Top 20 Places In Sec 17 Chandigarh

Top 20 Places In Sec 17 Chandigarh
Top 20 Places In Sec 17 Chandigarh

Chandigarh is famous throughout North India for its mouth-watering, lip-smacking cuisine. People have acquired a fondness for these delights, which range from parathas to lassis, and which continue to open around the city. Chandigarh offers numerous restaurants that never cease to impress us with their food, regardless of how often we visit them. They accommodate an amalgamation of platters from various states, culminating every state’s specialty into one. Given that Chandigarh is made up of so many different sectors, some manage to stand out since they have more alternatives when it comes to the number of restaurants available.

Sector 17 is one of these sectors. 17’s Market, dubbed “the heart of all exciting locations,” contains everything, including clothing, books, and cuisine, which we all adore. Today, we’ll showcase the best 20 restaurants in Sector 17 Chandigarh that you should visit if you’re looking for a place to eat outside this weekend.

1 Sindhi Sweets

This restaurant brand is well-known for its creative take on regional cuisine. They provide dishes from all across India, each with its distinct flavor profile. Non-vegetarians should not be discouraged because this is a vegetarian restaurant; the wide range of meals available more than balances the lack of non-vegetarian options!


2 Down Under

Located in the heart of Chandigarh, this is one of the city’s oldest beer pubs and a must-see in Sector 17. They feature an excellent draught beer, as well as an extensive menu of appetizers and main courses from many cuisines, as well as a decent range of drinks. This bar is worth a visit for its edgy, party atmosphere.


3 Dera Restaurant

Cuisine influenced by Lehnda Punjab, i.e., modern-day Punjab in Pakistan is served at this restaurant at the famed Taj Hotel in Sector 17. The sitting provides an overall sense of tranquility, and when paired with the music, it creates a genuinely dreamlike atmosphere. The food is authentic to the concept, and the restaurant serves some delectable dishes.

You may also select from a broad range of freshly squeezed juices, and lassi prepared right in front of your eyes. If it isn’t enough to attract you, the delectable buffet on offer will persuade you to visit this Chandigarh restaurant!


4 Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna is the place to go if you want a genuine flavor of South India in Punjab. One of the most incredible restaurants in Chandigarh, the place offers a fantastic menu that caters to all of your palette’s demands with vibrant color and has a South Indian flavor.

It’s also a location that prides itself on being a family restaurant with friendly service. With cuisine cooked with fresh spices that give it an aroma and flavor, this restaurant in Sector 17 Chandigarh will give you the sense that “Anyone Can Eat Just Once”!


5 Indian Coffee House

Are you an ancient soul that enjoys the sounds of a bygone era? Do you enjoy long conversations over steaming mugs of delicious coffee? Then you must go to Indian Coffee House, or ICH, one of Chandigarh’s top restaurants. This restaurant caters to both young people and youthful spirits imprisoned in an old body, with fresh coffee that has a beautiful aroma and freshness, food to delight in, and a lively ambiance.

Visiting this fantastic restaurant in Chandigarh is an unforgettable experience, and many historical personalities have been known to patronize it.

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6 Ghazal

Don’t we all adore the 1970s and 1980s? And wouldn’t you like to go to a restaurant that gives you the pleasant sensation of the 1980s? Ghazal is a restaurant that, with its old furnishings, décor, and interiors, evokes nostalgia.

The establishment provides traditional Indian food and serves a wondrous and delightful dinner with the “Assi Ke Dashak Ki Yaadein,” one of Chandigarh’s oldest and largest eateries. And, as far as we know, excellent cuisine and good old memories are a winning combination.


7 Buzz

If you’re looking for a good time, Buzz Sector 17 Chandigarh will not disappoint! A bar with beverages, delectable cuisine, and a massive dance floor? Yes, Buzz is not just one of the most incredible places to dine in Sector 17, but it’s also a fun place to be! That’s a tongue twister. The name is a good fit for the place’s booming, party feel. Finger appetizers and snacks are available, as well as a variety of drinks and a dance floor where you may let your hair down with friends or that special someone. This restaurant, which serves a variety of cuisines, will have you coming back for more.


8.City Cabana

The Best and Newly Opened Roof Top Lounge Bar & Restaurant in The City Beautiful. The best services, the best food quality, and the best location in Chandigarh. With friends and family, one may enjoy a live band, live sports screenings, outdoor seats, and English Cabanas.


9 Cafe 17

Café 17, a Chandigarh all-day restaurant, is located on the lobby floor and oozes flair thanks to its clever, modern design. Mediterranean pleasures with Asian undertones and a range of traditional dishes from vibrant towns such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Amritsar are among the multi-cuisine specialties served at the modern restaurant. Café 17 is a fantastic location to relax and enjoy a meal at any time of day, with a giant screen projector showing the latest in entertainment, the scent of flowers drifting from Asia’s largest Rose Garden, and calming views of the Infinity Pool.


