Top 20 Places To Eat South Indian Food In Pune


The culturally rich atmosphere in Pune offers every foodie an opportunity to treat their taste buds with scrumptious food from all across India. The thought of having some creamy coconut chutney and tangy Sambar propels people to wander around the city in the search of eating-joints that can fulfil their craving of having an enjoyable South-Indian meal. Here is a list of the Top 20 places to eat South Indian food in Pune…


Vaishali, Fc Road

The chatter-filled streets of the Fergusson College Road house Pune’s most loved South-Indian restaurant, Vaishali. The eatery’s location allows it to offer indoor, as well as outdoor seating arrangements. Vaishali is famous for its large variety of crisp Dosas, ranging from Cheese Dosa to Mysore Special Masala Dosa. Other South-Indian dishes on the menu include- Upma, Uttapa, Idli and Wada. An added advantage is the restaurant’s friendly staff, who never fails to serve the food well within 15 minutes of placing the order. The bill goes easy on your pocket, and allows you to truly savour the experience.


South Indian Canteen, Rasta Peth

This place has a loyal customer base, which has only been growing since its inception in 1928. Rasta Peth is a hostel mess which serves authentic Tamilian cuisine along with its famous filter coffee. The food here is extremely affordable and reminiscent of freshly prepared home meals. Rasta Peth allows you to relish a three-course meal for less than Rs. 200.



Another one of FC Road’s wonders, Roopali is well known for its wide range of freshly prepared fruit juices, in addition to the delicious Sambar that is served with the different dishes. The Rava Masala Dosa is regarded as one of their best dishes.


Wadeshwar, Fc Road

Their South-Indian food is served with terrific coconut chutney, which acts like a magic ingredient and leaves the customer wanting more. The restaurant is easy to spot as it is filled with people at all times of the day, who vouch for Wadeshwar delightful food. Milagai Podi Idli, Sabudana Wada and Pesarattu Dosa are a must try. Wadeshwar also serves healthy milkshakes for its health-conscious customers.


Banana Leaf, Aundh

This eatery, with a symbolic name, has established its name in the market as one of the best spots to have a hearty breakfast in Pune. Banana Leaf is owned and managed by a couple who are famous for preparing a toothsome meal of Podi Idli and Sambar. The restaurant is a commendable effort to bring authentic Chennai taste to the city of Pune.


Malabar Xpress

What better way to appease your cravings for seafood and south-Indian food than treating yourself to some typical fish curry prepared like in Kerala? This utopian mix of seafood and South Indian spices is loved by customers, making Malabar Xpress one of the top places to serve Keralite dishes in Pune. The food bill doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, leaving you feeling disappointed! Rather, this restaurant allows you to have a stomach-filling meal in less than
Rs. 500.


Rama Krishna, Camp Area

The inviting beige and golden walls of the restaurant are only one of the many elements that add to the soothing atmosphere of Rama Krishna. The restaurant offers four Idli dishes, six Wada dishes and over ten different types of Dosas. The multiplicity of options to choose from ensures that the customer can try a new item every time he/she visits the eating joint.



Dravidas Bistro

The perfect solution to enjoying an organic south-Indian meal, Dravida’s Bistro is a pure vegetarian restaurant that allows you to build your own Dosa and Idli to suit your food preferences and health choices. The restaurant’s Grand Satvik Thali, Super South Indian Meals Thali and Dravidas Thali allow you to try out a variety of South Indian food items, all in one plate, with ample serving of each portion.


Iddos, Kothrud

Known for its three unique chutneys that complement all their dishes, Iddos offers all types of South Indian food including Appe, Uttapam, Idli,  Dosa and Sweet Paniyaram that melts in your mouth. The food is served on a vibrant, green banana leaf, which makes the food even more appetizing! The restaurant offers the option of enjoying a hot meal in an indoor or an outdoor setting.


Shiv Sagar

The multiple outlets of Shiv Sagar are all equally reputed for the variety of food available in the restaurant. However, one of Shiv Sagar’s most loved dishes is the crisp Dosa topped with cheese, which adds a contrasting flavour to fiery Sambar served with it.


Street Food At Viman Nagar

The panacea for all ‘on a budget’ foodies, the South Indian food available at Datta Mandir is much loved and appreciated by the student community that lives in the city. In addition to being affordable, the cooks allow you to personalize your Dosa and discover new combinations of food items that you did not know went so well with each other.



Idlicious is a pocket friendly answer to all your South-Indian food needs. Its menu ranges from freshly steamed hot Idlis to a plate full of rice served with mouth-watering Rasam. The homely ambience of the restaurant makes this place a winner in terms of customer service.


Niranjan Veg Restaurant

The eating-joint is popular among office-goers and students who are in search of a reasonable place to eat a satisfying breakfast before starting a hectic day.  In addition to the quick service and lip-smacking food, the restaurant serves creamy Konkani Solkhadi.



On entering Southindies, one notices the colourful chutneys and dips that adorn the tables of the restaurant, making the customer feel like they are walking through an artist’s dream.  This restaurant leaves a mark in a customer’s heart not only with its food, but also with its ambience. If you are a person who appreciates solidarity and peace, then this place should top your list. When visiting, don’t forget to try their tangy Kothmir Vankai Masala and Tomato Saadam.


Way Down South Restaurant

You ask for it, and they’ll have it. Way Down South Restaurant’s extensive menu covers all possible dishes that you could possibly desire. Some special mentions include- Mango Dosa, Chocolate Dosa and Mylare Benne Dosa. This eatery helps you explore the untouched territories, in terms of South-Indian flavours.



Have you ever faced the dilemma of having to choose between a cheesy Burger and a buttery South Indian meal? UpSouth’s Uthly is the solution to this brain-numbing decision. Uthly is combination of Uthappam, Podi Idli and Up South’s Malabar croquette,  topped with a flavourful sauce. This dream innovation is available to all Puneites at the Phoenix Market City Mall, Viman Nagar.



Each restaurant is defined by at least one dish that is a must-try when eating at the place. At Samudra, this dish is none other than their Palak Masala Dosa that brings together green vegetables and the southern spices, a union that works great with their crispy paper-thin Dosas


Savya Rasa

A little on the expensive side, Savya Rasa experiments with combining modern food preferences with authentic South Indian flavours. This has led to the creation of splendid dishes that have drawn on elements from cooking techniques used in different parts of South India.Each item on the menu is served with complimentary spicy Papadam that adds to the joy of eating coconut soaked curry and rice.



As the name suggests, the restaurant has pioneered a food plate that you cannot resist! North2South combines some of the most loved North Indian dishes such as Aaloo Kulcha with spicy South Indian Chutney. It offers three different thali combos, and also gives you freedom to have either a pure North Indian or South Indian meal. A special menu for the children includes chocolate Dosa and cheese Uttapam.


Zeeshan Restaurant

The Biryani here emulates the taste of the famous Hyderabad Biryani, leaving you with no doubt of whether the non-vegetarian meal contained sufficient portion of chicken. The quantity and quality of the food uplift your spirits, and make the expenditure worth every penny.