20 Best Cafes In Bangalore You Must Visit Today!



Art Blend Café

Art Blend Cafe is a vibrant little cafe which is perfect for relaxation. They have accessories to engage your time with board games and books. Also, they have a crafts corner for you to delve into creativity. They even have a rooftop seating available for those of you who want to enjoy the open air ambience. This cafe is even famous for conducting workshops for people of all ages.


Cafe 42

As a rooftop cafe, Cafe 42 is really doing well. Situated in Indiranagar, it attracts quite a lot of crowd. They have a great collection of books to read from along with poetry written on blackboards. They are known to host a lot of events like book readings and poetry reading and thus are a hub of the intellectual crowd of Bangalore. They even organise yoga classes and art sessions.


Coffee On Canvas

Coffee on Canvas does justice to its name. The place has a lot of artwork which is made with Coffee on canvases. These artworks are then placed underneath a glass top on every table, for the customers being able to see and appreciate the work. They have a variety of games and books, for you to have a quality time here. Often you’ll find local artists’ and artisans’ works here for display and sale.


Atta Galatta

This is the ultimate hub for all those of you who love to read! They host a lot of events which include book readings, stage plays and seminars. They even conduct workshops here which is why it sees a lot of the artistic crowd of Bangalore.


Dyu Cafe

Another art cafe on the list is the DYU Cafe. The ambience over here suggests total nostalgia. The intricate design of this place will soon make you a new fan of it. You can have a great conversation with your friends, or even read a book while enjoying your own company here! It will cater to every plan you make.


Cafe Max

This is the ultimate destination to enjoy a good cup of Coffee with your friends. Or wine! They serve delectable dishes from the Mediterranean and European cuisine and some delightful Desserts too. This is a rooftop cafe where you will thoroughly enjoy your time after a play at the Goeth Institute.


Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe is a rooftop cafe, which is quite popular these days. The ambience is impeccable as you enjoy a good cup of Coffee with your loved ones. Their menu is quite extensive, especially for vegetarians.



If you are looking to explore your creative side, then this is your cue! They have two outlets, one in Koramangala and another in Indiranagar. You can explore your creative side by painting cups, or magnets or bowls. Once you’re done painting, they bake the product and glaze it, for you. And you can then take it home and decorate.


Courtyard Cafe

A small garden cafe of sorts, Courtyard Cafe, has a great few options for a meal and a perfect ambience to meet people. In fact, they even let you bring your pets there. The Santosh’s Special Pizza has quite been talked about, and is a must try!


Leaping Windows

All comic book fans head here! Not only will you find one of the best comic book libraries but also along with great food. And, they have wifi too! Superhero missing? Visit this immediately.


Hole In The Wall

For a breakfast meal on weekends with your friends, this is a great choice. They have some great English breakfast choices which will put an end to all Bacon cravings.


Green Theory

If you’re a vegetarian, then we have the perfect place for you which serve organic and vegetarian delicacies. The food is delicious and will give all the non-vegetarian cafes a run for its money. The relaxing ambience is a plus, as the cafe is sort of a recluse from the busy city lives of many. They have multiple seating options for you. Plus they have this unique feature of a button which you can use to summon a waiter for ordering. The food is classic European and is a delicate treat!


Cup O Joe

For a ‘Joeful’ living, head here. They provide a world-class ambience with brilliantly made cups of coffee. The rustic look of the cafe will amaze you, with the brick wall and old furniture. There are two types of seating, one which lets you enjoy the whole view of the kitchen, and the other where you get to enjoy the open air on the rooftop. The menu is primarily Mexican and European and is too delicious.



This cafe was started in 2012, and as the name suggests it has a great variety of Dessert options, which will please all of you with a sweet tooth. Their variety of French pastries will have you gasping. The baked brownies are quite recommended too. They also have a room which displays art, which can be bought by the customers. And they also have a pretty gift shop.



Head to Chaipatty for the ultimate tea experience. We promise you an amazing time while you’re here. It is a hangout place for people of all age groups, and you’ll find the best of teas in here. The ambience is indeed homely which helps you enjoy your Chai in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with your loved ones. The sketchy walls and art decorated cafe gives it quite the artsy feel.



Wookstok is a cafe which was named after a famous art and music festival of1969. The decor is made in adherence to the theme and contains lyrics and pictures of famous songs from the 1960s to 1980s. If you want a taste of old school music, this cafe is the ultimate destination. They also serve a mix of Mexican, American and Italian food.


The Table Blue

The place uses tables that are all blue, which is how it gets its name. With a funky decor, this cafe attracts a lot of young crowds and is quite the experience. The menu has a range of Pasta, Salads Soups, etc. all of which are favourites of most people. And, they also serve Wine!


Crèmeand Crust

The perfect little cafe we always wanted to go to is this one. It has been operating for over 5 years and is a huge success and sees quite the crowd for some of the greatest Desserts. Their breakfast is also quite refreshing and delicious. They even serve a Desi breakfast which contains Parathas.


Third Wave Coffee Roasters

One of the newest additions to the city, the Third Wave Coffee Roasters is a cafe which roasts and brews its own coffee. Head here for authentic coffee which will be served to you in handcrafted cups. A promising and inviting atmosphere awaits you here.


Cafe Buzzinga

Are you a Big Bang Theory fan? As most of you would realise this cafe is named after a famous catchphrase from the show. You can watch your back to back shows here in the cafe, with your laptop. It is dedicated to all sitcom fanatics.