Top 20 Places To Eat In Shimla

Top 20 Places To Eat In Shimla

Once the key administrative city during the British Era, Shimla today is a heady concoction of beauty and luxury. And not just beauty, Shimla has some of the best restaurants that will surely delight your taste buds.

But just as it happens at all hill stations, there are so many eateries and restaurants options that it becomes a mammoth task to figure out the best among them.

Well, worry not, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for an evening snack or a hot fulfilling meal, there are many eateries in Shimla that serve delicious food at affordable prices.

Here is the list of top places to eat in Shimla:

1. Ashiana

Located in a fanciful circular building, with its majestic interiors will remind you of The British Era. The ambiance is great with a stunning view of the Ridge. There is also an open terrace, where you can enjoy your meal while basking in the afternoon sun. The food is absolutely delicious especially the Indian cuisine.

A meal for two would cost Rs 600 on an average.

Tip: This restaurant remains quite crowded on the weekends so it’s always better to get your table reserved from before.


2. Goofa

This place is located just below Ashiana in the same round building. The interiors as the name suggests are quite cozy and warm. It has a restaurant cum bar setup. The service is prompt and the staff is extremely polite.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 500.


3. Indian Coffee House

This place has been in Shimla for decades and is quite popular especially among the locals. The ambience of this restaurant is truly one of kind in Shimla. The chattering people and old rustic seats will take back to your city life. The food is great and it’s by far the cheapest place to eat in Shimla.

A meal for two would cost Rs 400 or less.

Tip: Ironically this place should have been famous for its coffee but it’s actually famous for its Masala Dosa.


4. Cecil Restaurant

The best thing about Cecil Restaurant is its colonial ambiance. This restaurant is known for its Thai Cuisine. The wood-panelling decor with Chandeliers adds old world charm to the entire ambiance.

A meal for two people would cost under Rs 1500.

Tip: It is best suited for a dinner date or a casual lunch with your other half.


5. Baljee’s

Baljee’s is one the oldest and most reputed places in town. This place is famous for its Indian Cuisine and Desserts and it never fails to delight you. It’s a wonderful family restaurant with quick service and welcoming interiors.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 500.

Tip: Try out their ‘Gulab Jamuns’, it’s the best you can have on a cold evening in Shimla.


6. Qilaa

This place is based on Arabic styling and has plush interiors. The best part is the Arabian music which adds to the experience. They mainly serve Indian, Lebanese, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. You’ll find a lot of foreign tourist in here.

A meal for two would cost about Rs 700.

Tip: Try out their Falafel, it’s amazing in taste. But the quantity served is slightly less so order accordingly.


7. Seventh Heaven

Located inside the Combermere Hotel, this place often goes unnoticed by a majority of the people. But it’s truly a hidden gem in Shimla. The ambiance is amazing with wooden ceiling and plush interiors. This place is famous for its Chinese delicacies which are absolutely delicious.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 800.

Tip: Try out their Paneer Tikka and Tandoori prawns.


8. Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol is located close to the Tourist life, above Combermere Hotel. The interiors are quite modern and offer an additional open setup with a clear view of the mountains on one side and the mall road on the other. They mainly serve Mexican and Continental delicacies. The taste is good and service is satisfactory.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 500 and is quite affordable.

Tip: This is more of a casual dining place than a restaurant. Nevertheless, their Lebanese Platter and Burgers are amazing.


9. Embassy Restaurant

Embassy used to be one of the finest places to eat in Shimla. But times changes and several new restaurants came up in its vicinity. But the dining experience is one of a kind. The woody interiors are warm and welcoming. The entire place is decorated with quotations and its best suited for chilling and reading books. People mainly come here for evening snacks or a hot cup of coffee.

A meal for two people would cost about Rs 400.

Tip: Their dessert section is amazing. Do try out their Walnut Brownies and Chocolate Shake.


