Top 20 Places in Mumbai for the French Fries Lover


We can all agree that McDonald’s revolutionized the modest fries, making it go from fried chunks of potato to the beauty that is now ‘French Fries’. Thin, perfectly salty, not-so-shockingly addictive and one of the most common fast foods of recent times, a lot of places have been getting this golden delight quite right.

1.Play – The Lounge

Fries at ‘Play’ are drowned in a light yet flavorful cheese sauce. Two fatty ingredients do make a very succulent dish. They also have Chinese zest fries and Barbeque tossed fries that won’t disappoint.


2.Bar Stock Exchange

The ‘Bar Stock Exchange’ offers a variety of fries which includes some amazing cheese fries and Peri- Peri fries along with the plain crispy fries with some delicious dip. The prices of the drinks might be fluctuating, but these tasty fries remain the same.


3.Between Breads

What’s a burger shop without some legendary fries? ‘Between Breads’ has a heavenly combination of potatoes, caramelized onions, cheese and Thousand Island dressing. They also have some yummy Bacon fries for the meat lovers. Kick back with your favorite Archie’s comic books and a lip-smacking burger and enjoy these fries.



If you’re a fan of the good ol’ fries and ketchup, ‘Terttulia’ is the best spot. The fries here are simply delectable. Every piece is crisp and fresh, uniformly salted and herbed. The accompanying ketchup is way better than your regular bottle of ketchup.


5.Doolally Taproom

Loved by everyone, these house fries are huge, chunky pieces of palatable potatoes that come with five different types of dips. The quantity fits the price, and you can order refills – not that you would need to after being served such a generous amount.


6.Tea Villa Cafe

‘Tea villa Cafe’ has quickly risen to become a popular hangout place. They’ve established their mark in Mumbai with their extensive menu and notable food. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that they don’t just serve regular fries, but also Grande fries, Paprika fries, Peri-Peri fries, Mac and Cheese fries and a Villa Special fries basket with some sweet potato fries as well.



The place that started the ‘Freak Shake’ trend in Mumbai is also home to some remarkable animal style fries with their secret sauces drizzled generously on some perfectly fried fries.


8.Sizzling China

It is odd to have anything vegetarian at a Chinese restaurant, but the crispy Shanghai potatoes at ‘Sizzling China’ are such a delightful addition to the menu, it’s almost worth traveling to Colaba just to have these.


9.Rolling Pin

The potato mania at ‘Rolling Pin’ allows you to customize your potato to suit your taste buds. You can choose between fries, wedges, sweet potato fries with your choice of cheese and sauces along with any other toppings you’d like.


10.Irish house

When you can’t decide between nachos or fries and don’t want to order both, the ‘Mexican Mess’ comes to the rescue. Perfectly crisp fries can be savoured without having to compromise on the toppings including beans, jalapeños, cheese, salsa, BBQ sauce and sour cream.


11.Cafe Zoe

Plain, simple, crispy, and tasty, fries at ‘Café Zoe’ are prepared to perfection. Also, if you’re feeling a little fancy, you can opt for the relishing ‘Truffle fries’ as well.


12.The table

While we’re on the subject of fancy fries, the ‘Truffle fries’ at ‘The Table’ take the cake. Served with Cajun mayo and some tomato jam, these are a treat to the culinary senses.


13.Home chef

Amongst the many hangout spots that Mumbai offers, ‘Home Chef’ is a real treat. The food is good, service is quick and is very reasonably priced. Suffice to say they have also have a wide variety of items on their menu with some great fries and burgers. In addition to that, they serve a whole new twist on the two with a scrumptious serving of cheesy fries. Big whoop!


14.The Good Wife

If all you want are some fries served with shaved truffles and parmesan, look no further. These fries are perfect and served with a choice of three dips.


15.Hungry Head

A place that specializes in different varieties of Maggi wouldn’t be too far behind in serving various types of fries. ‘Hungry Head’ offers fourteen different types of fries, all the way from salted to Tandoori fries. They also offer six different types of dips to savour along with the fries which includes Pesto, BBQ, Thousand Island, Tandoori, Salsa, and Red Dragon. The Manchurian fries here are worth trying.


16.Death by BBQ

A meat lover’s paradise, this place has some amazing ribs and fries. They offer their fries with pulled pork, shredded chicken, BBQ cheese fries, and fries with a combination of cheese, sauce, and meat.


17.The J

The much-adored place that college students have been going gaga over ever since it opened up at the Churchgate. Even though their pizza fries are easily the most famous, the nacho fries and Tandoori fries are worth trying if you haven’t already. Their unstinting quantities of fries, as well as the sauces, leave no doubt as to why ‘The J’ has become the go-to place for fries.


18.Soda Bottle

Simple masala fries with cheese and can be savoured while enjoying the ambience of this authentic café.



Crispy sesame honey chilli fries – the name enough makes you salivate. Anyone who’s tried honey chilli fries knows of its mouthwatering tendency.


20.Cafe 2.0

With a prodigious eighteen different types of fries, ‘Café 2.0’ takes the top spot. They offer plain, chilli cheese, cheese mayo, mayo chilli, salsa cheese, tandoori chilli, tandoori cheese, schezwan cheese, chilli schezwan, BBQ cheese, chipotle, ghost, pizza, nachos, and a couple more varieties of fries. Fries for every mood indeed!


If these 20 places weren’t enough for you or you’ve tried most of these, here are some honorable mentions – Woodside Inn, Alfredo’s, DOH All Day, Dinshaw’s Xpress Café. Bon appetite!