Top 20 Places For Desserts Lovers In Banglore

top 20 places for desserts lovers in banglore

Banglore is known for the various hep and happening places it homes. Banglore is also well known for its dessert cafes. There are several delicious and mouth-watering dessert-serving cafes in Bangalore that you will not be able to resist if you have a sweet tooth. The following is the list of well-known original places in Banglore that serve amazing and you must try if you are a dessert lover.

1. Art Of Delight

This wonderful and inviting cafe has amazing and satisfying desserts like their signature cheesecakes and more. It is a trendy place for yummy sundaes and chilled freaky shakes. They have delicious desserts to offer with tons of options to choose from.

Art Of Delight

2. Corner House

This dessert chain has several outlets throughout Bangalore. They offer one of the best death by chocolates and have many more flavourful options to choose from. If you are a chocolate lover this is a place you would want to try once. They have several sundaes that are a part of their specialized menu.

Corner House

3. Dolci Desserts 

A fabulous restaurant with Italian food and ambiance that serves heavenly chocolate cake, burnt lemon tart, oreo cheesecake, etc. It is quite an exquisite place and has a remarkable palette of flavor. If you like traditional Italian desserts this might be the perfect spot for you.

Dolci Desserts

4. Aubree

Aubree is a place that is popular for its Unique cakes, pastries, chocolates, and confectioneries. They have an amazing set of flavors and several-sized cakes that will melt in your mouth. The hazelnut or the fresh fruit flavored cake is a perfect dessert to celebrate any occasions.


5. Milano Ice Cream 

This ice cream parlor is very famous for its wonderful ice cream that comes in different flavors. You are given the option to choose two flavors in one serving. They are also very famous for their cakes and to be more specific their tiramisu is a must try. You can find this amazing place on the streets of Indranagar in Bangalore.

Milano Ice Cream

6. Lake View Milk Bar 

This charming dessert cafe is on MG Road in Bangalore. It is a simple dessert shop dating to 1930 featuring ice cream, cakes, shakes & other treats. They have soft feather pastries, waffles, and many other desserts like sundaes, milkshakes, etc that are inviting. They also serve various other snacks.

Lake View Milk Bar

7. Belgian Waffle Factory

This is a very famous dessert chain for waffles and pancakes in specific. Belgian Waffle Factory is placed in several places on the corner of many streets in Bangalore. They have several flavors to choose from and will serve you a perfectly cooked waffle or pancakes. They also have pre-mixes of various flavors, so if you feel like making pancakes and waffles with the same flavor you have a solution, all you have to do is pour some milk into the mixture and make the batter.

Belgian Waffle Factory

8. Amintiri

This bakery in Bangalore will serve you the best freshly baked customized cakes for any occasion. They also serve some of the best tarts and tiramisu in Bangalore. Their menu is one of the most tempting menus you will ever come across, having a very unique cake menu is a specialty of theirs and is a must-try.


9. Little Black Chaux

This famous french breakfast place is also very well known for its desserts. If you are a macaroon lover this is a place you will love. You will get authentic crispy yet soft and flavourful macaroons over here. They also serve mouth-watering french pastries. This restaurant is placed in Indiranagar.

Little Black Chaux

10. Asha Sweets

Being Indians we are well aware of this famous Indian dessert eatery. Several people love our traditional Indian sweets like Gulab jamun, Rasgulla, Peda, etc. If you love the Indian flavor in your dessert this is a to-go place for you.

Asha Sweets

11. Anand Sweets And Savories

For several years Anand Sweets And Savories have been well known for serving their signature flavored sweets. Anand believes in the authenticity and flavors that suit your celebrations. Any Indian festival, sweet cravings, etc this place is ideal for you.

Anand Sweets And Savories

12. Kodial

This cafe was originated from Mangalore. The desserts and snacks are absolutely delicious and addictive. Their dessert sundaes are made with several flavors of the famous Ideal Ice Cream. They are very well known for their Tiramisu and Gudbad ice cream sundae. This ice cream parlor is placed in the streets of Malleshwaram.


13. Happy Belly Bakes

Sweet & Decadent, Our Luxurious Gourmet Desserts Are Made Using Only The Best Ingredients. Shop From A Wide Range Of Cakes, Brownies, Tarts, And Delectable Savoury Items. If you are looking for a place to satisfy your sweet-toothed cravings this is a place you must definitely try.

Happy Belly Bakes

14. Sangam Sweets

This Indian sweet parlor serves authentic Indian-flavored sweets with rich and unique flavors like almonds, cashews, pistachios, rose, saffron, etc. If you love the flavor of Indian sweets but are bored with typical Indian sweets then this is a place you must try. They serve flavourful Indian sweets with a twist and touch of their own.

Sangam Sweets

15. Momo Cafe 

This cafe is quite exquisite and is placed in the courtyard of the Marriot. They specialize in both Indian as well as foreign desserts. Momo Cafe is also well known for its dessert buffest which offers you a wide and unlimited variety of desserts. They are well known for their blueberry cheesecake, carrot halwa, etc.

Momo Cafe

16. Lot Like Crepes And Cafe

Lot Like Crepes is a low-key cafe with open-air seating, offering simple dishes & a range of sweet & savory crepes. They serve tasty cheesecakes, waffles, sweet crepes, etc. You can find this amazing place in Whitefield.

Lot Like Crepes And Cafe

17. Candy Cloud Factory

This place is a colorful, whimsical dessert spot serving up cotton candy burritos, waffles, ice cream & more. This place is definitely for the cotton candy lovers out there, with various flavors of cotton candy and several dishes made out of cotton candy. This place is just magical and heavenly.

Candy Cloud Factory

18. Desserted

Desserted is a stylishly appointed cafe & bakery offering coffee, pastries & sweet treats, plus custom cakes. Their pastries are known to be out of the world. People love the versatility of this place as it serves several genres of food and desserts, from European to Andhra they have it all.


19. Mugful Of Stories 

As given in the name it is easy to guess that this place in Bangalore is well known for its mug cakes. We have all come across several dessert places but this is one of a kind as it serves soft, gooey, and mouth-melting mug cakes in several flavors.

Mugful Of Stories

20. Glens Bakehouse

This is a well-known dessert cafe in Bangalore. They have various mouth-watering and iconic desserts to serve. They are very well known for their signature red velvet cupcakes which are definitely a must-try if you are a fan of the red velvet flavor. They are also famous for their other desserts like tarts, cheesecakes, pies, etc.

Glens Bakehouse 1