20 Best Restaurants In Dhanbad, Jharkhand

20 Best Restaurants in Dhanbad Jharkhand
20 Best Restaurants in Dhanbad Jharkhand

A fancy please with a beautiful premise, wherein, a business runs that prepares and serves foods and beverages to customers is called a restaurant. People generally enjoy their meals in the restaurant premises, but nowadays, the restaurants also allow food delivery services and takeouts. The Coal Capital of India, Dhanbad is a beautiful district in the state of Jharkhand. This city has a lot to explore ranging from its beautiful scenic atmosphere to a large number of fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, family restaurants and luxury establishments. Here is the list of the 20 best restaurants that the city of Dhanbad has to offer to you


1Bahamas Fusion Kitchen

Established in 2019, Bahamas Fusion Kitchen aims at providing its customers with a variety of cuisines ranging from tandoor to Chinese at a very reasonable price. The restaurant also allows the customers to customize their dishes according to their tastes and preferences. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant allows your dining experience to be very enjoyable and filling. The head chef of the restaurant has also curated some of the very special dishes that will excite your taste buds. The restaurant also helps needy people by distributing the leftovers and is also environmentally conscious.



2Caramel Multicuisine Restaurant

Caramel multi-cuisine restaurant is a delight for Indian and Chinese cuisine lovers. Their mouthwatering biryani and nicely cooked chicken is the most loved dishes among the other mouthwatering dishes. The staff here is quite knowledgeable and well behaved. Their fabulous service, prices, angelic decor and tranquil ambience let’s do visitors enjoy and relax their time at the place.



3The Other Side- 17 Degrees

This restaurant is a great place to hang out and chill with your friends and family and spend some quality time away from the everyday hustle. The restaurant offers a large number of cuisines ranging from Indian, Continental, Chinese, South Indian and North Indian. The place is a restaurant cum bar, which allows you to enjoy heavenly mocktails, cocktails and other beverages of your choice. The food quality is quite remarkable delicious and the prices are moderate as well. Customer service and food satisfaction are of utmost importance to the restaurant.



4London Street Bistro

London Street Bistro offers several cuisines ranging from Chinese, Indian, Asian and Burmese. They are a cafe cum dinner restaurant, having a beautiful and quirky picturesque ambience. The theme of this place will remind you of an actual street in London. The place is very well- lit which allows the customers to have a nice photography session along with enjoying their lip-smacking dishes. The staff is very friendly and well behaved as well.



5The Baithak

The Baithak is a village/Dhaba teamed multicuisine restaurant that offers Chinese, Indian, street food and specializes in seafood. Their acclaimed recipes offer you an A meal that is a flavorful amalgamation of richness common nutritious and delicious food items. The restaurant can also be chronicled as a pizzeria, food outlet or confectionery shop. The restaurant puts in special care to their customers’ needs and satisfies every consumer love for food. The staff is very well behaved and special care is taken of the safety and cleanliness of the place and food.




One of the best and magical places in Dhanbad, LSD has an amazing ambience, extremely courteous staff, delicious food and soothing music. It is one of the best places to hang out and party with your friends and loved ones. The restaurant also offers a bar place and is a nightclub, wherein, you can dance your heart out. The dim lighting and eccentric setup of the place also gives a very scenic vibe. The entrance is a dark lobby that is decorated with full-length red lights which provide a breathtaking frame for your pictures.



7Troposphere Terrace Lounge- Sonotel

This is an open terrace restaurant that enables you to enjoy your food right under the sky in the amazing open air. The place has a very beautiful set-up and lit up very brightly. The ambience is very subtle and peaceful. They offer multiple cuisines and the menu is filled with a lot of exotic food options. You can also order your choice of beverages and the staff is very friendly and hygienic.



8The Yellow Chilli

The Yellow Chilli restaurant is a venture of Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The brand has many outlets in Uttar Pradesh, Meerut and Ludhiana. This restaurant has mid-segment casual dining, offering refined Indian cuisine. The menu of The Yellow Chilli restaurant is an amalgamation of delicious aromas, zingy flavours and colours. The principle of the restaurant’s menu is reinventing the cult classic Indian dishes. Some of its signature dishes are Lalla Mussa Dal, Shaam Savera and Gulab-e-Gulkand. All of the dishes are very innovative but also maintain the traditional and authentic test. The restaurant also offers an exquisitely curated unlimited prefixed meal, known as the Maharaja meal.



9Carnival Café

Carnival café is one of the best and top-rated restaurants often bath, offering multi-cuisine dishes two gourmet dishes as well. The restaurant offers tandoor, Indian, oriental and continental dishes which is acclaimed not only then but also nationally and internationally. The menu is very carefully crafted and picked up a mix of various cuisines. The restaurant has a beautiful ambience and is spread over 2000 square feet of space. The mouthwatering dishes and the extremely well behaved and hygienic staff makes your experience at this restaurant quite a memorable one.



10Lemon Chilli Fun and Food Park

Lemon Chilli Fun and Food Park offer the best Indian and Chinese cuisines in Dhanbad. The fun part is that the restaurant also offers chopsticks, which are traditionally used in Chinese cuisines if you ask for them. The place offers chopsticks. The place offers o number of International delicacies as well. Lemon chilli also occasionally organises buffets, wherein customers are allowed to curate their meals by choosing their favourite food items from the counters for a fixed price. The restaurant also makes sure that the customers and their staff abide by their safety and hygiene rules. Adding to all of this there’s also a kids’ room and an open park in this restaurant.

