Top 20 Places To Get Best Desserts And Sweets In Visakhapatnam

20 Places To Get Best Desserts in Vishakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam was commonly known as the city of destiny. It is the perfect destination to witness several traditions & cultures. This place has a huge tourist attraction & it made Vishakhapatnam the home of best desserts in Andhra Pradesh. The list of top 20 restaurants with best desserts is listed below:


Jack Frost

Located in Block A of Vida Complex in Siripuram, it is one of the best dessert parlors in Vishakhapatnam. Sundaes, Desserts & Milkshakes are popular servings.  Available cuisines are Ice creams & desserts. The best place to hang out with family or friends. Black Forest Fantasy and Jack Frost Special are two best dishes to taste in the restaurant. Opening hours are from 11 in the morning to 10 in the night.  An average cost for a dessert is around 250 rupees for two people.



Ice Age

This restaurant location is at Siripuram. The proper address is Ground Floor, Shop 23 at Dutt islands. It’s among the favorite places of Vizagites. The name of the dishes on Menu is fascinating for the kids as they admire these unique names. The place is cheaper & costs you only 250 bucks for two people.



Food Ex

Location of this restaurant is in Asilmetta. Proper address is Signature Tower, Near Sampath Vinayaka Temple. Cuisines which are available include fast foods & Desserts. Opening & closing hours are 10:30 Am to 10 Pm. The average cost for two people is approx 450 bucks. Every kind of fast food loved by the teenager is present in the menu along with a vast range of Pastries.



Pastry, Coffee N’ Conversation

One of the well-known restaurants in the area of Vizag, near Dutt Island in Sirpuram, Pastry, Coffee N’ Conversation is a food place along with a cafeteria which offers the wide range of Pizzas, Rolls, Sandwiches, and Beverages. The highlight of this restaurant is smoking zone, home delivery & outdoor seating. Opens at 11 am & closed at 11pm. The average expense for maximum 2 people is around 400 bucks.



Cream Stone

If you are an Ice cream lover, then you must pay a visit to CreamStone in Vizag. Its location is Balaji Nagar, Asilmetta. The place is known for its good atmosphere & very responsive staff. Different varieties of Ice creams with various toppings are available. Highlights are it’s a vegetarian restaurant along with outdoor seating.  The average cost of having a meal there is around 200 rupees for two people.



Bakers Castle

You can find all the baked products here at Bakers Hub located in Siripuram.  Delicious cakes, as well as soft & chewy Brownies, are also available which can be greatly enjoyed. Chocolate fudge is at the top of the list. Once you have it, you will never forget the delectableness of it. The Cakes from this bakery are best which just melt in our mouth.



Bean Board

The location of Bean Board is Ram Residency, Opposite to HSBC Call Center in Siripuram. This place is energetic in coffee culture. Regardless it is a coffee shop; it offers Best Desserts. You can give try to Cheese Cake. Surfing boards were arranged in a unique manner in the cafeteria which depicts the owner’s interest in adventure, sports & surfing. The maximum you require 400 bucks for enjoying a meal.




Radisa was situated near Waltair club in Waltairs uplands. This place is a must visit for the chocolate lovers. If you are die hard fans of different chocolates then this is the place for you. Extensive ranges of dishes are available, which is enough to make your mouth yum with such type of delicious desserts.



Sai Laddu Gopal

Located at the Double Road, Mvp Colony in Vizag, this is the restaurant cum sweet shop. Presently it is one of the best destinations for sweets in its area. They have lots of categories of Street Foods, Pizzas & Pastries. The sweet at this place is delicious & Fresh.



Pastry Chef

The cafeteria which offers best Pastries located at Murali Nagar in Madhavadhara. Along with Pastries, it has Brownies which make you feel yum and go crazy for the sweets of this place. You have to spend an average amount of rupees 250 for maximum two people to enjoy these pastries. Opening hours are from 9 am to 10 pm.



Snow Dunes

Located at Diamond Park in Dwaraka Nagar, it offers different sort of Pastries & Ice creams. Apart from it Milkshakes, Pizzas, Smoothie is on the menu. One can take pleasure in enjoying items like Chocolate Truffle & ice cream having the flavor of kheer.



Sweet Bay Honey Dew

If you are in search of the best sweets in Vizag, then the best current location is Honey Dew. It is located at the Jagadanba junction. Rasmalai & Kaju Katli tops the list among all the Sweets dishes. To be very frank & honest, the Rasmalai is superbly outstanding delicious & juicy. The shop is small, but still, it’s too busy.



  Sri Sivarama Sweets

One of the oldest shops of sweets on Jagdamba Junction is Sri Sivarama Sweets. This place offers ample range of Indian Sweets. In festive seasons, it’s the perfect place to buys sweets & refreshments that include cake.



Yallop Gourmet

Located at opposite to Governor’s Bungalow in Siripuram, Yallop Gourmet is clean and a good looking restaurant. Its atmosphere is quite amazing with an impressive aura. Opening hours are from 12 in the noon to 11:30 in the night. The place offers good Ice creams, Puffs & Pastries. Also, a pocket-friendly place you have ever seen. Continental breakfast items on the menu are outstanding. Popular among them are the Choco Doughnut & hot Nutty Brownie.



Fresh Choice Bakery

The available Cuisines are Desserts, Bakery, Fast Foods & Chinese. The one who has a great love for baked food then this place belongs to you. Pastries are of Good Qualities. Located at Balayya Sastri layout, it’s the right place for students to hang out. The average cost for two people will be around 400 bucks.



Swagruha Foods

This franchise has three outlets. One who loves homemade stuff such as sweets & snacks can come to Swagruha Foods. Location of the shop is Opposite to YSR Stadium in Madhurawada. Paneer Jalebi is quite famous, and you can give a try to it.



Sarvani Utsav

It is sweet shop cum restaurant located at Bharat petrol pump in Asilmetta. A huge list of Sweets & appetizer is on the menu. Date Pie is the one for which you can go without any hesitation. Rests of the Indian Sweets are also very excellent. It is the Vegetarian Restaurant & opening hours are from 8 am to 9 pm.



Ice Birds

The perfect place for the students to have fun with their best friends in Vizag and located in MVP Colony, Ice birds is best for desserts. This place has wifi access & free Home delivery facilities. Snacks such as Nuggets & burgers along with Pastries & Ice creams are available. The one which deserves a must try is Smoking Walnut Brownie.



Tisona’s Cake

The place in Vizag which is known for plum cakes is Tisona’S cakes. It’s the oldest shop in the area, and it has a fantastic variety of Cakes & Pastries. Sacks & Biscuits are also available. The average amount you can spend here for two people is around Rupees 200. Opening hours are from 10 Am to 10:30 Pm.



Bezawada Home Foods

Among many traditional shops of Andhra, Bewazada home foods are the popular one. It is located at Akkayyapalem in Vizag. Kaja, Badhusha & Laddu are best among all the sweets. They sell pickles and other savories too & rates are very reasonable. It is the vegetarian restaurant only.