves. It can be said that Sikkim is rather synonymous with the word and the dish “momo”. Little steamed dumplings stuffed with a variety of ingredients including chicken, vegetables, and pork, and served with a side of a spicy hot sauce and a bowl of soup, this particular traditional dish of Sikkim is every food lover’s heaven.


Jadoh From Meghalaya

“The Abode of the Clouds”, Meghalaya offers its traditional dish, jadoh. Jadoh is a kind of pulao but with a twist. Made of rice and meat, especially pork is a delicacy of brilliant flavors and textures. The dish is often served with a side of soya paste and is a mild flavored colorful platter.


Kosoi Bwtwi From Tripura

A beautiful state with a diversity of cultures, Tripura is the third-smallest state in the country. Kosoi bwtwi is a traditional dish of the state that uses as a major ingredient, berma. Berma is dried and fermented fish and is often had in Tripura. Kosoi bwtwi is made of berma and beans and is a wonderful treat and a trick to satisfy your taste buds.


Misa Mach Poora From Mizoram

Mizoram has its name from “mi”, “zo”  and “ram” implying the “the land of the hill people”. As beautiful as its name sounds so is the taste of its cuisine. Misa mach poora is a simple and yet delicious dish from the collection of traditional Mizoram cuisine. The dish is made of grilled shrimps and is unbelievably delicious, so much that its taste will linger in your mouth for days.


Pork With Dry Bamboo Shoots From Nagaland

The mountainous state of Nagaland is diverse in its tribes, cultures, festivals and food. The people of Nagaland are crazy when it comes to pork. They absolutely love pork and have a huge list of varieties of pork preparations. Pork with dry bamboo shoots is a popular dish of Nagaland releasing amazing aroma and characterized with unique flavours. The pork is fried with the bamboo shoots and dry chilies giving it a beautiful colour and texture.


Sattu Ka Paratha From Jharkhand

Known for its beautiful waterfalls and the industrial city of India, Jharkhand is famous for its sattu ka paratha. A little different from the traditional parathas most Indians are aware of, sattu ka paratha is extremely nutritious for it is rich in fiber. The paratha is made by stuffing wheat flour bread with spice-roasted sattu or gram flour and is extremely loved as an all-time snack.


Peetha From Chhattisgarh

The 10th largest state in India and known for its forests, Chattisgarh brings you the most amazing sweet dishes – as sweet as the people of the state. Petha is a kind of Indian sweet candy made popular by the state and has a soft and tender texture. These candies made from ash gourd and sugar are usually round or cylindrical. These amazing Indian candies are just the thing for your sweet-tooth.


Goan Fish Curry From Goa

The spot for every party animal lover, the coastal state of Goa offers you some of its own exotic delicacies besides its own exclusive production of spirit, fenni. The Goan fish curry is a traditional dish of the state and can be made with any fresh fish though it tastes best with sea-fish. Spicy and creamy with a tad bit of tanginess coming from its special ingredient, tamarind, this signature dish is an absolute must whenever you are in the state.


Hyderabadi Biryani From Andhra Pradesh

Named after its former capital city, Andhra Pradesh produces its own brand of biryani – Hyderabadi Biryani. A little different from other biryanis as we know it, Hyderabadi Biryani comes with a twist. The dish is spicy and rich in its color and flavor. It is every biryani lover’s dream come true and if you haven’t yet tasted it, don’t waste another minute for you are missing out on the best biryani of all times.


Uttapam From Tamil Nadu

Located at the foot of the Indian map, Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state. Uttapam, the South-Indian pancake is made of a batter of urad dal and rice along with toppings of various vegetables. This soft delicacy from the southern part of the country is light on the stomach and is a perfect breakfast option.


Puran Poli From Maharashtra

Known for having the metropolitan city and the ideal place for every big dreamer to make their dreams come true, Mumbai, Maharashtra contains some of the places rich in the history of the central-western part of India. Puran Poli is a signature dish of the state. It is nothing but a sweet form of bread. It is the Indian bread stuffed with sweet lentils. The dish is mostly prepared during the iconic festival of Maharashtra, Ganesh Chaturthi and is a sweet delight in your mouth.


Rasgulla From Odisha

Right on the eastern shorelines of the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is a small coastal state mostly famous for its Hindu temples of Lord Jagannath and other Hindu architecture. Rasgulla, is an iconic dessert of this state, though it is often associated with the state of West Bengal. Small, soft balls made with cottage cheese and dipped in a sugar syrup, it was Odisha that first introduced this dish of perfect sweetness to the world.


Mysore Dosa From Karnataka

Home to the highly technical city, Bangalore, Karnataka is the epitome of a lavish The Mysore Dosa is a classic dish of the state quite different from the ordinary dosa. A red chutney or Podi as it is called is spread in the Dosa giving it a spicy taste and is often served with a cooked mashed potato side along with the usual sides of sambar dal and coconut chutney.


Natu Kodi Pulusu From Telangana

The former princely state of Hyderabad, Telangana is famous for its chicken curry with a South-Indian twist, natu kodi pulusu. The dish is like any other Indian chicken dish, quite easy to make and comes with a spicy feel. The texture and color are brilliant and the flavors are equally balanced forming a perfect harmony.


Idiyappam From Kerala

Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Kerala is famous for its beautiful beaches, coffee plantations, and wildlife. Idiyappam or Nool puttu as it is called sometimes is a classic breakfast item of the state. Made by steaming of rice flour and water, giving it a noodle shape, the idiyappam is a healthy and popular snack and is mostly served with a side dish of egg curry.

Make sure to tick these dishes off your bucket list the next time you go around the country. Have a foodtastic experience!