Top 20 Restaurants You’ll Love Near Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu In Seoul

top 20 restaurants youll love near seocho dong seocho gu in seoul

Seocho-dong is a neighborhood in Seocho District in Seoul. The area of Seocho is a culturally vibrant location and commercially and residentially strategic. Headquarters of several companies of Korea are present here. Seocho-dong is also close to the wealthy Gangnam district. In and around Seocho-dong, there are various worth-visiting places, some recreational and some having cultural significance. Recreational sites include the GOTO Mall (a basement shopping mall with retail stores, restaurants, and cafes), Samsung d’light (a building dedicated to showcasing Samsung products and other events), Seoul Arts Center, and National Gugak Center, etc. Seocho-dong, and by extension Seocho-gu, incorporates the warmth and harmony of a community feeling. Several restaurants of various cuisines exist in this neighborhood—there is something for everyone in Seocho.

1. Flam’s Bistro

Flam’s Bistro is a German and French restaurant located at 41 Nambusunhwan-ro 317. The restaurant lets you taste delicious authentic European-style foods like Flammkuchen, spaetzle, and sausages. The ingredients, portion sizes, and prices will please you. This restaurant is perfect for family dining. Also, don’t forget to try their beer and wine selection.

1 Flams Bistro 1

2. Da Pita

A cute Italian cafe with a pleasant and warm ambiance—Da Pita is an excellent recommendation if you want to enjoy delicious Italian food sitting in beautiful vintage interiors that look like they came straight out of a painting! Treat yourself to the delectable range of pizza, pasta, and other Italian mains. The service is courteous; overall, Da Pita leaves you feeling like you spent your time well.

2 Da Pita 1

3. Seocho Myeonok

You can visit Seocho Myeonok at 46 Banpo-Daero 28-Gil. The restaurant is a favorite among the residents for its delicious Hamheung-style Naengmyeon. Customers also recommend Bibim Naengmyeon, Galbijjim, Mandu, and Galbitang. The restaurant gets bustling and noisy during the lunch hours, so plan your visit accordingly. 

3 Seocho Myeonok 1

4. Notrevie

A modern, western-style brunch restaurant—Notrevie has quiet, cozy, and relaxing interiors. Burgers, sandwiches, Italian dishes are available here. The food is delicious and comforting. The burgers are exceptional. Cheese is a primary ingredient in most recipes, but it is appropriately used, enhancing the subtle flavors of food. Notre vie is an overall fantastic neighborhood restaurant, the kind that you’d like to visit every weekend!

4 Notrevie 1

5. Texas De Brazil

Texas De Brazil is a fantastic restaurant to experience Brazilian barbeque; however, what you get here is modern Brazilian cuisine instead of the traditional one. The restaurant offers a variety of juicy meat and drinks. The salads have received good reviews for their freshness and variety. The prices may seem high, but it is well worth it!

5 Texas De Brazil 1

6. Budnamujip

Budnamujip is a Michelin-star rated barbecue restaurant located at 434 Hyoryeong-ro. Established in 1977, this restaurant emerged as an excellent family restaurant, with high-quality beef-based dishes, exceptional side dishes, and friendly staff. The presentation is simple, and the taste is heavenly! You must try the signature Hanwoo Kalbitang. 

6 Budnamujip 1

7. Seogwan Myeonok

Seogwan Myeonok is a famous restaurant with modern interiors, serving the traditional and authentic Pyongyang Naengmyeon ( North Korean-style Cold Noodles). Nokdu Bindaetteok and Beef Suyuk are a must-try too. The service is friendly and attentive. The food presentation is attractive with large portion sizes. 

7 Seogwan Myeonok 1

8. Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Lawry’s is a buffet and bar located at 411, Seocho-Daero, on the third floor of GT Tower. You can treat yourself to a cut of high-quality prime ribs for lunch. The interiors give off vintage English vibes, and the service is professional with personal attention. If you ever crave Prime Ribs, this is the place to go in Seoul.

8 Lawrys The Prime Rib 1

9. Dos Tacos

Dos Tacos is a small Mexican restaurant attracting foreign and local visitors in the Gangnam neighborhood. Dos Tacos in this region may not taste like the one in the US since the tastes have been adjusted to suit the Korean palate, but it still is one of the best Mexican culinary experiences you will have. The food is fresh, delicious, and full of Tex-Mex flavors. Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos—expect to find the quintessential Mexican foods here. In addition, vegan and vegetarian options are available.

9 Dos Tacos 1

10. Butter Finger Pancake

Sometimes we all feel like relishing some good old American breakfast. But, you don’t have to look beyond Butter Finger Pancakes in the Gangnam area. This restaurant is a famous breakfast and brunch spot in the area located at 1317, Seocho-dong. The western-style breakfast menu is full of plenty of meat options, and you can also avail yourself of customizations. The portion sizes are satisfactorily massive, and the service is excellent.