10 Black Lotus

Taj Chandigarh’s in-house Chinese specialty restaurant is called Black Lotus. A partitioned restaurant, a cozy private dining room, and a flashy bar, as well as a poolside alfresco, make up the exquisite venue. A modern Oriental ambiance is created by a high ceiling, fabric paneled walls, and magnificent Oriental objets d’art.

A wide variety of unique vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, including fresh seafood, are available on the menu. At Black Lotus, you may start your dinner with a glass of one of the world’s best spirits, followed by delectable appetizers and a large main course selection that will leave you spoiled for choice.


11 Cloud 9

The Shivalik View hotel’s Cloud 9 is on the 6th level. It’s a one-of-a-kind rooftop restaurant known for its fusion dishes and serene views of the Shivaliks. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, large, and has a quirky edge to it. After all, the cuisine here is delicious, especially the Indian and Chinese dishes. Still, leaving the best for last, the star of the regular menu is their Kebabs, which come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.


12 Bali’s Rooftop

Bali’s Lounge & Rooftop Bar features innovative mixology and an elegant regionally oriented light-fare menu that complements each beverage beautifully. Bali’s Lounge is on the top floor of Hotel Oyster in Sector 17. It is a year-round attraction due to its contemporary indoor and outdoor seating choices.


13 Shree Rathnam

Shree Rathnam is known for its reasonableness and inclination to avoid exorbitant costs. It guarantees excellent quality meals at reasonable prices. The restaurant is known for its vegetarian cuisines, as well as other delectable and sanitary fares. If it isn’t enough to convince you to visit this great restaurant, their kind and modest staff will.


14 Flavors

Flavors Restaurant in Chandigarh is preparing a delicious dinner. This restaurant, which opened in 2010, is known for its excellent meals that satisfy any appetite. It is home to some of the world’s most popular cuisines. It is in a convenient position in Chandigarh Sector 17c to accommodate a large number of diners. Foodies in and around the area may take advantage of this convenient location by walking into this restaurant without having to deal with the inconveniences of commuting to this section of town.


15 Fab Cafe by Fab India

This outlet satisfies your hunger pangs in a flash by serving delectable cuisine and providing excellent service. Fab India is a term associated with upper-class elites who visit to obtain a taste of “genuine India,” accessible everywhere except Fab India. As an extension of their shop, Fab India has opened Fab Cafe on the 4th floor, intending to enable its core audience to experience the expanded promise of organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, and refined sugar-free cuisine.


16 Hot Millions

It all began when a homemaker enjoyed cooking and, an army commander considered early retirement and a new career in the restaurant industry. In 1979, Harinder Mohini and Col. Anant Bir Singh co-founded the first store. She had a thriving fast-food company with her culinary abilities, and he had a booming administrative firm with customers lining up for an empty table.

The initials of the moniker Hot Millions are the same as in Harinder Mohini’s name, HM. The goal of Hot Millions is to give the most sumptuous meals possible for its visitors. Hot Millions has maintained its quality and standard as a result of the centralization of the mother kitchen.


17 The Crown Patisserie

This establishment offers terrific coffee and a turquoise and white atmosphere with beautifully clean décor. In Chandigarh, there is a beautiful European bakery. The decor and menu may transport you to Europe. The meal is presented beautifully, and the chicken dishes are delicious. The restaurant is tiny yet lovely, and the service is excellent. If you’re searching for a unique café experience in the city, this is a must-try.


18 Blue Ice

Piccadilly’s Blue Ice, nestled in the center of Chandigarh’s picturesque city, is one of the city’s oldest lounges and bars. They specialize in providing visitors with the finest in class F&B services, fantastic music, and ambiance, as well as the highest hospitality standards.

The venue is elegantly separated into two levels, with blue-themed decor, a massive bar counter, and lovely low lighting. Blue Ice Bar has a diverse culinary selection as well as live music on weekends to complement your drink of choice. They also show live sporting events for sports fans.


19 Bhatura King

The Bhatura King is a restaurant in Sector 17 C, Chandigarh City, Punjab, that serves high-quality food. It serves Non-Vegetarian and North Indian cuisine, as well as a variety of other delectable meals. It also boasts a fantastic interior that is well-furnished and fitted with stunning lighting and a large dining table.


20 Piccadilly

With twinkling lights, plenty of greenery, and an acre of stunning landscape backdrop, this recently established restaurant in Chandigarh is the ideal date place in town. Piccadilly is a theatrical café with a unique outdoor atmosphere, high spiritual vibrations, and the beauty of capturing the day with calming sunset views and evenings beneath the stars. Yes, the atmosphere exudes romance!! So, experience a new level of opulence and grandeur by indulging in their delectable cuisine while taking in the breathtaking scenery!