Top 20 Places in Rajasthan to get a Cultural Taste of India


We know that today we are totally addicted  to the Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian dishes to satisfy our taste buds but we can’t take our Indian food for granted. They are also making a tough competition in the field of taste. Though how many times we eat these pizza, noodles we would still not be able to give that special space in our stomach which is only for our Indian food. So, let’s talk about Indian fast food today and if the talk of the Indian recipes is going on, so how can we forget Rajasthan which greatly symbolizes and  reflects our old Indian culture to the world. It is mainly known for it’s old royal palaces and  old royal heritages but it is making it’s own mark in giving some good and unforgettable  Indian meals that no one can try to resist. So, today we are going to check out the list of  best places in Rajasthan which is totally a treasure for an Indian appetite.

1. Rawat Misthan Bhandaar :

Located in the Jaipur  area, it is one of the most famous shop in Jaipur mainly known for its  “pyaaz kachori;” salty and spicy kachori mainly buried with spicy onions which makes its way to the tummies of people. ‘Pyaaz  Kachori’ is one of the   favorite old time paas meal for every Rajasthani; you will find Kachori at almost every place and restaurant but only few have this talent to win the heart of all the people.

Address: In Front of Polo Victory Hotel, Station Rd, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan


2. Gulaab ji Chaiwale :

As it’s name already indicates, it’s magic has been spread among the people. It is extremely famous for its ‘Masala  Chai.’ People come here from very far  to have it’s refreshing taste. Masala chai is well known in South India but Gulab ji is not behind in making our Masala Chai on the top of the list. Masala chai has always been  every Indian’s necessity due to it’s health improving qualities like prevention from cold and nasal congestion, anti – inflammatory properties, energy boosting, immunity boosting, and various anti-oxidizing properties. This old and mini tea shop has created it’s own position  in Rajasthan which no one could replace.

Address: B-5, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan


3. Falahaar :

Falahaar can also be counted among a well known shop in Jaipur for it’s  fresh food mainly but it’s  ‘Shrikhand’ is one of the favourites of the people.  Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish which is made up of the strained yogurt, it is flavored  with the almond and pistachios to plump it’s  taste. Falahaar is the best shop in Rajasthan,  if you are truly going to taste Shrikand for the first time.

Address: G.F, Evershine Tower, Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan


4. Choki Dhani :

Choki Dhani is a famous ethnic place for tourists which provides them the whole tour of the cultural life of Rajasthan showing all ghoomar and typical  Rajasthani food. Not only this but it also provides a welcome drink to its guests and many  other old spicy Rajasthani meals. ‘Daal bhati choorma‘ is the best served at this traditional  tour package. As, we know that Rajasthan is incomplete without it’s traditional ‘Daal bati  choorma’ recipe. It is prepared by using various daal like tuvaar daal,  chana daal,  or  urad daal and choorma is made as an sweet after the spicy daal bati. It is best for tourists and Rajasthan localites for visiting.

Address: 12 Miles Tonk Road, Via Vatika, Jaipur


5. Padmini Restaurant:

Just like it’s name which is totally based after ‘Rani Padmini,’ this restaurant is mainly famous for it’s royal looks with beautiful infrastructure inside and so  it’s ‘Gatte ki Khichdi ‘ adds a plus point to its menu. ‘Gatte ki Khichdi ‘ is actually one of the typical old Rajasthani household lunch or dinner menu.  It’s spicy taste attracts people  a lot and Padmini restaurant is the best place to try it.

Address: 5th Floor, Hotel Padmini Palace, Gulab Bagh Road, City Centre, Udaipur, Rajasthanpadmini

6. Rani Mahal :

This restaurant is also famous for it’s beautiful and retro look. It has old  pretty design and luxurious atmosphere which fascinates people a lot. This   hotel is famous for it’s sweet ‘Dil Khushaal ‘which is a must try yummy sweet in Rajasthan.  Dil Khushaal is an mouth watering ‘must try’ sweet and one should definitely go for it.

Address: Navchokiya, Fateh Pol Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


7. Samode Haveli :

This Samode Haveli is surrounded by beautiful courtyards. Beside its beautiful scenaries, this restaurant serves ‘Ker  Sangri’ as one of it’s specialty which is  again an Rajasthani pride in the list of delicious recipes. Ker Sangri is a traditional dish of  Rajasthan with dried sangri beans and steamed rice. It’s almost open till 1 am and costs a little bit expensive but it is worth going there.

