Top 20 Places To Eat At In Golden Jaisalmer!

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Jaisalmer, the Golden City has a lot of amazing places to eat. One of such fine dining spot in the city, which attracts the crowd, is the Trio. This age old restaurant has served generations on end and presents its customers with an amazing view of the old bazaar. The regal charm of the place exceeds its royalty. The restaurant is known to serve authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Some of their specials are the Chane Ka Achaar and Dal Tadka.


Jaisal Italy

This famous restaurant is tucked away at the top of the Fort’s entrance boundary, which makes it easy to locate. Other than having a marvelous view to enjoy your meal with, find interesting seating arrangements here. In fact, there’s one part where the floor is cushioned for seating, at the place where there is Jharokha/window. Enjoy a glass of your favorite drink along with marvelous Italian food. Be it pizza or risotto or pasta, they serve it all here, and each of the dishes is amazing.


Cafe Da Kaku

This place is known to serve amazing brunch items in the city. If you are tired after a long morning of sightseeing in Jaisalmer, then this is where you should end up! This open terrace restaurant is part of a bastion which is more than 800 years old. Imaginably, it provides an amazing view of the city. The food served here is of multiple varieties of cuisines namely Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and Indian. This is an ideal place to eat if you are a huge group of people.


Desert Boy’s Dhani

The rustic restaurant is known to offer a lot of space for parties and large gatherings. They even host cultural shows which make this an amazing place to visit. Over here, you will not only enjoy the cultural experience but also the amazing food they serve. Enjoy Malai Kofta with Bajre Ki Chapatti while you listen to local music.


Free Tibet Restaurants

If you are a fan of Tibetan food, then there can be no other perfect place that offers Tibetan food and such an amazing view. Be it the steamed momos or the Wanton soup, the delicacies will transport you right to Tibet! Another favorite dish they serve is the Thukpa which is a meat broth with noodles. If you are a green vegetable fan but are looking to gorge on something cheesy as well then what could be better than the spinach and cheese momos!


Milan Restaurant

A quite recluse, which is a simple restaurant with a homely feel attached to it. This might go unnoticed but is a great place to enjoy your meals. Be it your favorite Tandoori Chicken or Lal Maas, they serve it all here. In fact, the vegetarian kebabs they serve are very popular with the locals over here.


Killa Restaurant

The castle-like restaurant is one of the rarest restaurants in the city, which serves many different cuisines within the closed doors of the restaurant. Be it the bamboo seating or the enamel flooring, the restaurant is sure quite an experience. One of the specialities here is the Seekh Kebab and the Paneer Kissa.


Zoya Ka Zayeka

This is a part of one of the boutique Homestays in Jaisalmer. Not only do you get the amazing terrace top view, but also a spectacular spread of home cooked meals. The food served here is strictly Rajasthani, with a lot of specialities. Some of their best are the Paneer Butter Masala and Bajre Ki Roti.


Palace View Restuarant

Not only does it provide the amazing view like the name suggests, but the restaurant is famous for serving freshly cooked food which is lip-smackingly delicious. The Maharaja Palace can be seen from the restaurant which makes for a great view to dining with. Also, they have free wifi, which is an added bonus.


Golden Roof

This restaurant is known for being open all day long and thus sees customers with midnight hunger cravings too. The restaurant is located opposite to the Mandir Palace and gives an amazing view of the fort. Also, you get amazing Indian food all of which are priced reasonably.


Gajis Restaurant

This restaurant is located in what is known as the old artist colony. Although it might be a little difficult to locate, the search makes up for the effort. The restaurant offers quite an amazing panoramic view of the fort, from the fifth floor. The restaurant serves a variety of Korean options as it is often visited by a lot of Korean customers. The dry chicken and Bibimbap is their speciality. Along with Korean, you get Chinese, Indian and Japanese dishes here too along with free wifi.


Kuku Coffee Shop

This is located near the fort and is a humble eatery to drink the best coffee in the city. Other than the Rajasthani thali, you also get various types of lassi here.


Chandan Shree Restaurant

This place is more popular among locals than tourists for being a famous eatery that serves the best of Rajasthani snacks.



This restaurant is located on a rooftop terrace, in the Nachana Haveli. They serve authentic local food at affordable prices.


Restaurant Junction Palace

If you are looking for a place for a special occasion then this is the best location for that! They serve American, Continental, and Italian food all of which is delicious and much loved.


1st Gate Home-fusion

This is one of the popular Italian serving restaurants in Jaisalmer. Find some of the best Italian dishes here.


Traveller’s Cup

This is more of a cafeteria, than a restaurant and is located across the Sun Temple inside the Fort.


Golden Tower

Find the best of dishes procured from Asian culinary heritages across the continent.


Lake View Restaurant

Other than the much obvious amazing Lake View, the restaurant is known for serving delicious food too. No matter what you order, they will not disappoint.


Monica’s Restaurant

This restaurant is well-renowned for the Indian dishes, and thus is full most of the times. Do book a table before you come.