Top 20 Places For Sizzlers In Bangalore

top 20 places for sizzlers in bangalore

A hot and fresh sizzler of your choice and Bangalore’s wonderful weather is a perfect combination. A steaming hot meal is satisfying but to take that experience to the next level sizzlers are a perfect means. If you love the salads, fries, and rice served in the right quantity there are some places in Bangalore that you must try. Banglore is home to a couple of places that will win all of your sizzler-loving hearts. If you are looking for a place to satisfy your cravings for sizzlers these are some of the places in Bangalore that you must try at least once.

1. Kobe Sizzlers

This famous sizzler eatery has been in Bangalore for years. They are very famous for their wide variety of cuisines and their taste. Kobe is placed throughout many places in Bangalore. Unlike many sizzler cafes, Kobe serves unbelievably amazing vegetarian sizzlers too. You will not be disappointed by their menu and the quality of food that they have to offer.

1 Kobe Sizzlers

2. Smoke The Sizzler House

This dynamic place is homed in bel road and Koramangala. It is a cozy restaurant offering barbecue & sizzler plates in a casual space with earth-toned decor. This place specializes in sizzlers and steaks, so if you are a steak lover with the combination of sizzlers this is the sweet spot that you have been looking for.

2 Smoke The Sizzler House

3. Barbeque Nation

This iconic restaurant in Bangalore is also very famous for its buffet and sizzlers. They serve a wide variety and exquisitely flavored vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers. If you want to fall in love with sizzlers all over again this place should be a place you must try.

3 Barbeque Nation

4. Drunkling Sizzlers and Pub

This is a compact, informal joint serving a wide range of sizzler dishes alongside beer & cocktails. This place serves a well-priced sizzler for great quantity and quality with unforgettable taste. Their chicken sizzler and kababs are the most preferred by their regular customers, if you like the classic flavored sizzlers this is the place for you.

4 Drunkling Sizzlers and Pub

5. Connie’s Restaurant And Steakhouse

This place is a go-to and all-time favorite for meat lovers. This food joint is the perfect spot for you to relish your cravings and undying thirst for steaks and sizzlers. This place is bound to give you a homely feeling with great service.

5 Connies Restaurant and Steakhouse

6. Elements Eatery

Elements Eatery offers a mouth-watering sizzler menu that is not just tempting but will also lead you to yearn for more. They are very well known for their sizzlers and have been placed in Banglore for several years now. They have maintained an evergreen taste pallet throughout these years and are an iconic place for all the sizzler lovers out there in Bangalore.

6 Elements Eatery

7. The Sizzler Cafe

This eatery is placed in the food court of Orion. This place is not only reasonable but also serves you a plate of fresh, hot, and steaming sizzlers that will make your mouth water. If you are looking for sizzlers that are not too big and not too small at the same time with a good price tag on it, then this is a place you must try.

7 The Sizzler Cafe

8.  Cafe Noir

This may come as a shock to you but you read that right. Even though cafe noir has been well known for its dessert menu their sizzlers will surely impress you. Even though they have only two sizzlers on the menu they are a must-try. Their sizzlers are rich in flavor and will not disappoint you.

8 Cafe Noir

9. The Grill House

They specialize in American, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. their steaks and sizzlers are just out of the world and will serve you the sizzlers with the right amount of spice, cheese, veggies, and cottage cheese. Once you take a bite the food will melt in your mouth.

9 The Grill House

10.  Once Upon A Flame

This is a continental Steakhouse, specializing in steaks and sizzlers in Chicken, Seafood, Pork, Buff Tenderloin, and a wide variety of Veg Sizzlers too, they also serve Starters, Salads, Pasta, Pizzas, and Burgers. This wonderful place is located in HSR Layout, Bangalore, and is a must-try.

10 Once Upon a Flame

11. Chilli’s

This marvelous restaurant is located in Orion mall and has a peachy view and ambiance. Chilli’s serves you a unique taste in their dishes and their sizzlers are quite tempting. Their quick service and amazing food make a good team and will make your evening.

11 Chillis

12. Shiv Sagar

If you are a vegetarian and a sizzler lover and are always struggling to find a good place to try, this is a place you must try. It might come as a shock to you but Shiv Sagar serves one of the most iconic vegetarian sizzlers that are to die for.

12 Shiv Sagar

13. Millers 46 Stake House And Bar

Millers 46 Stake Houe and Bar has great service, great location, good ambiance, relaxed environment, and good food. They serve bodacious steaks and sizzlers. Their zesty sizzlers are a must-try and  die for. If you are looking for a new place as a sizzler lover this is a place for you.

13 Millers 46 Stake House and Bar

14. Wok Momo Sizzlers

This restaurant is placed in Koramangala. This place for ultimate momo and sizzler lovers. If you are looking for a place where you can combine your cravings for momos and sizzlers you are going to become a regular customer of this eatery. Once tasted the iconic momo sizzlers you will fall in love head over heels with them.

14 Wok Momo Sizzlers

15. The Only Place

This mind-blowing straightforward mainstay serves American classics such as burgers, steaks, sandwiches & apple pie. They serve the tempting sizzlers and their portions are quite sizeable too. If you are a chicken and beef lover this place will hit that sweet spot in your tastebuds.

15 The Only Place

16. VV Cafe And Sizzlers

This fantastic place is placed in Yalhanka. They are not only famous for their sizzlers but are also quite famous for their snacks. It is an ideal place to go with your family as it has a very homely and welcoming ambiance. They are well known for their sizzler pasta and it is a must-try when you visit this wonderful eatery.

16 VV Cafe and Sizzlers

17. Portland Grill And Cafe

This well-known open-air steakhouse is a must-try place for non-vegetarians. Apart from their mind-blowing menu of steaks and desserts they also serve very good sizzlers. If you are looking for a place to try something new this is the place for you.

17 Portland Grill and Cafe

18. Kababish Sizzlers

This is perhaps one of the most pocket-friendly places that you will come across in Bangalore. They are known for their tandoor combo sizzler and cinese veg combo sizzler. Their sizzlers have a touch of wild street style flavor in them and will give you a new perspective on the taste of sizzlers.

18 Kababish Sizzlers

19. Fountain Sizzlers

Banglore homes this amazing vegetarian sizzler eatery in MG Road. They serve some flavourful and satisfying sizzlers that will suffice all your cravings. If you are a vegetarian and are tired of finding places to eat sizzlers this is a place you can put down on your list.

19 Fountain Sizzlers

20. Mitti Cafe

This is a very unique and blissful place. They are well known for employing and training adults with physical and mental disabilities. They serve a set of sizzlers that you would have never heard of. They have a variety of dishes like Chola Tikki sizzler and chillie veggie noodle sizzler that will win your heart.

20 Mitti Cafe