Top 20 Types Of Momos

Top 20 Types Of Momos


Fried Momos

These crispy Momos attain their lovely texture because they are filled with sauteed vegetables and are then deep fried until they turn to beautiful golden brown. Dip them into some garlic mayonnaise, and you will have a volcano of flavours bursting in your mouth!



Tandoori Momos

This Indian version of the Momos is very famous and is loved by almost everyone! How else could you prove your “Desiness” if you don’t eat everything topped with gravy, including momos! The rich flavour of these momos is sure to tempt your taste buds.



Steamed Momos

These thickly wrapped Momos are stuffed to the core with Paneer, Vegetables and Soya Chunks. A filling plate of these Momos is the perfect comfort food for chilly winter evenings.



Chocolate Momos

This is for the sweet tooth fanatics out there. If you are confused about whether you should have snacks or sweets, go for some Chocolate Momos because it is a combination of both! The bitter-sweet chocolate filling wrapped by some savoury dough brings instant delight to your mouth!



Chilly Momos

This plate of Momos is going to set your tongue on fire with its hot and tangy flavour. Soya Sauce, Chilli Sauce and Ketchup make an exquisite fusion as a topping to these Momos and are sure to bring your taste buds alive!



Kothe Momos

This is the Himalayan take on Momos. These Momos are pan fried and come with a variety of fillings to choose from like Vegetables, Meat, Pork, etc. One of the key ingredients that make these Momos unique and brings about the flavour is Fried Ginger, and the best part about these Momos is that they are not only tasty but are also very healthy!



Wheat Momos

All you health conscious people out there, this is a whole plate of goodness for you to eat without any guilt. These Momos are made with Wheat, and that is the perfect excuse to eat as many plates as you want. Mint Chutney or Hot Sauce works really well with these Momos.



Soup Momos

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! And so is this suggestion to make your evenings warm and cosy. Enjoy your Momos in a big bowl of Hot, Tangy and Spicy Chicken/Vegetable Broth and devour the yummy goodness.



Cheese Momos

These Creamy, Steamy Momos are filled with Fried Onions, Baby Carrots, Crispy Potatoes and of course Oozy Cheese. This fusion of flavours is sure to create wonders in your mouth.



Paneer Momos

You guessed it right, these Momos are filled with delicious Paneer mixed with Herbs and Spices and is perfect for the days when you crave Paneer. Mix up some Mayonnaise and Mint Chutney to create a rich dip for your Momos!



Qeema Momos

It is time to treat yourself with some warm Momos filled richly with Marinated Qeema, Peas, Corn and Pepper. Think of it as an international cousin of the Samosa and if that doesn’t make your mouth water then nothing ever will!



Chicken Momos

The Juicy, Tender Chicken and Spices are sure to leave you drooling as soon as you set your eyes on this masterpiece of a dish! We all know that Chicken is the element that makes any dish better and always works like magic! Whip up some Chilli Chutney to enhance the flavour of these Momos.



Veg Momos

These Momos put forward a beautiful blend of fresh Ground Aromatic Spices and Crunchy Vegetables and they taste best with some fiery Chilli Chutney.



Sweet Momos

These Momos are sure to make you feel highly nostalgic because everyone has enjoyed these on some or the other occasion/function at least once. Dry Fruits, Nuts, Milk, Sugar, Cardamom and Crunchy Coconut make for the rich filling of these Momos. Their beauty is often enhanced by coating them with a layer of intricate silver.



Shogo Shabril Momos

Think of Tender, Juicy Meat wrapped in Mashed Potatoes which is covered by a thick layer of Momo dough. If that doesn’t feel like heaven, then I would say there is something very wrong with you, mate! Try this classic fusion of Potatoes and Meat Momos at least once, and you won’t be let down for sure!



Jhol Momos

Jhol translates to liquid/liquid like consistency and hence, these Momos are literally drowned in a bowl of Jhol Achar which is a kind of sauce. The Jhol Achar has a Hot, Spicy, and Tangy taste and is quite thin in consistency. These Momos are a treat to devour in winters and are quite famous in Kathmandu Valley.



Open Momos

This variety of Momos was invented at Ghangri Sui Mai and is one of the highly praised places to eat Momos at. These open Momos have four openings which make it easier for the fillings to be poured in along with the distinctive Momo Sauces.



Green Momos

Remember eating Spinach as a kid because Popeye used to do so too? Here is an interesting take on the Momos which will instantly remind you of Popeye’s obsession with Spinach! Spinach is blended with the dough and kneaded together with some water to create the healthy and scrumptious dough for these Momos. Hence, they provide the green colour to the Momos and are also the reason behind the name!



Buckwheat Momos

These Momos are enriched with Proteins and other Nutrients as compared to other kinds of Momos and hence are a perfect option for the fitness freaks. These Momos are very light as well and hence work pretty well for a healthy snack time. These Momos taste the best when they are eaten piping hot and can be paired with Chilli Chutney.



Fish Momos

This one is sure to get the Bengalis happier than they have ever been! These Momos are unusually light and delicious and have an unusual flavour as compared to the other variety of Momos. The Fish is marinated in various kinds of spices and used as a filling for these Momos. These are a must try for everyone!