Top 20 places for having Paav Bhaaji in Visakhapatnam


1 Opposite Jasti Square, Beach Road

This roadside eatery is one crowded spot on the Beach Road, serving plates of hot bhaji and soft buttery breads. It is just a cart on the pavement, but a hot favourite dish from here in the evening time is amongst the most favourite thing people do here.


2.Kailash Pav Bhaji Centre, Near Chitralaya

This place deals with the sales of Pav bhaji, panipuri, hot chat, samosa etc and is economical, serves ready to eat and mouth-watering food. The whiff of an appetizing masala makes chat and pav bhaji the most sought-after snacks of all times. Despite caring about health, all age groups cannot resist the aromatic flavour of the offer. People often visit this place in spite of their busy schedule.

Address: Main road, municipal complex, Suryabagh, Vizag – 23


3.Laddu Gopal

People just flood this place in the evening for having fast-food. Tasty dry fruit sweets and chats are also available here – some relevant stuff with proper seating arrangement. It is the best place for food lovers as each and every item is delicious here. The sweets are also good here and makes sure that you get the tastiest grub in the city, all of which come at a very reasonable price.


4.Beside Sea Green Hotel

Students generally like to spend their leisure time here over snacks, especially in the evenings. As the area contains more student population, this is the perfect hangout place for students to enjoy the delicious Pav Bhaji after their long school hours and speaking in this aspect, this stall is one of the best servers of Pav bhaji.

5. Utsav Sarani 

A good place if you want to have evening snacks in Vizag. Their pani-puri and pav bhaji are the best in every sense. Even their other fast foods are also good. Following minimum hygienic conditions and the cleanliness of this place will be appealing to all of its customers.

Address: Asilmetta Junction, Opposite Bharat Petrol Pump


6. Cannon Pav Bhaji Centre

This center is a spot for different kinds of pav bhaji. It includes Special Amul Pav Bhaji, Cheese Pav Bhaji, Amul Bhaji and Taja Pav etc at affordable prices.

Address: Opposite CST Subway, West Forts


7. Just down The Street, Vizag – A takeaway joint

It brings the famous Mumbai Pav bhajis and even Kolkata Kathi rolls to its customers with great quality and good quantity. This center is only for parcels or deliveries. The staff is also very cooperative and makes you feel very comfortable. The Awadhi biryani is quite famous at this place, having a correct touch of spiciness.


8. Sweet India, beside Tycoon

Pav Bhaji is a Maharashtrian delicacy which actually originated as a fast lunchtime meal for many workers in Maharashtra and eventually turned out to be very famous across the globe. Even in Vizag, we have many places that serves Pav bhaji. One among them is Sweet India near Tycoon restaurant, serving good Pav bhaji. This place is always crowded for its good reputation. Not only Pav bhaji, but it also serves good pani-poori and jalebi as well.


9. Sri Sai Ram Parlour

In addition of their best tiffins service and South Indian Cuisine, this hotel also offers the best Pav Bhaji you would have ever tasted. No wonder why this place is full throughout the day. It also has a place for standing facility for quick bites and also offers a good environment place perfect for families and friends.


10. Hello Dosa

In today’s time where everyone is pretty much busy with their work with no rest at all and ultimately the consequence of this is that the fast foods have become a necessity in everyone’s life. An urge for quality street food in Vizag made some Vizag-ites start up a food truck. If you are craving for some good snack or dinner and you are bored of regular dosas, idlis or western food or you need to grab a quick bite or your family planned a dinner out but bored of those expensive classy restaurants, then this food truck will surely can be the place to fill your hunger with its Pav Bhaji and many types of dosas. There is no need to worry about hygiene or quality, as these two are this truck’s very primary motto.


11. At YMCA Beach

Pav bhaji at the beach road is very yummy. It has become the trend in Indian Fast Food dishes. It is a spicy mixture of mashed vegetables along with a generous dose of fresh tomatoes with a pinch of butter and consumed with fresh slightly roasted bread or fried in butter. A perfect evening time snack to spend a weekend.


12. Puja’s Kitchen

A purely vegetarian North Indian style restaurant with influence from Chinese and Italian cuisines. A family style place having the best taste of Pav Bhaji. Even party orders are undertaken here. Quality, quantity and of course the taste of the food of this place, is very much appreciated.


13. Desi Dhaba

It is one of the best dhabas in the city with a very good ambiance and seating comfort. Here, you can have the pleasure of enjoying the best of Pav Bhaji and relax over fine drinks. A best place to celebrate the time of your life. They are very famous for the tandooris and Kebabs.

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14. Big Bazaar

Situated right next to Big Bazaar and owned by it, this stall excels in fast foods especially Pav bhaji and Pani Puri. Its location at the mall has an added advantage for the people who get tired by their exhaustive shopping, it is a perfect place to stop and have its Pav bhaji because, well, it is worth it.


15. Euphoria Restaurant

This place is recommended to anyone that wants to have a pleasant evening time with its Pav bhaji. An excellent interior design of the restaurant with gentle service and staff makes you want to go their again and again and you will be shocked by their maintenance. There is even a live band performance every day and you can enjoy your delicious food with good taste of music.


16. Park Hotel

This upscale beachfront hotel offers a good view of the beach waves in a breezy atmosphere while one is enjoying his/her Pav Bhaji. The restaurant is open i.e. with no rooftop and no floor but sand, it is like a candle light dinner and is a favourite place for couples to spend some quality time.


17. Oceanic Pavilion Hotel Grand Bay

This place has a top class service and wide spread buffet specializing in Pav bhaji. The ambiance is very good with attentive staff and service. Even kids love it here with their variety of items and they’re worth the price.


18. Varun Beach

The Varun Beach restaurant offers many kinds of fast foods but they are mostly famous for their Pav Bhaji. A good filling at the time of interval in the movies or a perfect snack to eat while watching movies in the theatre.


 19. Vizag Airport

You can always find restaurants or takeaway counters at the airport, offering the best of Pav Bhajis in different styles where people who are quite busy, especially businessmen, can just give it a try because it is worth it even though it is a bit expensive than the usual in the city.


20. Generation next / Vizag Destiny – The Sweet Way

Pav Bhaji is a popular street food from Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a spicy blend of vegetables for all those fussy eaters. This is a great winter food, available here and it is kids’ favourite too.