20 Best Fast Food Centers In Pune

20 Best Fast Food Centers In Pune

Are you a food lover? Are you one of those who love fast foods and can practically live on it? Well, then this article will surely help you especially if you are staying in Pune, Maharashtra. Pune is a hub of students now wherein students from not only all over the country but also from abroad. As the students are always busy, it’s difficult for them to go out in search for good places to eat, especially fast foods. This article brings to you 20 best fast food centers in Pune.

1. The Burger House:

The Burger House is a very famous junk food center in Pune. Based in Koregaon Park, it provides a variety of cuisines like American foods and Burgers. Some of the lip-smacking menu consists of Crispy Spicy Chicken, Regular and Mini Burgers (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), Hot Dogs and some dishes exclusively found in The Burger House. If you are a lover of American fast foods,this place is the best for you. The center is also pocket-friendly, and you would want to go there repetitively.

burger house

2. Bubsterr’s:

This place provides you with a variety of things starting from some munchies to hot dogs to burgers and even cheap tasty pizzas, all with a Bubsterr twist. So if you want to have the same conventional things but with a different twist in the taste, Bubsterr’s is the right place for you. It is also pocket-friendly and will not cost you much but will certainly leave you with a lip-smacking experience.


3.Cafe Columbia:

Do you like pancakes or waffles or pasta? But do your friends want burgers and pizzas? Are you looking for a place where both, you and your friends can get their choices and yet sit and eat together? Well then, you will be happy when you see the wide variety of cuisines that Cafe Columbia, based in Kalyani Nagar, presents you with as you get all the above-mentioned things here. The place is also quite cheap, and once you go there, you will surely want to visit it again. To top it all, you also get some tasty international cuisines, steaks and grills and also some Columbian dishes.

cafe colombia

4.Hot Momos and Burgers:

Do you live in and around Senapati Bapat Road and want cheap Momos home delivered within a very short period? Do you have very less time in your hand and want to go somewhere nearby to satisfy your hunger? Then you should certainly visit or call Hot Momos and Burgers because they are the saviors when you are starving and have very less time. Apart from Momos, this center provides you with Burgers, Maggi, Noodles, Rice, Sandwiches, Beverages and some pocket-friendly but mouth-watering combos.

hot momo

5. Mad Momos:

Mad Momos is a hub in Viman Nagar. If you stay near Viman Nagar and cannot come to Senapati Bapat Road, do not be sad. We have yet another tasty hub for Momos and Sandwiches. Apart from this, it also provides you with Burgers and Pizzas. This food joint is also quite cheap and is an apt place for students in and around Viman Nagar. Mad Momos is also open during the night hours. So even if you don’t have food stocked at home for midnight, you can always get it home-delivered from Mad Momos.

mad momo

6. Café Goodluck:

Café Goodluck, present in Deccan Gymkhana, is one of the must-visit food places in Pune. It is the best hub for North Indian dishes. Sandwiches, Samosas, Rolls, Soups and Tandoori dishes are some of the mouth-watering dishes that you get there. If you are from North India and missing North Indian food and you are desperately looking for a hub of North Indian dishes, Café Goodluck is the best place for you. Apart from these dishes, there are much more items. Kheema Pav is a must try in Café Goodluck. So if you are in Pune, you must visit Café Goodluck once.

cafe goodluck

7. RushHrs:

Based in Baner, this is another junk food joint where you get wraps and grilled stuff. Everything starting from grilled Chicken to grilled Paneer and Salads is available in this food joint. There are also some lip-smacking wraps and combos that are available here. If you are a lover of spicy grilled stuff, you should certainly visit RushHrs once during your stay in Pune.


8. Burger King:

Present in the Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar and on the Fergusson College Road, Burger King is one of the well-known joints not only in Pune, but all over India. As its name suggests, it provides you with varied types of burgers and meals. Starting from classic burgers to whoppers to King deals combo along with beverages, desserts and snacks and also some BK burgers, Burger King provides you with all. If you want a real American burger, you should certainly visit Burger King.

burger king

9. Falahaar:

Every group has that one friend who is very health conscious and would not eat oily food. But certainly, there would be other people in the same group who would not mind fast food. If you have a group like that, then trust me, Falahaar is the best place for you. Based in Baner, it not only provides you with the best Pav Bhaji in Pune and Sandwiches but is also known for its healthy fruit juices, shakes and creams.


10.Kobe Sizzlers:

Does the very mention of sizzlers make your mouth water? Then definitely Kobe Sizzlers is the place for you. Based in Aundh, it provides you with a large variety of steaks and sizzlers. The Burgers and Buns and Sandwich Blocks available here is also a must-try. It also has varied options of Cocktails and Mock-tails.


11. Yolkshire:

If you are an egg lover, then you should certainly visit Yolkshire in Kothrud. As the name itself suggests, this fast food joint provides a large variety of egg items. Besides that, this place is also famous for its Pasta, Pancakes and Crepes.



This place in Deccan Gymkhana provides you with a large variety of cuisines. Out of the many dishes available there, the mention of the Soups, Salads, Snacks, Burgers, and Pizzas, hot bakes, Mexican, some specialties and sandwiches is important.


13.Cream Corner:

Cream Corner in the Camp Area is known for its vegetarian dishes. There are a wide variety of vegetarian dishes starting from Pav Bhaji to Noodles, and even Golgappe are available here.

cream corner

14. The Burger Barn Café:

If you stay in and around Koregaon Park, this place is a must visit. The sandwiches and the breakfast items of this joint are the most famous dishes that you get here. The Barn dishes that are exclusively found in The Burger Barn Café and the burgers and the rolls are mouth-watering and pocket-friendly.

burger barn

15. Vaishali:

If you love South Indian dishes and want pizzas and sandwiches with a South Indian twist along with the proper South Indian dishes, Vaishali on the FC Road is the best place for you.


16. Ringer Burgers:

The Ringer Burgers situated in Viman Nagar provides you with the largest variety of burgers in Pune. Veg, Chicken, Mutton, and Pork Burgers constitute the menu to name a few. The best part of this food joint is that all these burgers are available at really low prices but are worth trying.


17. Wadeshwar:

Wadeshwar is yet another South Indian food joint present on the FC Road with tasty South Indian food items and also Omelettes, Pav Bhaji and other lunch and dinner and breakfast items.


18. Marz-O-Rin:

Marz-O-Rin is the best place for baked things. Based on MG Road, this place has got amazing Pasta, Sandwiches, Rolls, Shakes, Ice-Creams and much more baked things. Biscuits and Fudge Cakes and Chocolates also top the list.


19. Papa John’s Pizza:

If you love pizza and are tired of Domino’s and you desperately want a new place to try a pizza, Papa John’s is the best place for you. Located in Viman Nagar, this place acts as a substitute for Domino’s and provides you with a large variety of pizzas and at really low prices.

papa jons

20. Itss Yummy:

If you are a little hungry and want some light food to satisfy your hunger, Itss Yummy is the best place for you. Located in Katraj, it provides you with a large variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snack items.

itss yummy