Top 20 Places For Buffet In North 24 Parganas, Kolkata

Top 20 Places For Buffet In North 24 Parganas Kolkata
Top 20 Places For Buffet In North 24 Parganas Kolkata

Many of us in Kolkata are foodies, so whenever we travel somewhere new, we’re on the lookout for the best places to eat. Get ready to learn about the most fantastic buffet restaurants in Kolkata’s North 24 Parganas, including Barbeque Nation, Social Kitchen Restaurant, and The Orient, among others.

Kolkata, the City of Joy, offers a variety of luxurious lunch buffet options for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Sunday is generally the one day of the week when you get to rest and recuperate after a challenging and exhausting week, and what better way to do it than by spending it with your favorite people, eating some excellent food, and dancing to some great music.

1.Barbeque Nation

One of Barbeque Nation’s selling points was its low-cost buffet, which comprised everything from fried shrimp, several types of kababs, and tandoori veggies to biryanis, curries, and desserts. UBQ’s charges are also quite reasonable. The quality of the buffet is excellent, and it provides a variety of items within an affordable range. The buffet price ranges from 600 to 1000. On weekends the price is higher as compared to weekdays. All the things are served on the table and people don’t have to serve themselves on their own. Overall, it’s the best place for eating out both Veg and Non-Veg Buffets.

2.Zahtar- The Maureen

Zahtar is a chic and luxurious place to dine in. The menu contains flavors from around the world which includes Continental to Chinese and then Italian to North Indian and Other Multi-Cuisines. The food is delicious and budget-friendly as well. The buffet price ranges from 1600 for two. On weekends the price is little higher as compared to weekdays. Overall, it’s a good place for Veg and Non-Veg Buffets.

3.Onyx- Holiday Inn

It’s a cozy place with delicious food, warm service comfortable seating area. Onyx is known for its chicken paprika, litti, prawn cutlets, jalebi, and salads. The buffet price range is 2200 for two people. However, it’s a classy place but worth of every penny spend.

4.Social Kitchen- Holiday Inn

The food is remarkable with warm staff service. A good place to relax and spend time with loved ones. It has a great seating area with a nice ambiance. Starters are delicious. Buffet provide a variety of Continental, Asian and Chinese. The popular dishes are chicken paprika, prawn cutlets, litti, jalebi and salad. Deserts are lovely. The average cost for two people is Rs. 2200. Both Veg and Non-Veg cuisine are worth trying.

5.Zenith Hall- The Fern Residency

It’s a perfect place to dine in with family and friends. The decor is excellent, with a variety of food and hospitality. The seating area is nice, and comfortable and cozy. They provide global cuisines including North Indian, Italian and Chinese. Popular dishes are paan shorts, ghee bhat, mango sandesh. The average price for two people is 1500. It’s a value for money restaurant.

6.XII Zodiac- The Fern Residency

Courteous staff, good food, and ambience are the major highlights of XII Zodiac – The Fern Residency. This place is suitable for family and friends gathering. The ambience of this place is good, and the service and behaviour of the staff are equally good as well. Some must try from this place is Chicken Pahari Kebab, Aslam Bhai ka chicken, Mutton Biryani. The theme of this restaurant is based on XII Zodiac signs. The cost of Weekend Brunch is around Rs 696, and that of dinner is around Rs 736. The cost of a weekday buffet is around Rs 616.

7.The Orient

This restaurant is situated in City Centre, Salt Lake. The ambience of this place is fantastic. The taste of authentic food and flavor pulls everyone to this restaurant. The lunch buffet cost around Rs 1100, which includes a variety of veg and non-vegetarian dishes. The food at this place is delicious, and the manager of this place is even great. You will enjoy your time here.

8.Abs- Absolute Barbecues

This is a newly launched outlet of Absolute Barbeque in Kolkata. The Buffet at this place gives a tough competition to the Barbeque Nation. It’s a great place with equally good staff. The quality of quantity of food is far beyond tasty. The Price of lunch buffet is around Rs 691 and that of Non-Veg is around Rs 807, The price of dinner buffet for veg is Rs 866 and that of Non-Veg is around Rs 866.

9.Adveih Restaurant- Celesta

This restaurant is situated in Jyangra, North 24 Parganas. The Lunch and Dinner Buffet price starts from Rs 600, and this buffet includes both Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian Dishes. Hotel Celesta comes under one of the most premium hotels that are located in VIP Road, and it serves top-notch quality food. The ambience of this place makes it, even better for a perfect dining experience. Murgh Banjara kebab, Fish Croutons, and Huken Fried rice are some of the best dishes of this restaurant.

