Top 20 Places In Bandra For Delicious Fast Food

Top 20 Places In Bandra For Delicious Fast Food
Top 20 Places In Bandra For Delicious Fast Food

Bandra is a bustling part of the city with lots of fun activities to do. If you ever visit Bandra, you’ll never run out of places to see as the city is full of great shopping centres, exciting buildings, and other leisure sites. It is also the residence of many Bollywood stars! But what you must know is Bandra is also a hub for some of the chicest and upscale restaurants, cafes, and diners! But if you’re someone who likes to indulge in quick bites, yummy street food, and finger-licking fast foods, Bandra has loads of the most affordable fast food centres!

1. KFC

KFC is conveniently located on Linking Road, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Bandra. It is a branch of the fast-food chain specializing in delivering chicken dishes to customers and desserts and beverages. The average cost for two people will estimate at Rs. 500. This economical place is excellent for a quick meal and catching up with friends to have a fun time together.image002

2. Tibb’s Frankie

Also on Linking Road is Tibb’s Frankie, a takeaway or a home delivery place delivering veg and non-veg rolls with beverages and desserts. The average cost per order is Rs 150. Their not-too-spicy and not-too-sour flavours provide a balanced taste for us to enjoy a hearty and sumptuous snack.image004

3. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most loved pizza brands in the country. Their menu is rich with varieties of pizzas, beverages, desserts, and other fast food items. With comfortable indoor seating, standardized service, affordable price, and an efficient delivery system, domino’s Pizza is easily one of the go-to pizza brands to grab a meal or order home.


4. Subway

Subway is a famous American Fast Food Franchise. In Bandra-Talao, Subway serves some of the best sandwiches, wraps, and salads.  Its notable menu items are Double Choco Chip Cookies, Tuna Sandwich, Veggie Delight, and Salads. You will usually find a young and urban crowd in Subway, making up for a fun place to hang out with your friends.


5. The Belgian Waffle Co.

The Belgian Waffle is a delight for those who love sweet delectables. With an average of Rs 150 per order, The Belgian Waffle is a great choice to eat soft and crunchy waffles. The items on the menu are vegetarian-friendly, and the staff is courteous, providing excellent table service and an enjoyable ambience.image010

6. Sbarro – New York Pizza

As the name suggests, Sbarro is a New York-based Pizzeria chain that sells slices of Pizza in a New York Style.  The popular dishes on the menu are Bread Stix, Chicken Mexicana, Chocolate Muffin, Paneer Peri Peri, Chicken Delight, and Cheesy Garlic Bread. The menu also provides a variety of vegetarian options. The crowd consists mainly of students and other youngsters, so it’s a great choice to have fun with friends.image012

7. Starbucks Coffee

Everybody knows Starbucks, the American coffeehouse giant serving a variety of coffees. The average price of an order is Rs. 600. Customers can enjoy delicious coffee along with bakery and breakfast items. Moreover, Starbucks provides a great ambience to have a quiet chat with friends or even attend business meetings as they have wifi available in their cafe.image014

8. Chunkies

In Bandra-Talao is Chunkies, a dedicated place to enjoy a wide range of burgers. The menu offers both veg and non-veg varieties of burgers. Notable items on the menu are Hot Wings, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Strips, and Burgers. This place is known for being pocket-friendly, its tasty food, and friendly service.image016

9. WOW! Momo

‘Wow! Momo’ is in Hill Road, Bandra West. It serves Chinese and Tibetan Fast Foods. As its name suggests, most of the items on the menu are momos. They serve both veg and non-veg momos along with beverages. Their service is fast, and the food has good value for money. Two people can order for approximately Rs—400 only.image018

10. Sandwizzaa

Sandwizzaa specializes in sandwiches using both white and brown slices of bread as per customers’ preferences. The sandwiches are grilled and served with tomato sauce, red chutney, and green chutney. They give good portion sizes, which provide value for money. One order can cost up to Rs 150.image020

11. Whatta Waffle!

‘Whatta Waffle!’ is an exciting place to grab desserts, fast foods, and beverages. With an average order price of Rs 500 for two people, this place is notable for dishes like Belgian Dark Chocolate, Melted Chocolate, Kitkat Waffle, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Thick Shakes, and Pancakes. They boast of efficient customer service and table service, value for food, and a nice ambience.image022

12. Guru Kripa Pani Puri

This eatery has all the Indian street food items in one place—the cost per order averages Rs 100. With things like Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi Wada, Kachoris, Samosas, Vada Pav, Bhajjiyas, Gulab Jamun, and Malpua, this place will mesmerize you. They even serve meals of Veg Pulao Bhaji with Raita.image024

13. Theobroma

Theobroma is the destination to go to if you love bakery items! They serve cookies, biscuits, tarts, cupcakes, brownies, bread, croissants, veg/non-veg puffs, sandwiches, rolls, cakes, and coffee. It usually takes Rs 150 per order. The menu also has a sugar-free alternative for its sweet foods.image026

14. Pie and Co

Pie and Co specialize in various pies; they serve dessert pies and vegetarian and non-vegetarian pies. Pies are a quintessential part of American Cuisine. One order costs up to Rs 150. This place is known for its excellent portions, delicious food worth the money, and neat packaging.image028

15. Chaayos – Meri Wali Chai

Chaayos promotes the tradition of our great Indian Chai. Along with popular dishes like Paneer Sandwich, Chilli Cheese Toast, Chai, Chocolate Shake, Toast, and Pav Bhaji, Chaayos serve different varieties of hot Indian Chai. They also have other beverages like shakes and lassi. Their cafe has a good seating arrangement and fresh, mouth-watering food.image030

16. Boojee Cafe

Boojee cafe is a great place to gorge on fast food, desserts, and beverages. Its popular items on the menu are Hot Chocolate, Wraps, Hummus, Eggs, and Cheesecake. You may even customize the dishes as per your liking. Customers often praise this cafe for its pleasant ambience, wifi availability, and outdoor seating. It’s a perfect place to go for a weekend brunch.image032

17. Burger King

Burger King is an American Fast Food chain that quickly became popular in India. Popular items include Chicken Keema Crunch, Tandoori Grill Burger, Veg Chilli Cheese, Potato Tots, Whopper Meal, and Fiery Chicken. It’s a fun place to catch up with friends since the crowd usually consists of youngsters. With affordable prices and several combo offers, burger king provides food with excellent value for money.image034

18. Bawa Zest By Cheron

Bawa Zest is on Hill Road in Bandra. It specializes in Parsi Fast food. The prices are highly affordable, with an average cost per order of Rs 100. Items like croissants, Puffs, burgers, Foollongs, sandwiches, wraps, and rolls are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. It is famous for chicken Dhansak, Chicken Farcha, Parsi Cuisine, Croissant, Brown Rice, and Pastries.image036

19. Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts is the ultimate destination to grab varieties of delicious donuts. Their most popular menu items are Double Trouble Donut, Chocolate Explosion, Donuts, Lemon Tea, Hot Coffee, and Waffles. It costs approximately Rs 500 for two. MOD is a pocket-friendly and quick-service place with pretty decor.image038

20. Good Flippin’ Burgers

You can find Good Flippin’ Burgers on Pali Hill in Bandra West. It is a burger lover’s paradise and allows us to customize our burgers the way we like! The food is fresh and neatly packed. The average cost per order is just Rs 300 and makes their delicious food worth the money. It has no seating available, so you can only order for home or as a takeaway.