10 Butter Finger Pancake 1

11. Mies Container West

You can enjoy dining while listening to some groovy DJ music in this modern Italian-fusion restaurant located at 9, Seocho-daero 73-Gil. The restaurant has a fun and hip vibe and offers a wide range of options on the menu. For example, try their unique Salad Pasta or Soup Pizza for a mind-blowing experience. Or try their Potato Pizza or Garlic Pizza for a tasty and cheesy experience. But whatever you choose, you will get courteous table service and have a fantastic time.

11 Mies Container West 1

12. Din Tae Fung

Din Tae Fung is a small and cozy Chinese and Taiwanese restaurant in the Seocho neighborhood that offers comforting Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine. Customers note the Dim Sums sold in this restaurant to be one of the best in Seoul. Try the Beef soup, Xiaolongbiao, Shrimp-Wonton Soup, Pork Cutlet, Fried Rice, Shumai; you will love the flavors and textures. Their menu is limited, but the taste is impeccable.

12 Din Tae Fung 1

13. Sandeulhae

If you’re in Korea, having a Hanjeongsik-style meal is a must. Hanjeongsik refers to the full-course Korean meal style characterized by several side dishes in various Banchan plates. At Sandeulhae, located at 287 Banpo-daero, you can experience the full scale of traditional Korean dining. The restaurant is usually busy, and 20-30 mins wait times are typical. The atmosphere may seem noisy, but dining rooms are available for large groups. With an unlimited refill of side dishes, you can eat to your heart’s content.

13 Sandeulhae 1

14. Gyodae Gopchang

Gyodae Gopchang is a friendly neighborhood Gopchang restaurant located at 1578-3 Seocho 3(sam)-dong. Gopchang is a term for grilled cow/pig intestines. Enjoy Gopchang with Soju, and once you finish eating the Gopchang, make sure you’re eating the fried rice too! The service is friendly, and the staff will guide you through the menu well. Consider visiting this restaurant after work to enjoy some meaty dinner and drinks.

14 Gyodae Gopchang 1

15. Soigne

An innovative Michelin-star-rated restaurant on our list is Soigne, which is French for ‘well-groomed.’ Spearheaded by Chef Lee Jun, the restaurant created a menu inculcating the world cuisine while basing each recipe on the Korean culinary philosophies. Visit the restaurant located at B1F, 46 Banpo-daero 39-Gil, and immerse yourself in the creative and modern French culinary experience. 

15 Soigne

16. July

July, located in 164 Donggwang-ro, is another Michelin-star-rated innovative French restaurant. The chef uses local ingredients and traditional sauces and condiments to create surprisingly unique flavors and recipes. The ambiance of the restaurant sets the tone for an intimate dining experience. Do visit this restaurant as it is one of the best restaurants for French cuisine in Seoul.

16 July

17. Minami

Japanese cuisine is diverse and exciting. With many dishes, one can immerse in various textures and flavors while exploring. One such dish is the Soba Noodles. Soba Noodles are predominantly a part of Japanese cuisine; the noodles use buckwheat as the primary ingredient. You can see these noodles in various foods, ranging from fast food to fine-dines. At the Michelin-star-rated restaurant, Minami, the chef takes the liberty to put his innovative twist on traditional Soba-based dishes.

17 Minami

18. Kunsomchai

Does the idea of Crab Curry with Coconut Rice sound appetizing to you? Then you should visit Kunsomchai, a Michelin-star Thai restaurant located at 23 Seocho-Daero 53-Gil. The chef has a mission—to serve the best Thai cuisine Seoul has ever tasted, and the chef does the job perfectly! Although the restaurant is pricey, you will understand it is worth the price.

18 Kunsomchai

19. Aupres

Aupres is a culinary delight—a must-visit for those who revel in French cuisine. It is a Michelin-star-rated restaurant, so don’t expect comfortable prices. This upscale, fine-dine paradise blends classic French cuisine and modern cooking styles. The restaurant also houses an exciting range of wines. The cozy ambiance and the premium food and service make Aupres an excellent restaurant for formal and intimate dinners.

19 Aupres

20. Baeknyonok

Baeknyeonok is a simple tofu restaurant, attracting loyal customers since 1992. This Michelin-star restaurant, located at 2407 Nambusunhwan-ro, specializes in fresh curd from beans in a homemade style. The bean curd is a primary ingredient in many of their recipes. Ttukbaigi Sundubu and Red Bean porridge are must-try. The interiors are elegant and offer both floor and table seating.

20 Baeknyonok