10. The Devicos

This place is quite old and it was established somewhere in the 1970’s.At 40 years of age, it’s still running and people love it. Although interiors are not very modern and are simplistic in nature. But the taste is out of the world. The menu hasn’t changed a lot over the years and neither the taste.

A meal for two would around Rs 350. Yes, this place is quite affordable.

Tip: Cheese Burger is quite famous in here and you’ll love it.


11. Wake & Bake

It’s a quaint little place located right opposite the Town Hall. The place is quite lively and you’ll find a lot of youngsters around. This place is quite famous for its Coffee and Pizzas.

A meal for two would cost around Rs 500.

Tip: This place remains crowded most of the times, so finding a table won’t be easy.


12. Hotel Holiday Home Restaurant

This place is quite famous for its authentic Himachali cuisine. This place is quite roomy and interiors are warm and welcoming. The service is prompt and prices are affordable too.

A meal for two would cost around Rs 1200.

Tip: It remains quite crowded on the weekends so do get you table pre-reserved.


H13.ideout Cafe

Situated in the heart of Shimla, this cafe has become one the best in town. The ambience is great and the food is tasty and flavoursome. You’ll mostly see a lot of youngsters in here with a couple of foreign tourists as well.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 600.

Tip: Try out their Tandoori Chicken Pizza and Mushroom Noodles.


14. Krishna Bakery

This place needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly the best bakery in Shimla. The service is quick and staff is very polite. The rates are affordable too. All the products are made fresh and get consumed the same day. Among all the items, Dim sums, Black Forest cake, and Truffle pastries were the best.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 200 which is very pocket-friendly.


15. Himachali Rasoi

This place is located near to Shiv Mandir but it’s not easy to find. But once you’ll find it, it’s truly a gem. They offer dishes of various cuisines but their specialty remains Himachali delicacies. And if you’re confused it’s always better to ask the owner to suggest you a delicacy according to your preferences.

A meal for two would cost about Rs 400 which is very pocket-friendly.

You must try out the Thali, Siduu, and Patennde. The rustic flavors will surely delight your taste buds.


16. Honey Hut

Honey Hut is based on the unique concept of serving dishes prepared with honey. With an aim to promote the health benefits of honey, the restaurant was started in 2007 and has gained immense popularity ever since. Although it’s a bit crouched and seating space is less but the taste is amazing.

Prices are quite affordable and it wouldn’t cost more than Rs 200 for two people.

Tip: The Masala tea with herbs and honey is refreshing.


17. Cafe Under Tree

As it sounds, this place is situated next to Jhakoo temple surrounded by trees, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The serene view of the mountains from the café is heavenly. The place is built on a woody theme and the ambiance is great. The owner is very friendly and overall it’s a place to relax to enjoy your meal.

A meal for two would be under Rs 1000 which is reasonable.


18. Guptajee’s Vsishnav Bhojnalaya

The name might sound a bit weird, but you can ask anyone about ‘Guptajee Dhaba’ and he will guide you. It is located between the upper and the middle bazaar and is quite famous. The food is homelike and absolutely delicious. The service is quick but it remains crowded most of the times.

A meal for two people cost about Rs 300 which is very economical.

Tip: Try out their Dal fry and Butter Naan.


19. Alfa Restaurant

This restaurant is situated near Scandal Point on Mall Road. Alfa serves a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, and Arabic. This place remains quite crowded most of the times despite the fact that it’s spacious on the inside. The ambience is good and its would disappoint you. They use mild spices and that makes the food light.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 400 which is economical.

Tip: Try out their Paneer Tikka and Butter Chicken.


20. Spars Lodge

Spars Lounge is truly a new concept of a restaurant in Shimla. With round-the-clock service and most talented chefs, it’s a homely version of a five-star resort. It’s located near the State Museum and offering a lovely view of the mountains.

A meal for two would cost under Rs 1500 and it’s totally worth it.

Tip: Try out their Trout which is locally caught and always served fresh. That’s the amazing part of it.