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11Thyme- Wedlock Greens Resort

Thyme is a multi-star restaurant located in Wedlock Greens, Dhanbad. The exquisite ambience and magnificent set-up of the restaurant give you a completely fancy experience of dining. They offer multiple exotic cuisines and the staff is very well behaved. They also pay special attention to their kitchen and dining area hygiene. The place is a lavish affair.




Aranya’s is a multicuisine restaurant, serving the best Curry, Kebabs and Mughlai in Dhanbad. It is one of the best restaurants that the town has to offer with all well-lit and Appealing ambience. Beautiful paintings are hanging on the walls which makes it very picturesque for you. The staff is quite well behaved and hygienic and the service is also very fast. They offer a Chef’s special mouth freshener at the end of your mail which tastes equally delicious. The restaurant offers a wide range of exotic juices mocktails, fresh milky mocktails, exotic aerated mocktails, exotic juicy mocktails, sizzler’s,  mouthwatering main courses (vegetarian and non-vegetarian),  desserts and accompaniments.



13HongKong Restaurant

Hong Kong restaurant, then bud is another venture by master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. They provide exquisite oriental cuisine with a fun and fancy ambience. The food is available at great prices. The delicacies at Hong Kong restaurant is an amalgamation of myriad flavours of the Asian cuisine – being Cantonese, Malaysian or Japanese. You will have a fine dining experience at a Hong Kong restaurant. It is a perfect blend of master chef Sanjeev Kapoor recipes and the authentic flavours of respective cuisines around the world. The signature dishes of this restaurant are some of the best recipes of Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, like Spinach and Cheese dim sum, Prawn XO sauce, Gai Yang etc. The works, street style charcoal grills, meal bowls and luscious desserts are a few specialities of this dim sum heaven.



14Apna Gaon Restaurant

Apna Gaon Restaurant is a complete bamboo setup restaurant, which will remind you of your traditional old village. If you miss the old taste of your authentic food items back from your village, Apna Gaon restaurant is just the place for you. The restaurant offers A sentimental attachment as the ambience and the staff is very friendly and home-like. In this super cosy environment you get to taste some of the best and delicious food items of multiple cuisines. The restaurant is a scenic beauty where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends and also get some beautiful pictures clicked for yourself.



15Spice Affair Restaurant and Bar

Spice affair restaurant and bar was established in 2018 and is one of the top players in Dhanbad. It is a very well known establishment serving lip-smacking dishes and beverages to its customers. The restaurant specialize is in Non- Veg Thalis, Biryani, buffet and multiple other cuisines. It also offers a bar facility wherein you can have your choice of a tasty beverage. It is also a nightclub, offering a super cool DJ and dance floor for your dance parties with your friends and colleagues. The ambience is bright and luminous with an eccentric vibe. They put special attention into the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen as well as the dining area.



16Champaran Meat House

Champaran Meat House delivers an authentic taste and experience of the indigenous meat and biryani recipes from Champaran. The food is prepared to keep in mind its authentic taste and special attention is paid to its presentation. The chicken biryani is highly loved and recommended by this place. The customer service is very pleasing and they provide delicious food at very reasonable prices and superior quality. If you want to enjoy a good plate of tender, juicy and spicy meat and chicken dishes or biryani, the Champaran Meat House will be an absolute delight for you. The place offers some of the best Tandoori, biryani, mutton and chicken dishes in the entire Dhanbad.




If you want to try more than 120 varieties of momos at a single place, Momomis is the choice for you. Offering a wide variety of momos ranging from tandoori momos, pan-fried momos, steamed momos, chilli momos, kurkure momos, schezwan momos, sizzler momos are their speciality. They offer delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos. They also offer many noodles and rules options for you to choose from. The place isn’t very fancy or expensive but the food is heavenly. They are one of the best momo places in Dhanbad.



18Food Factory

The food factory is a restaurant chain of Sonotel Hotels. This place has several counters serving different cuisines like South Indian, Chandni Chowk Chaat, Oriental, Idiots Café- serving momos, Chinatown, Indian, Coffee, Pastas, Great Food of China, Rice and Bread, Beverages, and any other cuisine you can think of. They have separate menu pamphlets of every counter on each of the tables. The ambience is quite pleasing and peaceful. It is a self-serving restaurant and the food from every counter tastes equally delicious.




The best place in Dhanbad that serves delicious and authentic kebabs, rolls and tandoori items. All of the non-vegetarian, chilli and other items that this restaurant serves are extremely mouthwatering, flavorful and appetizing. The food is offered at a very reasonable price and their hygiene standards are also up to the mark. If you love a tender and juicy plate of veg or non-vegetarian kebabs, then this place will become your favourite. This restaurant also offers sandwiches and veg and non-veg thalis.



20The Spread, Multicuisine Cuisine Restaurant, Sonotel

Experience the finest multi- starer dining in Dhanbad, in The Spread,  Multicuisine Restaurant, Sonotel. It has a chic, cosy and lavish ambience, offering over 70 cuisines from around the world. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant is one of the best in the business and has a strong foothold in the industry. Their food quality is extremely supreme and both the kitchen and serving- staff also maintain the standard hygienic conditions.