10.Nest- Howard Johnson

This outlet is in New Town Square near Spencer Mall. The price of a breakfast buffet is Rs 399, and that of a lunch and dinner buffet is around Rs 649. The ambience is amazing, and their hospitality is also great. The place was neat and clean. The buffet doesn’t have extensive varieties of dishes, but the quality and quantity of available dishes are excellent. It will be a wholesome experience for anyone who will try the buffet at this place.

11.The Square

The Square is inside Novotel Hotel, which is in New Town Kolkata. It’s a 5-star dining restaurant, the ambience of this place is nice and spacious. The cost of brunch cost on weekends is around Rs 1300, the brunch includes a variety of North Indian main course dishes. The quality of food is great, and there are live counters for pastas and fries. Buffet at this place is a must-try suggestion.

12.Seasonal Tastes- The Westin

It’s a sophisticated and classy venue with a contemporary ambiance, breathtaking views, and an elegant eating area. The average cost for two people is 1600, and weekends are a little more expensive. Parking is available in the basement and is wheelchair accessible. The restaurant is known for its Indian, Continental, and Japanese main courses, as well as bread, salads, and soups. Even food is tailored to the individual’s preferences and needs. There are 25 different dessert options, including pancakes and ice cream. It was well worth the money.

13.3132- The Westin

The venue provided both a rooftop lounge and indoor seating with a nice view, the ambience was super cool, and the wi-fi was excellent. They also offer live sports coverage and live music. The decor was elegant. The food was of high quality and quantity. All the cuisine was wonderful, especially the continental and Italian dishes. The entire crew is friendly and polite. There is also parking available. Ideal place for socializing with friends and family. For two individuals, the average cost is 2500. The meal is reasonably priced.

14.The Deck Bar & Grill- The Westin

This restaurant for fine dining is in The Westin Kolkata, which is in New Town. There is a good view of the pool which makes the dining experience even much better. The cost for two at this restaurant is Rs 2400. The buffet experience in this place is worth trying; they provide the best-known service and tastes from all around India. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for the buffet as well as fine dining.

15.The Grand Ballroom and Lawn – The Westin

This is yet another popular outlet situated inside The Westin, Kolkata. The restaurant comes up every time with very good buffet plans during Durga Pujas. The price during the festival time at this place ranges from Rs 2300 to Rs 2500. The buffet is grand as per the name of the restaurant itself. It includes almost 100 items in the buffet, which is enormous in number.

16.Nori- The Westin

This luxurious restaurant is in New Town. Westin is one of the most known 5-star restaurants in Kolkata. The cost of Buffet at this restaurant is around Rs 2200. Like most of the 5-star restaurants, the starter has a limited options, but the quality and taste are good. They serve authentic food which, includes Jasmine rice, Prawn Thai Curry, Kung Pao Chicken. The buffet is concluded with deserts which are also great in taste.

17.Kava- Fairfield by Marriott

This restaurant is situated in New Town, Kolkata. The ambience of this place is excellent, and the staff of this place are courteous. The food quality is also great, and a variety of food is available. The cost of a lunch buffet is around Rs 1062, and the cost of a dinner buffet is around Rs 1180. The price differs on weekdays and weekends. The buffet includes both veg and non-vegetarian cuisines. Overall, it’s a very good place for the buffet.

18.Café Treat – The Pride Hotel

The cost of buffet at this place for breakfast is around Rs 500 and that on the weekend is around Rs 714. The price for a lunch buffet is around Rs 1000 per person. Seating arrangement, booking system, staff behaviour, hospitality is all top class at this restaurant. From starters to the main course to desserts all are equally good in taste. The staff’s behaviour is helpful and courteous throughout the dining experience.

19.Branches – O2 Oxygen Hotel

This restaurant is situated on VIP Road, Ramakrishna Pally, near Kaikhali. The restaurant is in a good location. The place is highly superb for weekend dining plans. The ambience of this place is classy along with the melody of a live violinist. As far as the food is considered its always on the top, there is some magic in the chef’s hand. Some must try from this restaurant are Tandoori Mix Non-Veg Platter, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish. There is also a wide range of extraordinary cocktails available in this restaurant.

20.Kasturi Restaurant

The sitting arrangement in this place is decent, but the quality of food is awesome. The quantity of food is also sufficient. The cost of the buffet is in the range of around 800 Rs. The famous dish from the restaurant is Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa, which is incredible in taste. Every other item of this restaurant is tasty, and it’s a perfect Bengali restaurant in North 24 Parganas.