Top 20 Places For Indian Delicacies To Visit In Mumbai


India is a culturally diverse country. When we say culturally diverse it includes people, their language, their lifestyle, clothes, and food. Food- it is an aspect which makes life of people incomplete without its presence. India is known for its diversified food. The delicacies available in India are nowhere to be seen. The spices which are used here are unique in their own. People in India are fond of food. Indians enjoy exploring different types of food, and what best place than Mumbai to try. Mumbai is heart city of India, The financial capital. People here are from various parts of the country reside together, share each others culture and foods of course. Mumbai is a place where one can find variety of food in one place whether it is Indian or of any other country. So, let’s take a look at the top 20 places in Mumbai which will provide us with delicious Indian authentic dishes.

1.Sindhful Restaurant

Sindhful Restaurant is in khar. It provides us with authentic Sindhi food. Other than sindhi, they also serve North Indian dishes. Sindhful is very famous in khar for its Sindhi dishes. Its hygiene, ambiance and good service is what keeps people making their way again and again to this place. Sindhi foods are known for their spicy food. Sindhis like spice. The parathas are known as “khoki”. There are more such amazing Sindhi food.


2.Biryani By Air

Biryani By Air is based in pali hill, Bandra. The city where most of our Bollywood Resides. Bandra is indeed a posh area. And restaurants here are accordingly posh. Biryani By Air is perhaps the best option you’ll find when it comes to biryani, specially hyderabadi biryani. Something about biryani is that it puts us to celebration mood. And when their is a occasion to celebrate nothing is best than the rich and delicious biryani. Though there are not many places in mumbai which provides the best of hyderabadi biryani, Biryani by air is one of the best.


3.Vishnuji Ki Rasoi

Vishnuji ki rasoi is the best one you will find in Thane, when it comes to proper Indian Thali, as it serves the best of vegetarian food. You will fall in love with veggies when you visit Vishnuji ki rasoi and taste their food. The way they serve their food is another pro of dining their, it is proper “Indian Thali” decorated and presented perfectly. If you ever visit the place then you will experience it by yourself.


4.Cafe Madras

Matunga is known for two things- the best of college in Mumbai, and second is for cafe madras. If you want to taste the purely feel of South Indian food, cafe madras is the one place. From breakfast to perfect South Indian dinner, it serves the best. People from all over come and enjoy the food. It’s a cozy small place with the cafe feel, but it serves dinner also. Different types of Dosa’s is the speciality of Cafe Madras.



Peshwari is the pure maharashtrian restaurant located in chakala. Peshwari is the one place for the spicy marathi food lover. A proper Maharashtrian thali is the special dish in the Peshawari Menu. With the bhakri to the maharashtrian “varan bhat” amd gulab jamun in deserts, and the spicy kolhapuri mix. Peshwari serves the mouth-watering delicacies of maharashtra. The chickens are perfectly roasted and juicy, one cannot resist the peshwari special chicken their.


6.Ramashraya vishranti griha

This restaurant is one of the most soulful places to visit.The environment their is pure bliss, along with the food they serve. They are known for their simple yet wonderful presentation of food. It is a kind of small lodge where one can even stay and rest. They are also known for their excellent services. The “Pineapple sheera” is the best and very famous out their in matunga.


7Shree Thaker Bhojanalaya

The thaker bhojanalaya in marine lines is famous for its thali dishes of all the states. Be it gujrati thali, north indian thali or the maharashtrian thali, they provide the best thali. There’s this big Thali stuffed with food, from Starters to desserts it’s all properly placed in one thali and is beautifully presented. With pickles, salads, papads and pakoras, they serve every thing with detailed perfection. It is a complete meal.



Trishna is very well known for the sea foods, Indian and Asian foods. They are mostly known for their sea foods, they serve variety of sea foods. The best of prawns and crabs. The big crabs and lobsters are very famous their. They even show the customers the crab which are alive before cooking it which is one of the reasons people love to visit their place.


9.Mirchi and Mime

Mirchi and Mime provides the dishes one has never heard about. They have their own new special dishes in their menu. For instance, the yellow mirch tikka. They are known for their own twist in the food which mostly includes ‘mirchi’ that is chillies as their name indicates they have a lot to do with chillies, specially the green spicy chillies.The ‘smoked Dal’ is a special item of their menu which is a Regular Dal with a twist.


10.Pratap Da Dhaba

Oshiwara has become famous because of the Pratap Da Dhaba. When it comes to punjabi food, the one thing pops in our mind is Dhabas. They are the best place to enjoy punjabi food. loaded with ‘Makhan’ and the punjabi flavours Pratap da Dhaba provides the best. It makes us feel that we are in some village in punjab enjoying the fresh food. They serve the food in modern style, that are mostly known for their paneer dishes, especially the one served in ‘handis’ be it grill paneer or paneer makhani.


11.Kadhai House

As the name says, Kadhai house in Lower parel serves their food in kadhais. But they have this reputation of presenting their foods in different technique. The presentation is done so perfectly that we don’t feel the urge to eat it. It feels like some showpiece is kept for exhibition. The crockeries and the serving plates are unique and even though it’s not one 5 star hotel it gives the feel and ambiance of it.


12.Bhagwati Veg Restaurant

Its for the one who are Veggie lovers. Famous for its cheese pav bhaji. The pav bhaji they serve is perfect, it’s spicy loaded with vegetables and topped with cheese, which becomes the icing on cake. With all the other vegetarian food served, they are known for their desi touch and desi flavours and they represent proper Indian vegetarian food.



Firki is one of the finest restaurants in Mumbai. Its based in Lower parel. Firki is specially known for its interior and ambiance apart from the food served their. It has this classic interior which is serene and surreal at the same time. The customer’s always compliment Firki saying its highly peaceful. It has the interior which gives the look of lounge and cafe but its a full course restaurant.


14.Pan of Asia

Although Pan of Asia is more known for its Asian cuisine, it serves the best of paneer dishes. Pan of Asia concentrate on Authentic Indian Dishes. They have varied Paneer dishes in their menu which makes it one of the best places for Indian foods specially barbeque and grilled paneers and chickens, they are delicious.


15.Papa Pancho Da Dhaba

It’s in the heart city of Mumbai, Bandra that too in pali hill. A mumbaikar very well knows bandra is a area where the streets scream richness and adequate. Papa pancho da dhaba is a place where one can enjoy the street food sitting in a very delightful ambiance. With punjabi food to overall north indian cuisine. It gives the opportunity to taste the best ‘sarson da saag’ and ‘makki di roti’ with masala dahi and the lemon and onion slices, perfect punjabi plate.


16.Dwarka veg

Dwarka is for the fast food lovers, Indian fast food lovers to be specific. With exceptionally tasty dosas and idlis, they serve the best of south indian snacks and food. With the vegetarian dishes for dinner and lunch, Dwarka is rushed and packed on Mornings due to their wonderful dosas.



Go Biryan

Go Biryan may seem to be the one to provide Biryani, but that’s not all. Go Biryan is all wonderful with rice. All the dishes they have in their menu includes rice. They will make you go all in love with Rice. The way they present and explore the dishes with rice is one of their magic.


18.Banana Leaf

The name says it all. They serve the food in proper South Indian style, in the Banana leaf. The leafs are always fresh as well as the food their. It serves the best of South indian food, specially the ‘payasam’ (kheer). It’s made of milk and rice. The payasam is must desert in the South Indian food. As they say it’s a symbol of goodluck, so the sweet is must. And South Indians are known for consuming a lot of Rice, due to their coastal origin. That’s the reason payasam is made of Rice and milk.


19.Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar in colaba is a very unique place. It serves the variety of Delhi Cuisines. Along with that, there’s a special chicken dish, grilled chicken basically. The chickens are of different colours, in the barbeque skewers the chicken pieces are arranged. The pieces are of green, red and sometimes plain white grilled.


20.Mostly Grills

The best place for grills and Barbeque. Grill and non veg lovers will be delighted to visit here. Indian and asian foods are also served and are very wonderful. The ambiance and interiors are exceptional. Their is also outdoor sitting arrangements here. Under the sky with classic furniture, this place is a complete serenity.