Address: Jorawar Singh Gate, Gangapole Road Near, Gangapole, Jaipur, Rajasthan


8. Gypsy : 

It is also a well known cafe and restaurant in Jodhpur. This restaurant is mainly cool for the vegetarian people and serves  ‘Maarva Kachori’  as its  specialty of  Jodhpur. Maarva Kachori is a different kind of kachori which adds up to the  traditional taste of Jodhpur.

Address: 107, Bachrajji ka Bagh, Behind HDFC Bank, 9th A Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


9. Trio Restaurant :

Trio is also a well known restaurant making it’s way after Gypsy and also  well known for its ‘daal tadka.’ Daal Tadka is a very popular Rajasthani dish served with plain steamed rice.

Address: 409, Rajapark St No-3, Gandhi Villa Nr. Axis Bank, Rajapark, Jaipur, Rajasthan


10. Aravali Lakeview :

The place provides a beautiful view which almost makes every tourists get  attracted to it. It’s specialty  ‘Gatte ka Pulaav’ makes it’s the way to the list. It’s a delicious pulav tossed with spices and gatte.

Address: Malla Talai, Udaipur, Rajasthan


11. Kalinga :

Again, Jodhpur giving it’s best like ever in the list and Kalinga restaurant has  ‘Rajasthani  Kadi’ as best served which is mostly liked by the customers because of it’s amazing taste.

Address: Near Railway Station, Station Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


12. Jagat Niwas Palace :    

Jagat Nivws Palace is also one of the restaurant which is in the infrastructure  of the Udaipur palace. ‘Methi Bajra Poori’ is also one of the old Rajasthani  royal dish which is rarely found in any markets and hotels but this restaurant does not  find it difficult to make it impressive to it’s customers. Methi Bajra is a fried savoury Indian bread made with fresh spices and spinach added to it.

Address: 23-25, Lal Ghat, Behind Jagdish Temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan


13. Spice Court :

Spice Court is well known for its spicy recipes and food whether it’s veg or non-veg. It’s ‘ Lal Maans ‘ is irresistible for the tourists and customers. ‘Lal Maas’ is a meat curry specialty from Rajasthan. It’s a mutton curry prepared in a sauce   of yogurt and hot spices such as ‘Matharia Chiller.’

Address: 16, Trident Enclave, Haridas Ji Ki Magari, Udaipur, Rajasthan


14. The fragrance of India : 

This restaurant is famous for all the typical Indian food and people recommend “boondi raita” as their favorite from this restaurant. As we  already know the importance of boondi raita very much after every meal and even without meal. It can be counted as one of the ‘must visit’ restaurants in Ajmer.

Address: Unique Tower, 2nd Floor, Near Mittal Hospital, Pushkar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan


15. Bhagat Misthan Bhandar :

It is also a famous sweetshop located in Jaipur. It is well known for typical Rajasthani sweets like Ghevar, Gujia, Balushahi, etc. Of course, we can’t  leave our sweets behind in the traditional meal’s race.

Address: Bhati Enclave, Queens Road, Opposite Jharkand Mahadev Mandir, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan


16. Oberoi Udaivilas Palace Restaurant :

It is a well known name in India and it’s kind of a different world in itself. It  offers the luxurious and peaceful life with all kinds of traditional specialty of  Rajasthan i.e. we can say each and every dish of Rajasthan.

Address: Badi-Gorela-Mulla Talai Road, Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan


17. Handi Restaurant :

It is totally a non-veg restaurant with ‘Mohan Maas’ as it’s specialty. Mohan  Maas is also one of the Rajputana specialty in non-veg with a marvellous taste.

Address: Maya Mansion, Opposite GPO, MI Road, Jaipur


18. Raaj Bagh Restaurant : 

It  is also well known for some typical Rajasthani dishes like ‘Aam ki Launji’  and other common dishes like ‘daal bati’ plus it has its own advantages for  veg and non-veg and it is way cheaper than other restaurants.

Address: 5-B Fateh Sagar Road Fateh Sagar Lake, Alkapuri, Udaipur, Rajasthan


19. Bapu Bazar :

We cannot forget ‘Bapu -Bazar’ if  we talk about Rajasthan. Bapu Bazar is   famous for various varieties in typical Rajasthani food to ethnic wears. It  provides us tremendous amount of varieties in street food like ‘Pani Puri,’ ‘Cotton Rolls,’  and ‘Kulfi.’

Address: Biseswarji, Jaipur, Rajasthan


20. Jal Mahal :  

This is also counted in one of the famous palaces in Rajasthan, plus it is  also  cheered up by the customers for its peaceful atmosphere and delicious food  served in its hotel. Price of the food is also very cheap and affordable.

Address: Amer Road, Jal Mahal, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan