Top 20 Restaurants For An Amazing Meal In Linking Road, Bandra

Top 20 Restaurants For An Amazing Meal In Linking Road Bandra
Top 20 Restaurants For An Amazing Meal In Linking Road Bandra

Linking Road is a long stretch of street extending from Bandra Talkies to Santacruz West. It is a famous shopping area in the posh suburb of Bandra and is known for its tiny shops that sell colourful and creative clothing and accessory items at low prices. Linking Road is the country’s third-largest revenue-earning district after T. Nagar in Chennai and Connaught Place in Delhi. What’s exciting about Linking Road is that it also has many restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Some of these restaurants are upscale, while some are tiny street food corners. However, the taste is mind-blowing in both such types of eateries.

1. Kofuku Japanese Restaurant

Kofuku is an exclusive restaurant for Japanese cuisine. It is a high-end restaurant serving a fine selection of the best Japanese cuisine like Squid Tempura, Super Crunchy Roll, Sushi Sashimi Platter, Okonomiyaki, Kakuni Pork, and Spider Rolls. In addition, Kofuku provides a unique experience of Japanese culture to the customers.image002

2. Aromas Cafe & Bistro

‘Aromas’ is a multicuisine restaurant and cafe offering American, Italian, Continental, and Chinese foods. The must-try dishes in this restaurant are Grilled Chicken Supreme, Roasted Chicken Salad, Cappuccino, Risotto, and Paneer Lollipop. It’s a beautiful place with comfortable seating and excellent service. ‘Aromas’ makes for a great location to celebrate birthdays.image004

3. The Great Punjab

‘The Great Punjab’ is a North Indian and Mughlai speciality restaurant with a good range of seafood, desserts, and beverages. Many non-vegetarian dishes are available, so they may not be suitable for vegetarians, although a few veg options are available. This restaurant is great to have the main course and is ideal for family dinings for its courteous staff and fast service.image006

4. The Fatty Bao

‘The Fatty Bao’ is another Asian Cuisine speciality restaurant on this list. Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisines and a full bar are available here. Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Bao, Fatty Hill, Spicy Mushroom Sushi, Seafood Ramen, Pork Baos, and Pok Pok Chicken Wings are some dishes that you must try when you visit this place. The Fatty Bao has a cosy ambience, excellent service, and mouth-watering food.image008

5. HengBok Korean Restaurant

HengBok is a restaurant that serves only authentic Korean cuisine. Tempura Ice Cream, Tteokbokki, Spicy Pork, Bulgogi, and Pork Bibimbap are some must-try dishes here. The average of two orders is approximately Rs 2500, and they even have a full bar available. HengBok is a place that you can visit with family as it has comfortable seating and excellent service.image010

6. Mitron

‘Mitron’ is a multicuisine restaurant in Bandra serving primarily Asian cuisine. The restaurant’s concept is inspired by ‘Friends’- a hit American TV show. They have a few Indian dishes available too. Mitron is known for Chicken Bhuna Masala, Cheesecake, Mocktail, Chocolate Ball, Desserts, and Drinks. They offer a vast range of alcoholic drinks. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your buddies!image012

7. Cafe Mommy Joon

Cafe Mommy Joon is an Iranian and Middle East-centric restaurant famous for Baklava, Kababs, Desserts, Rice, Chicken, and Hummus. The restaurant has a fantastic ambience with beautiful lights, ample seating, broad tables, and cosy bookshelves. The staffs at this cafe are courteous and efficient, and the food is worth every buck!image014

8. Angrezi Dhaba

Angrezi Dhaba is a North Indian and Mughlai speciality restaurant with traditional and Fusion versions of the tastiest foods. Cheese Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Tandoori Chicken, Kebab, Gulab Jamun, and Mocktail are some must-try dishes at this Dhaba. The decor here is colourful, the staffs are friendly, and the food is given in large servings.


