Top 20 Korean Street Foods Every Foreigner Can Try

Top 20 Korean Street Foods Every Foreigner Can Try
Top 20 Korean Street Foods Every Foreigner Can Try

Korean food is gaining recognition globally. There are different varieties in it ranging from sweet to spicy. And when it comes to street food, it is an age-old practice. Korea is popular for its street food too, and the affordability and delicious factor makes these food even more appealing. Now lets see the top 20 Korean street foods that every foreign can try for a sumptuous experience.

1. Hotteok

You will find pancakes in most parts of the world. Hotteok, which is a stuffed sweet pancake is a demonstration that how you can make a simple food into a great treat. Hotteok is becoming famous as one of the best street foods in Korea, thanks to its fresh taste. They are taken straight away from the grill and are filled with sugar, cinnamon, and nuts.

2. Pajeon

This savory pancake is found in almost every corner of Korea. There is also a street called Pajeon Alley where you will find these wild green onion pancakes. The ingredients of this pancake will differ from place to place; for example, you can have carrots or any other vegetable to add to its appeal.

3. Mandu

This Korean dumpling can be pan-fried or even steamed. They are multi-purposeful. You can relish it as a main dish or a snack. Besides, you can even enhance the taste of another dish through Mandu. You can find these tasty steamed or fried dumplings in every street food area in Korea.

4. Gimbap

Gimbap, also referred to as Kimbap, is a Korean seaweed rice roll. You can find it m on streets as well as take them for school picnics. This is a versatile dish. Whether it is avocado or chicken or any other ingredient, you can enjoy this delicious dish to your heart’s desire.

5. Hodu-Gwaja

The very taste of this Korean walnut-shaped pastry that can be had hot is welcoming. It is coated with red bean cakes and walnuts. Though these can be found in supermarkets in some countries, having them fresh in the streets is indeed a great feeling. For the best experience, you can even prepare them in your home.

6. Odeng

This fish cake soup gives you the much-needed comfort during cold seasons. It is also found in the streets of Korea, much to the delight of the gourmet. This dish has its origin from the Japanese word ‘odeng’. It is also referred to as “eomuk”. This can be a great filler. You can add surimi, carrots, and onion to this great Korean street food.

7. Dakkochi

These Korean chicken skewers are known for grilling chicken on a stick. The sauce that is filled with it gives it the much-needed zing. Customers can select the sauce of their choice and relish this amazing Korean street food.

8. Bindaetteok

Korean pancakes are an integral part of Korean food. These Korean pancakes are made of ground mung beans, rice, and sour kimchi and are a favorite in Korea. The split peas (mung beans) is the major ingredient in this recipe. There are several stalls in Seoul that sells these pancakes. The seasonings added to these pancakes also enhances their life.

9. Jjinppang

These steamed buns loaded with red beans are a traditional dish of Korea. Their taste is amazing when they are served hot and fluffy. The steaming of the buns with red bean paste provides it a delectable taste.

10. Bungeo-Ppang

This fish-shaped pastry has its base on the Japanese taiyaki. This  is basically a winter food found on the Korean streets. The sweet filling adds to its taste; you can either fill it with sweetened red bean paste or thick custard. Though it can also be bought frozen in supermarkets, eating it as a street food gives it a unique experience.

11. Tteokbokki

These spicy cylinder-shaped rice cakes are easy to prepare. They are also made of gochujang chilli paste. You can serve them with Korean fish cake soup. You can either have them in the streets or also make them at the comfort of your home.

12. Gun-Goguma

This popular dish in Korea which is nothing but Korean sweet potatoes baked are a great winter food. They are renowned in both North and South Korea and are even prepared as cakes, bread etc. The fiber element of the sweet potato adds to its health factor.

13. Dalgona

You will find this Korean sugar candy really awesome for the fun factor attached to it. This caramel candy is crisp in the outside and soft in the inside. Melted sugar and baking soda are the key ingredients of it.

14. Hoeori Gamja

Hoeori gamja or Tornado potato fries are also a popular Korean street food. These fries on a stick get a curly shape after they are cooked. You can sprinkle this dish with chilli or cheese. They are also famously referred to as twist potatoes.

15. Japchae

This sweet potato noodles which is fried with vegetables and meat is widely popular in Korea. You can personalize it with the vegetables you want. The flavor of it is irresistible. You can cook the meat and vegetables separately.

16. Korean Fried Chicken

This stir-fried chicken uses boneless chicken bits. You can find various fried chicken outlets in Korea. It is marinated in sauce including sweet chilli sauce. You can cook it in minutes and can enjoy its great taste.

17. Gyeran-Ppang

This warm street dish is found all over South Korea. This fluffy bread consists of a hard-boiled egg in the interior. You can even prepare it either with bacon or American cheese.

18. Roasted Chestnuts

This winter food is popular in South Korea, and the taste that you get after heating and cooking these chestnuts is unique.

19. Patbingsu

Patbingsu is the ideal dish for summer. This Korean shaved ice can be prepared in a short span. There are several variations of Patbingsu nowadays. You will get the feel of a gigantic snow mountain in a bowl. You can garnish it with eye-catching fruits and sweet red beans.

20. Korean Hot Dog

Korean Hot Dog is also called corn dog. It is filled with a batter and deep fried and given the final touch with sugar. These cheesy hot dogs are a great blend of sweet and savory taste.