Top 20 Places In Bhopal To Have Perfect Indian Thali


It doesn’t matter what you eat the whole day, the hunger of an Indian can only be sated by a full-fledged Indian Thali. A combined set of Chapattis, dal, different types of veggies, sweets, salads, papad and so many other things are a treat to sore eyes and heaven for a hungry stomach. But somehow, generally we end up in the restaurant and food-joint which serves bad food and makes us feel guilty about spending our money at a wrong place or we visit another city, taste their amazing food and then crave for it when we return. So, here we present you top 20 places where you can give your salivating mouth a rest if you live in the City of Lakes, Bhopal. From Rajasthani halwa to Gujarati dhokla, Delhi’s Chaat to Punjabi Daal, we bring you the best of all so that you never miss good food in your city Bhopal.



RadhaRiDhani provides you more than a glimpse of pure Rajasthani royal culture of food and their delicacies.

The Thali contains more than 12 different katoris filled with fully packed taste bombs like MoongDaalHalwa, Aamras, Flour Halwa, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Daal Baati, Choorma, Chapattis of Bajra, Makka, Puris, Kachoris, Kadhi, and for the meat lovers special Laal Maans. If you want to feel like a king and eat like one, this is for you.


Manohar Dairy And Restaurants

Manohar Dairy is widely famous food chain in Bhopal famous for its dipped- in ghee food and best in Bhopal sweets. Manohar offers you thalis full of finger licking dishes. If you want food rich like a king’s and taste like home Manohar is the place. It offers two kinds of thalis, economic and royal.


Bapu Ki kutia

Bapu Ki Kutia is another famous food-chain in Bhopal which is strictly vegetarian and serves all kinds of main courses. You can come here with family and have a big fat Indian cuisine dinner at reasonable price. It is most famous for its Indian food.


Taste Of India

This restaurant is a pure example of ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Taste Of India proudly satisfies its name’s meaning. This food joint offers you one of the best Indian dishes you will have in Bhopal. The Thali is full of little magic bowls which will make you come here again and again.



Rajhans is a big restaurant which offers Indian main course especially for our Jain community who does not prefer onion and garlic in their food. It is considered as one of the best restaurants in Bhopal and is perfect for your thali cravings. It offers you the variation from Saadithali to Royal thali.



Milan is another restaurant which gives you the bliss of having delicious thali in budget price.



Saffron is famous in all India for its North Indian cuisine. The place offers you the taste of North India with its simple food with silky texture and the ambience of a Royal palace.



Sankalp is the South Indian branch of Saffron which offers you the best South Indian food you can get in Bhopal. It also consists of a South Indian Thali which is most famous.


Amer Bakery Hut

If you want to have dinner in a posh 3-star restaurant, you should surely try Amer Bakery Hut. It’s worth every penny.Food available is in both veg and non-veg.



Swaad gives you the fusion of Indian food and various combos you won’t get anywhere else. Quite visionary I must say.


Hotel Ranjeet

A delight for our non-veg friends! This restaurant provides you various non-veg thalis which will make you go nuts.


Padharo Sa!

Fan of Gujarati cuisine? This place gives you Khakras, Dhoklas, Shrikhand, Fafra, Thepla, Khandwi and so much more. Savor it all my friend. It is one of its kind and also has the popular Marwadi and Rajasthani cuisine.


Sagar Gaire

Sagar Gaire started from the bottom and touched the heights. This place is famous for its delicious Indian food for a price affordable by our student community residing in the city. Its Thali is most famous in Bhopal, and you will always get a huge rush in all its chain whenever you go for a visit. Fight for food!


Delhi 6

Staying in Bhopal and want to have it all? Well, you got Delhi 6. This place gives you the chatpata vibes with the Chatkare Daar food which will make you remember the Parathewaligali and Delhi Chowk. It is also a pure vegetarian restaurant. Crave for Pani Puri or Pav Bhaji…. it has it all.



Narbada is considered as one of the finest hangouts in Bhopal. It serves you the lip smacking food with the touch of delicious chaat and sweets and also gives the ambience of the posh restaurant.



Sajri Dhani can provide you with the delicacies of Radha Ri Dhani in much lower price. For those who don’t want to travel that far for Rajasthani ambience and food can come to Sajri Dhani. This place offers you the food of Royals and environment of desert folks. You can dress up and eat with full cultural music and environment.


Vrindavan dhaba

As the name suggests, it is a Dhaba but quite modernised. It has a fully air-conditioned restaurant and gives you the food which has an authentic taste of a Dhaba. Most of the travellers prefer to eat here because of the fabulous taste and cheap rates.Vrindavan Dhaba serves Dhaba food in restaurant ambience which makes it a perfect place for fun lovers and lovers of Dhaba food.




Tapti Restaurant has the taste of Indian cuisine blend with the modern culture. It offers both Indian and Chinese cuisine and is pure vegetarian. Tapti is situated in the main city which gives the locals a restaurant near their homes.


The Kasbah

The Kasbah lounge and restaurant has the facility of being a hangout spot as well as a lounge and serves you pure vegetarian and economical food. The setup is as village which suggests the name, and you can give yourself a break from city life to relax back for a while. Away from the city life, you can sit back and relax in the village atmosphere of the lounge.


Pind balluchi

Pind Balluchi is all India famous food chain which serves you the taste of Punjabi food and makes you crave for Sarson Da Saag and Butter Chicken. Combined with the facility of drinks, it makes this a perfect Punjabi hangout. Certain hours of the day, it also offers happy hours!