9. Plum By Bent Chair

‘Plum by Bent Chair’ is an exclusive Chinese and Japanese cuisine restaurant. Customers of this restaurant love this place for its stunning interiors and excellent ambience. ‘Plum’ makes for an ideal location to hang out with friends or go for a romantic dinner date. It’s a perfect spot for weekend brunches too! The average cost for two orders is about Rs 2000.image018

10. Monkey Bar

Monkey bar is a restaurant and bar serving Chinese and Continental fast foods and innovative cocktails. Flutterfly, Goan Chorizo Pav, Chicken Chapli, Dessert Jar, Kheema Bao, and Butterfly Chicken are frequently ordered here. This bar has a hip vibe and even has sports screening! The average cost for two orders with alcohol is Rs 1900.image020

11. Beyond Cafe

‘Beyond Cafe’ is a delivery-only restaurant that has Italian, Mexican, and Lebanese dishes available. In addition, there’s a decent range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on their menu. This restaurant is appreciated for its cute packaging, beautiful food presentation, significant portion size, and efficient service.image022

12. Burger King

Burger King is a famous American Multinational chain of fast-food restaurants. There’s one restaurant on Linking Road too! Burger King has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of mouth-watering fast-food dishes and a wide range of beverages and desserts to choose from. So, you can have a happy meal at Burger King at affordable prices.image024

13. Arbab

Arbab is a Lebanese and Arabian speciality restaurant. Shish Tawook Platter, Saj Bread, Vegetable Mezze Platter, Chicken Shwarma Platter, Baklava Ice Cream Sundae , and Lamb Tikka are the frequently ordered dishes. The average cost for two people is close to Rs 1600. Arbab’s theme decor, pleasant ambience, and comfortable seating area make dining a happy experience.image026

14. 99 Pancakes

99 Pancakes is a vegetarian-only restaurant serving delicious desserts, ice creams, and beverages. Takeaway and home-delivery options are available at this restaurant. Nutella Shots and Waffles are the frequently ordered dishes. The average cost for two orders is Rs 500. The pretty decor and friendly staff make 99 Pancakes an ideal location to enjoy sweets.image028

15. Persian Darbar

Persian Darbar has North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese cuisines available. Lasooni Chicken, Chicken Khepsa, Kunafa, Fruit Bowl, Mutton Raan, and Sali Boti are the frequently ordered dishes. The customers adore their Biryani. The cost for two orders is an average of Rs 1500. Persian Darbar offers some great-tasting food served in ample portions.


16. The Little Easy

The Little Easy has American and Italian cuisine available. Dark Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse, Asian Salad, Hot Wings, Naan Bombs, and Ravioli Pasta are hot favourites among the customers of this place. The Little Easy hosts music events like Karaoke Nights and inviting guest singers. It’s an excellent spot for brunch or dinner with friends or going on fun dates.image032

17. Starbucks

Starbucks is a multinational American-origin coffeehouse. This coffeehouse provides the best and most aromatic coffees and other beverages like tea. In addition, bakery dishes, desserts, and sandwiches are available to eat with our favourite drink. The ambience of Starbucks is just like an American coffee shop with a cosy atmosphere and ample seating.image034

18. Huber & Holly

Huber & Holly is a perfect place to munch on sandwiches, desserts, pizza, and ice creams. The food is delicious, and the pleasant ambience adds to the experience. Customers love their three-cheese pizza and hazelnut shake. Huber & Holly provides efficient service to its customers and attracts a decent crowd.image036

19. Global Fusion

Global Fusion is a Pan-Asian restaurant serving the best from Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cuisines. There is a vast range of dishes to choose from Salads, Appetizers, Rice, Noodles, Soups, and desserts. Frequently ordered dishes are Prawn Wafers, Sushi Bar, Sashimi, Meat Soup, Ginger Chicken, and Mango Shots. The average for two orders without alcohol is Rs 800.image038

20. Bastian

Bastian is a Continental and Chinese cuisine restaurant. It has a wide range of non-vegetarian dishes available and specializes in seafood. Lobster Mac, Tuna Sashimi, Scallops, Truffle Fries, Lobster Roll, and Salmon Carpaccio are hot favourites among customers. Although vegetarian options are limited, there is a vegan and gluten-free option available for certain dishes.image040