Top 20 Pani Puri Stalls in Delhi

Top 20 Pani Puri Stalls in Delhi

The royal and amiable prevails in our lives since we have learned to differentiate between salt and sugar.  Undoubtedly, we are talking about Pani Puri, golgappe, bataashe or puchka, as per their designations in different geographical locations of India. The feeling one gets when the first bite of the cup-shaped, crispy, seasoned, mouth-watering delight steps into our mouth is beyond words. ‘Dilli,’ the heart of India, has some promising and sustainable havens to gift the pani puri lovers.

1.Vaishnav Chaat Bhandar

This place requires no big plans to drop by and grab a few bites of this delicious snack. Located in the heart of North Campus, Vaishnav Chat Bhandar serves the most amazing panipuri.  They maintain sufficient cleanliness, making it one of the best places to visit in Kamala Nagar.

  • 66, 67-E, Near Chota Gali Chakkar, Kamala Nagar, New Delhi-07
  • +91-1166264313, +91-9810195762
  • Pure Veg
  • No home delivery
  • Timings- 12:30 pm- 10:30 pm

2.Bengali Sweet House

It serves a perfect blend of golgappa and puchka forming a delicious combination for people in Delhi. It is one of the oldest shops selling the right fusion of tradition, richness, and flavor. They have an endless list of nostalgic experiences in the hearts of Delhi-ites.

  • 22-33, Bengali Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi-01
  • +91-1123319224, +91-1123311855
  • Pure Veg
  • Home delivery
  • Timings- 8:30am -11pm

3.Lala Babu Chat Bhandar

Bringing the spotlight to the Chat hub of Delhi, Lala Babu Chat Bhandar is one of the many flavorsome delights that Chandni Chowk has to offer. What makes them stand out from the crowd is their spicy Jal jeera water, building this place to be everyone’s gastronomic favorites. The reasonable price makes it worth a visit.

  • 77, Chandni Chowk, Delhi G.P.O, New Delhi-06
  • +91-1123282806
  • Timings- 11am-8pm

4.UPSC Ki Chat (Prabhu Chat Bhandar)

Seasoned with the spiciest flavors, Prabhu Chat Bhandar stands adored at the lanes of UPSC building. Founded as UPSE Ki Chat, it fills each stomach with delicious panipuris. Although there’s no arrangement to sit and eat, this place is perfect for you if you wish to stay away from the crazy crowd at Chandni Chowk. Most of their consumers are office-goers who are always hungry.

  • Dholpur House, near UPSC office, Man Singh Road, New Delhi-69
  • +91-9810314063, +91-9210013048
  • Pure Veg
  • No seating area
  • Timings-  11am-9pm

5.Raju Chat Bhandar

People say, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but money can surely buy pani puris from Raju Chat Bhandar. Their mouth-watering dishes are considered the best for pani puri lovers. The shop is in a jam-packed area, and you’ll have to stand in a long queue before you can reach those pani puris.

  • Shop No. 76, Srinagar Colony, Bharat Nagar Road, Ashok Vihar Phase 2, New Delhi-52
  • +91-1165154776, +91-9350876277
  • Pure Veg
  • No Home Delivery
  • 11am-9pm

6.Ashok Chat Bhandar

Want a magic heal to the scorching heat in Delhi? What about having some ‘Dahi ke golgappe’: golgappe stuffed and garnished with chilled yoghurt. It’s time for yet another Chat house in our favorite Chat hub (Chandni Chowk).  Ashok Chat Bhandar has satisfied cravings of many for more than five decades and still counting.

  • 3488, Chowk Hauz Qazi, Chawri Bazaar, Old Delhi-06

7.Bittu Tikki Wala

BTW, famously called, is one of the most likable franchises of Delhi. As the name suggests, the Tikki Wala shop, also serves contending golgappes which never gets the hearts filled.

  • All outlets for Bittu Tikki Wala in Delhi NCR
  • +91-1147018714, +91-1142470865
  • Home Delivery
  • 11am-11pm

8.Shree Balaji Chat Bhandar

Everybody has that one fixed golgappe Wala who is often visited but remembered every day. Shree Balaji Chat Bhandar is that traditional place for Delhi residents, which never fails to astonish hungry stomachs with its delectable taste. This place is also as crowded as any other place in Chandni Chowk.

  • Shop number 1462, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi
  • +91-9313743753
  • 12 Noon-10pm

9.Prince’s Paan and Chat Bhandar

This place is for those who can’t compromise with hygiene. They make their ingredients only in mineral water, through the cleanest method available. Thus, the tiff between health and taste comes to an end at Prince Pan and Chat Bhandar. The cherry on the cake is a heavenly paan after the spicy golgappa affair.

  • 22/1, PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi-17
  • +91-9310651878, +91-9811888488
  • Pure Veg
  • No Home Delivery
  • 8am-12 midnight

10.Jai Mata Di Chat Wala

The UPSC lane is applauded for yet another zestful place: Jai Mata Di Chat Wala. They also have a never ending list of fans ready to spend money and time in exchange of yummies for their tummies.

  • Shahjahan Road, Near UPSC, South Delhi, Delhi-NCR
  • Pure Veg

11.Nathu Sweets

Another place for thick, sour, spicy, Bengali flavored pani puri served on your plate is Nathu Sweets. It has gained popularity in little time due to its tempting Rosugulla styled golgappe. This classic joint is a must for a pocket-friendly visit.

  • Any Nathu Sweet Corner
  • 8 am – 11 pm
  • Pure Veg
  • Home Delivery
  • +91-1123719784


This place indeed needs no introduction. If you are in a mood to gulp the right combination of sour and spice, Bikaner is your place.  This vegetarian, family restaurant is nothing less than a brand for happiness and good food.

  • All outlets for Bikanerwala in Delhi NCR
  • +91-1292221803, +91-9560362853
  • 11am – 10pm
  • Pure Veg
  • Home Delivery

13.Bobby Tikki Wala

You will forget the count, once you start capturing the mesmerizing taste of pani puri here. These vendors fascinate every passer-by in West Delhi. This place is also popular for its customization of pani puris according to one’s preference. Thus, Bobby Tikki Wala gives you the best deal plus the best taste.

  • G-103, Vardhman Rajdhani Plaza, Preet Vihar, New Delhi-92
  • +91-1165698412, +91-9211788812
  • 12 noon – 11 pm
  • Pure Veg
  • Home Delivery

14.Chote Lal Chat Bhandar

Pani puris and joy are synonymous in the hearts of many. One of the many places which give rise to this phenomenon is Chote Lal Chat Bhandar located on the famous streets of Sitaram Bazar. Head towards this alluring place for a fun pani puri competition!

  •  1028, Sitaram Bazar, Ooncha Sharif Beg, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
  •  011 2323 7767
  • 11 am-10 pm
  • Pure Veg


Haldirams remains in the limelight of every pani puri lover in India. Another brand for healthy and tasty food, Haldirams has established its authenticity through its service since years. You will have a lip-smacking experience with its delectable and desi food.

  • At every Haldiram Outlet
  • 8:30am-10:30pm
  • Pure Veg

16.Evergreen Chat House

You cannot do away with the ‘evergreen’ pani puris sold at Evergreen Chat House. It is a two-storied building, acquiring fame and appreciation with well flavored golgappas. The delight ends at the ‘evergreen’ Matthias which are worth a try.

  • S-29-30 Main Market, Green Par, Delhi-16
  • 8am-10:30pm

17.Made in Punjab

Talk about Delhi and Punjabi style tops the queue to astonish you. If you are in an aura of high spirits, give Made in Punjab a chance. Golgappas are served in shot glasses, giving shape to the zesty mood.

  • 6-7 Ground Floor, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
  • +91-8130911899
  • 12 noon-4:30pm and 6pm-9pm

18.Vendor Opposite Hansraj College

This small vendor deserves a pat on his back for his relishing and catchy pani puris sold at its best version. College students are his regular customers, munching their favorite dish.

  • Outside Hansraj College, beside Kamala Nagar Market
  • 5pm-9pm

19.Rasili Chat

They have a mini open-air outlet, known for their golgappas specifically. They sell five golgappas in a plate with a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness. They also make their golgappa pani with mineral water.  Their decent and balanced cuisine offers one of the best vibes in Delhi.

  • Central Market, Masoodpur, Vansant Kunj, New Delhi.
  • 4pm-9pm
  • +91 9811393318
  • Pure Veg
  • Home Delivery

20.Chat Chowk

The place is a chronicle street food shop in Gurgaon, deserving a grade of 10/10. They serve both puchka (Bengal style), made of Atta, and golgappa (North Indian Style), made of Sooji. Also, hygiene is a must at Chat Chowk making it a perfect combination of richness and flavor.

  • Shop No. 5 & 6, Ground Floor, Delhi Cyber Hub, 8th Road, Sector 24, Cyber City, Gurgaon.
  • 12 noon- 3:30pm and 6:15pm-11:30pm
  • 093108 18181